One Piece: Rise of Achilles (One Piece Fanfiction)

Our MC dies, but instead of going to an after-life he gets a second chance to live his life in the world of One Piece. Follow him as he makes his dreams come true. Which is to conquer the vast seas with the strongest crew by his side. MC will have the appearance of Achilles from the Fate Franchise -An indomitable spirit that will not crumble under pressure. -Unparalleled speed and reflexes. -A master of the spear. -A charismatic man who can inspire others as well as draw in the ladies. MC will not have devil fruit powers.

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Chapter 6: Cat Girl

-One Year Later-

"Binkusu no sake wo, todoke ni yuku yo~ Umikaze kimakase namimakase~ Shio no mukou de, yuuhi mo sawagu~ Sora nya wa o kaku, tori no uta~!" I sang.

Walking through the streets of Loguetown as I headed towards its marine branch headquarters.

The severed head of a pirate I just killed held firmly in my left hand. While his bounty poster was firmly held in my right.

Since to make sure I got the money for the bounty I always brought the bounty poster of the pirate I killed with me when I visited a marine branch and turned over there heads.

An act I have been doing across the East Blue over the past year.

Which has earned me quite a large amount of berri. For unlike during Luffy's time in the future a lot more pirates visit Loguetown before heading into the Grand Line and quite a few of them have some sizeable bounties.

Bounties which I have collected.

I also collected something else from those pirates.

Fighting experience.

Since even with all my skills and abilities nothing truly beats actual first-hand experience. I've been in so many skirmishes over the past year I've lost count of how many I've had.

Yet I know this is nothing to what is waiting for me on the Grand Line.

Though these fights have been a good warm-up.

Reaching the Logutetown marine branch headquarters I entered through the front doors and headed straight for the front counter where a marine was waiting for me. A man I knew, since he has assisted me when I have come to collect bounties here before a number of times.

The moment I reached the front counter I placed the pirates severed head atop it. Then I unrolled his bounty poster and placed it on the counter in front of the marine.

Who began examining it, and the head the moment I did.

"Achilles. Always a pleasure to see you." The marine spoke.

"Yeah, same to you. So, how is your wife?" I asked.

"She's well." He replied. The marine then stopped looking at the poster and the head and turned his gaze to me. "Everything looks to be in order here." He spoke.

The marine then collected the severed head and the bounty poster from atop the counter and walked to a door behind him and entered it.

A few moments later he returned without the head and poster, and instead had a black case in his hands.

The case filled with the berri from the bounty I just turned in.

When the marine reached me he handed me the case, and I gave him a mock salute. "As always a pleasure doing business with you." I spoke.

I then left the Loguetown branch marine headquarters and returned to the docks where my ship was.

Which is nothing fancy mind you. Just a ship I purchased with some of my bounty money to help me get around.

(A/N: Imagine a medium-sized ship capable of fitting 10 to 12 people.)

Stepping onto my ship I went and placed the money from the bounty I just collected on in a secure hold in the ship.

I then returned to the deck and began relaxing.

As well as going through a mental checklist to make sure everything was in order before I set sail to begin my journey to reach the North Blue.

Since I feel my time in the East Blue has come to an end.

I've collected more than enough money, and on a personal note I want to see what the One Piece world has to offer. Just like the third opening of the anime said in its intro. The world is a glorious place and it is lying stretched out before me. So I'll take hold it by raising my flag and setting sail.

Yes, the time is now.

Time for my journey to truly begin.

Once I completed my mental checklist and found that everything was in order I spent the rest of the day just lounging.

Then at first light the follow morning I raised my flag and set sail into the ocean blue.


Humming the first opening theme of One Piece 'We Are' I sailed on the calm and clear waters of the East Blue.

Heading for the Red Line.

Since I heard from other bounty hunters during this past year that there is apparently a place there that will allow me to cross the only continent in this entire world and get from East Blue to North Blue.

Though it was never mentioned in the anime.

Then again I'm sure a lot of things about the One Piece world weren't covered in the anime nor the manga. So that is why I'm on my current path.

My sailing continued uninterrupted for quite some time.

Then that came to an end when I spotted a pirate ship approaching my ship from the left side. Seeing them, and knowing I couldn't outrun them in my vessel, I prepared myself for battle.

As well as to pilfer any treasures the pirates my have on their ship after I dispose of them. Because they brought what's about to happen to them on themselves.

I didn't pick the fight, but I will definitely finish it.

The pirate vessel got closer and closer until it was right up next to my ship.

Immediately after this happened several ropes were thrown over the side of the larger vessel, which landed on the deck of my ship. Then once they did several pirates slid down them and surrounded me. Drawing their weapons and pointing them at me after they did.

"Huh, it's just a kid." One of the pirates spoke.

"Doesn't matter. You know the captains orders. We can't kill him until he inspects him to see if he's good stock." One of the other pirates spoke.

Telling me these guys aren't simply pirates, but slavers as well.

The pirates having unknowingly just dug their graves deeper.

Since I absolutely cannot stand slavers. It's a personal thing.


A rope ladder soon landed on the deck of my ship.

When it did one of the pirates walked up to me and shoved the mouth of his pistol into my back. "Climb the ladder or you die." He arrogantly spoke.

"Sure." I replied.

I then moved over to the rope ladder and climbed up it.

Reaching the top and the deck of the pirate ship in no time.

When I did I was immediately surrounded by more pirates. All of them brandishing weapons.

Though one of them looked different from the others.

It was a man wearing a fancy coat and hat.

Telling me he was the captain.

"Boy, come here now." The man wearing the coat and hat commanded me.

So that's exactly what I did.

Then the moment I reached the man he started visually inspecting me with his eyes. Reaching out his left hand to touch me a few seconds later.

But before the pig could even lay a finger on me I grabbed his wrist, and twisted it. An audibly *pop* sound echoing through the air due to my actions.

"Agh!!!!" The man screamed. Falling to his knees he grabbed his wrist and began glaring at me with hate-filled eyes.


"How dare you injure captain Cunch!"

"Do you know who you're fucking with kid! Our captain has a bounty of 20 million berri!"

"Really, you're worth 20 million and you cry like a little girl from simply having your wrist broken?" I asked captain Crunch. "I guess the marines make a mistake when issuing your bounty then."

Hearing my words captain Crunch went blue in the face with anger.

"Why you little fuckin-"

"-Yeah that's enough out of you." I spoke, interrupting captain Crunch.

I then pointed my middle finger on my right hand toward his chest, and sent it straight through his heart. Killing the man instantly with a Shigan.

For during my years on Sixis I taught myself the Rokushiki.

Well most of them.

I could never figure out Kami-e.

Which I need to learn if I hope to pull off the Rokuogan.

Though that problem can be solved pretty easily in the future if I capture a marine or cipher pol agent, and force them to teach me Kami-e. So that's not really a worry of mine.

Seeing the light in captain Crunch's eyes fade entirely I watched as his body hit the deck of his ship. Stunning all of his crew into utter silence.

Taking advantage of this I used Soru to appear behind one of the nearby members of the crew and killed him the same way I did his captain.

With a middle finger Shigan straight through the heart.

The ultimate 'Fuck You' as I like to call it.

As the pirates body fell to the ground I grabbed his sword, since I had hidden Lonkhe on my ship before the pirates caught up with me, and began using it to cut down his crewmates.

Specifically those with fire-arms.

Since I didn't feel like dealing with people shooting at me while I fought.

I mean I could deal with it, but why do so when I didn't have to?

Before any of the pirates could react I had slaughtered all those of their crew wielding firearms. Then the moment I did so I went to work on the rest.

"Fuck, kill this kid!"

"Run, this brat is a monster!"

"Mommy, save me!"

Ignoring the words of the pirates I used the blade in my hands to kill them all.

Clearing the entire deck of the pirate ship of enemies in no time at all.

Once I did so I returned to my own ship and did the same thing.

Dumping the dead pirates on it into the ocean, to become chum for the fish.

I also retrieved Lonkhe.

After dumping the chum in the water, and retrieving my spear, I returned to the deck of the pirate ship and then headed for the door that led to the lower decks.

Opening it I began searching the pirate ship for any treasures, and any more enemies.

I didn't encounter the latter. So I continued searching for the former.

Until I reached a certain door on the lowest deck of the ship

*Rattle Rattle Rattle*

Hearing a rattling sound coming from behind it I readied myself before I headed over to the door, opened it up, and looked inside.

But when I did so I found something I didn't expect.

It was a girl.

She looks to be about my age. She has piercing green eyes, and golden hair for the most part. Except for around her eyes where her hair is green.

And oh yes, this girl also has cat ears and a tail.

[Image Here]

Struggling against the chains she was secured in that are secured to the rooms far wall she stopped when I entered the room and then looked directly at me. Like I was looking at her.

The two of us then stared at each other for several seconds in silence before I decided to break it.

"Hello there." I spoke.

To the real life cat girl in front of me.