One Piece: Reincarnated as Weevil

When Wester was given the chance to reincarnate in his favorite world. His first thought was to reincarnate in One Piece as the strongest character, Whitebeard. He however wasn't allowed to do that and was sent to be reincarnated as the next best thing. Edward Weevil. After begging for a few changes, he was sent into the world of One Piece! Will the changes he will have on this world be negative or positive? Well that's not for him to decide.

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2: Rude Awakening

Weevil sort of "popped" into the consciousness of a ... kid of some sort. He didn't know what had happened until.


Weevil shouted in pain. Gripping his head as he sat on a chair facing a table.

Weevil felt memories rush through his mind as he pieced together his current life.

He was 12 and it was 3 months away from his birthday, he's 5'11, he's slightly chubby and right now he's at his dining table. 

The old Weevil in his memories looked happily at the meals his mom would give him. However this Weevil looked at it with disgust.

'No wonder Weevil was so fat in the manga. I don't know how anyone could eat this and not get a heart attack.' 

It was a large platter of a cheese pizza with cheese sauce on the cheese pizza, a few burgers that were plain and only had ketchup and a well cooked turkey with a side of salad that was a PUNISHMENT for not finishing his food last time. The turkey was a replacement for the cake that Weevil would eat DAILY for 2 months!

Weevil looked down at his belly, it was big but not obese like the anime, from what he can recall he only started to get fed huge unhealthy meals like this 2 months ago so he was lucky he didn't have to lose too much weight.

Miss Buckingham, Weevils mother ran to the dining room.

"Oh my sweet Weevil I heard screaming! What happened?" Miss Buckingham screamed in a panic.

'Shit how do I get out of this, wait a minute, I could turn this into a benefit!'.

Weevil put his plan into action.

"M-Mama m-my heart hurts a-aowwww" Weevil said faking the voice the Old Weevil would make while putting his hand on his chest acting like he was in pain.

'God damn did Old Weevil speak while trying to mouth breath at the same time his entire life? I don't know how he went his entire life speaking like th- Wait a second, did-did Miss Buckin teach Weevil how to speak SOLELY while talking to him like he was a baby? Wow Buckin really doesnt know how to raise a child. I mean shes old so- wait, she isnt old? But how in the manga she's old! she looks more like ... a older Stussy? Wait did me requesting to make myself Younger change Miss Buckin too?'

Weevil just shoved his thoughts to the back of his mind, not wanting to think about it to much.

Buckin looked shocked for a moment before thinking of a idea.

"Its cause of the amount of food you've been eating my dear Weevil. Don't finish your food go outside and run to lose some weight."

Weevil was about to drop to the floor but he stopped himself.

'What!?!?! The first thought when her child is having heart problems is to make him ... RUN?!?!?!?!?! I might be faking it but still what if I actually did have heart problems?'

Weevil just sighed and walked towards the front door.

"Be safe out there, Weevil!" Buckin called.

"Thanks mom". Weevil continued walking for a second before he froze.

'I-I just totally blew my cover didn't I? Fuuuuck I forgot that Weevil spoke like a idiot.'

Weevil and Buckin stared at eachother.

Buckin suddenly hopped around happily.

"See Weevil you got your adult voice! Everyone was saying how "You need to fix your sons speech" or something but I was right! You finally got your adult voice now that you've hit puberty!" Buckin said enthusiastically.

Weevil looked at her with his mouth wide open.

'Th-Thats not how puberty or voices work at all. She really doesn't know how to raise a kid.'

Buckin looked at Weevils shocked face.

"I know it must be shocking to finally get your adult voice huh? All boys get it one day."

Weevil just decided to skeddadle through the front door.

'She really is a horrible parent huh? She thought my shocked face was a face of excitement.'

Weevil looked at the front of his house. His house was decently big but it was on a hill In a forest. There was a small clearing around him and a path down the hill. The trees withing a half kilometer of his house were relatively spaced out but after that it gets dense.

'If my memory's are correct there should be a shed near the back of the house.'

Weevil walked around the back until he saw a shed. It was filled with ...



And some rope.


Alot of rope.

'Hmm, I guess I could use these to train. I have a idea.'

(Extra chapter at 10 powerstones) Sorry for the short chapter. Next one will be much longer. Also its my second time ever writing and my first time writing a isekai so I took the easy way out and made a chapter without much action that set the setting and theme. Next chapter will pick it up though Trust me.

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