One Piece: Rise of Achilles (One Piece Fanfiction)

Our MC dies, but instead of going to an after-life he gets a second chance to live his life in the world of One Piece. Follow him as he makes his dreams come true. Which is to conquer the vast seas with the strongest crew by his side. MC will have the appearance of Achilles from the Fate Franchise -An indomitable spirit that will not crumble under pressure. -Unparalleled speed and reflexes. -A master of the spear. -A charismatic man who can inspire others as well as draw in the ladies. MC will not have devil fruit powers.

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Chapter 2: Arrival

As the pillar of light died down around me I found myself standing on a beach. Littered with palm trees.

Gentle waves brushing against the shoreline.

As I looked at the scenery in front of me and took it all in I noticed something out of the corner of my eye, on my left.

Turning in that direction I saw Achilles personal weapon, his lance Diatrekhon Aster Lonkhe, jutting out of the ground.

[Image Here]

Wrapped around the pole of Lonkhe is the orange cloth Achilles always wore.

Moving over to the weapon I removed the cloth and then wrapped it around my body. I then removed the spear from the ground and slung it over my shoulder as best I could.

Considering I am a child again.

Five years old to be specific.

[Image Here]

Not sure how I know that I just do.

But it definitely has something to do with my reincarnation. Of that, I am certain.

After getting a good hold on Lonkhe I started surveying the area. Looking for any signs to tell me where I was.

In doing this I noticed a giant cylinder-shaped land mass that looks to be located at the center of the island.

Seeing it I knew exactly where I am.

The island of Sixis in the East Blue.

So know I know where I am. The question now is when am I?

As I tried to think of a way to learn when I am in the One Piece timeline I suddenly heard several loud screeches above me.

Turning my head upwards I saw several large predatory bird-like creatures circling me.

"Right. Almost forgot about them." I said.

The moment after I did so one of them started descending towards me.

Seeing this I took the only option I could at the moment.

I ran away.

Since at the moment, I am in no condition to fight one of those monsters. Let alone several at the same time.

Breaking into a dash even a Joestar would be proud of I broke into the trees of the island and went as deep as possible. Ignoring the cries of the bird monsters as they tried and failed to follow after me.

Since the tree canopy is too thick for them to do so.

After ten minutes I stopped running.

In doing so I noticed I wasn't even out of breathe.

I guess this is just one result of becoming Achilles.

I can't wait to discover the others.

Taking a moment I got my bearings. I then started slowly but surely walking through the forest. Being on the lookout for any creatures that might attack me. As well as a place I could use as a base camp for the foreseeable future.

After about an hour of walking I found a place to set up camp.

It was an giant and old hollowed out tree. Situated right next to a river. Giving me access to clean water to drink. As well as a place to bathe.

Entering the tree I sat down and leaned Lonkhe against the wall.

I then put a stupid grin on my face.

Due to the fact that the gravity of my situation is finally starting to sink in.

One Piece.

I am in the world of One Piece.

The world of pirates, marines, and where people can gain bullshit and broken superpowers by eating fruits that taste horrible.

That is the world I now call home.

And it feels great to do so.

It truly does.

I fanboyed hard for several minutes straight. Like any true fan of One Piece who had been given a chance to live in the world would.

But eventually I stopped.

Since I had work to do before nightfall arrived.

Picking up Lonkhe I headed out.

Thinking about what I was going to have for dinner.


Standing on the beach I watched the sunrise.

Eight years have passed since I arrived here in the world of One Piece.

I am now thirteen years old.

So I think its time I finally leave Sixis and explore the outside world.

Just after I thought this a News Coo landed in the sand in front of me.

Which they couldn't do previously. Since every time a New Coo came near the airspace of Sixis, the flying predators would either scare them away for eat them as snacks.

But that all changed three years ago when I finally defeated and tamed all those bastards.

Now the News Coo can come to Sixis and fly through the area around it without any issue, and if any of the flying predators make trouble well....they know the consequences of their actions. That's all I'll say on the matter.

Looking down at the News Coo I smiled.

I then got one in return before it handed me the paper.

"Thank you." I said, taking it. Once I did so my eyes went right to the days front page headline.

[Pirate King Gold Roger's execution finally set!]

Seeing the headline I felt a grin appear on my face and excitement race across my entire body.

This leaves me with no doubt in my mind it's finally time to start my adventures in this world.

The first of which will be to witness the execution of Roger with my own eyes.

Loguetown, here I come.


A/N: I hope you enjoyed the first revised chapter of Rise of Achilles.

Yeah, I did a massive time-skip.

But through flashbacks in the future Achilles time on Sixis will be shown in some detail.

Also, this story will not be my main focus. So the updates will be slow. Maybe every two weeks if I am feeling up to it. So don't expect this fic to truly take off for a while. However I will see it through to the end.