One Piece: Reincarnated as Weevil

When Wester was given the chance to reincarnate in his favorite world. His first thought was to reincarnate in One Piece as the strongest character, Whitebeard. He however wasn't allowed to do that and was sent to be reincarnated as the next best thing. Edward Weevil. After begging for a few changes, he was sent into the world of One Piece! Will the changes he will have on this world be negative or positive? Well that's not for him to decide.

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4: Hidden Power.

Miss Bucking was sitting in a rocking chair drinking some tea, it was 2 PM and she was worried something may have happened as the sound of Weevils training has stopped 2 minutes ago. Until she heard a knock on the door.

She quickly rushed to open it and what she saw was jawdropping.

Her son had went from chubby to fit in a week. While he was living outside without any equipment.

So she obviously put 2 and 2 together.

"My boy weevil, you've lost your baby fat!" She exclaimed

Weevil just looked at her with a bewildered look.

'Is she stupid? How do you think baby fat carrie- you know what I'm just not gonna think about it.' Weevil sighed

"Well now that you've became a adult." Miss Buckin stated as she tapped her foot on the ground hard.

"I'm going to teach you haki, my mom, or should I say your grandma was on the rocks pirates you know. I was on the whitebeard pirates as a fighting nurse too, I know a thing or two about haki." She said with a serious tone.

'Wait, in the original timeline Miss Buckin herself was in the Rocks pirates. I guess me wishing for the timeline not to change and becoming prominent near the same time as luffy changed alot of stuff. Well I guess if I didn't wish for the timeline to be close to the old One Piece one I could be in a completely different world. I'm really lucky I thought of that'

Weevil stayed still while thinking about the timeline and the consequenc-

"Oi Weevil, by tommorow your going to train your haki, you seem really tired and your fists are ... bleeding. You must be exhausted, you haven't slept have you. Go to your room, you haven't slept on a bed in a while. Also your getting a haircut." Miss Buckin said trying to snap Weevil back into reality.

"Yes mom." Weevil muttered as he went to his room.




Weevil woke up from his sleep. Immediately checking the clock on his wall.

'11 AM, perfect.'

Weevil changed into his normal training outfit, black tanktop and some basic brown shorts.

He rushed downstairs to see Miss Buckin drinking a cup of tea and reading a newspaper.

"You've been asleep for 2 days Weevil." She said, putting her newspaper and throwing the tea cup at the wall shattering it.

"NOW" She screamed as he jumped on the table.

"ACTIVATE YOUR ARNAMENT HAKI". She said resoundingly trying to rile up Weevil.

"Uh mom, I dont have armament haki. Weren't you going to teach me?"


"Uh I dont know how to teach you armament haki, I thought you already had it. I could help you train it to be stronger if you had it. Your dad whitebeard had haki. I guess this dramatic scene i made was kinds useless."

Weevil stared at the absolute dumbest statement he has ever heard.

'Does she think a 12 year old would have armament haki? That's just ... wow.'

Weevil pulled himself back into reality.

"Well how can I get stronger?" Weevil asked.

"Well." Miss Buckin muttered as she searched through her drawer.

"I have this wierd rock that smells like the ocean and a Devil Fruit. Your grandma gave them to me. From her time in that CP thing."

Weevils jaw dropped.


Miss Buckin shrugged before tossing it to Weevil.

'Well this does seem kinda suspicious but I guess me wishing for a fruit came true early.'

Weevil took a bite.


"This tastes horrible." Weevil muttered as he swallowed.

'Well the devil fruit hasn't done anything so far.'

Weevil stuck his hand out and tried to activate his power.

"Hey mom the fruit didn't-"

A transperant white orb appeared on Weevils hand making the sound of a bouncy ... thing expanding, kind of like the sound the Gura Gura No Mi made.

'What the- I know the name of the fruit somehow, did it appear in my mind?'

Weevil willed the white orb to go away and it shrank extremely fast until it disappeared.

"So Weevil what happened?" Buckin asked

"I ate the Shock-Shock Fruit, I guess I can summon shockwaves." Weevil responded.

Miss Buckin thought for a moment.

"Let's test your ability outside then get you a haircut ok?"

Weevil nodded as he went outside with Miss Buckin

"Wooh this is bad, most of the forest around the house that isn't next to the path down the hill is completely destroyed. How could you test it now? Plus there's a bunch of fallen trees and wooden ... what's that wor- oh debris! There's a bunch of wooden debris." Buckin said irritated.

Weevil smirked

"Oh don't worry mama ill clean this up real fast."

Weevil ran towards a section of destroyed trees and covered his fist in a small shockwave orb.

"Shock Blast!!" Weevil screamed as he stopped in his place and punched the air releasing a shockwave towards the destroyed trees.

The fallen trunks were launched tens of meters away while only the stumps near Weevil were launched away as the ones farther from his were damaged but unmoved.

Weevil stared at his hand in shock.

'Woah, I was like around 5 meters away from the destroyed trees and basically half cleared out a 40 meter section of destroyed trees. Plus somehow the grass was shaken but not uprooted somehow. I guess the shockwave generally only hits the general area the the place you want to destroy. Make sense cause if it didn't the shockwave would go all directions and hit Miss Buckin too. Damn this fruit is op, I can't imagine what it would do in short range.'

"Mama look at my Devil Fru-"

Miss buckin had a releived face.

"Now that you've proven you can clean up the trees, after we get the haircut you'll clean up this mess by yourself." She said smugly.

"But mama-"

"No buts! Now come with me down the hill to the village."

Weevil just nodded and went along with Miss Buckin.

Reincarnated as Weevil is back! now don't worry just because Weevil got a good fruit won't make him some OP MC that solos the verse he will still train alot and progress while not being reliant on his Devil Fruit.

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