One Piece: Reborn as Eustass Kid Twin Brother

This is the story of a man from earth who dies and reborn in One Piece World as Eustass Kid twin brother. Follow the story of the two brothers as they sail the Grand Line and make a name for themselves. =-=-=-=-=-=-= The mc and Kid will be co-captains of the 'Eustass Pirates' (instead of Kid Pirates). Notes: -No system. -No cheats. -No harem. I don't own anything in regards to One Piece, and I don't plan to make any profit out of this.

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110 Chs

Upper Yard

[Shandia, Village Hidden in The Clouds]

Here the ancient tribe of Shandora resides, formed of small groups of warriors that fight in a guerrilla style warfare against the Skypieans and Enel and his God army.

A small brown haired Shandia girl could be seen running around the village, approaching a certain hut.

"Where were you? Aisa" A tan-skinned man sharpening his dagger asked her, he has a Mohawk hairstyle and a pair of big, round sunglasses. 

"A-Ah! Kamakiri!"

"You went to Upper Yard again? You have 'Vearth' in your purse, don't you? If you don't stop doing that you may lose your life!" Kamakiri warned her. 

Aisa responded by sticking her tongue out and mocking him "Bleh, blah, blah! It's none of your business! You still can't beat Enel!" She said before turning back and running away.

"Tsk…little punk"

At one of the huts in the village gathered the high commands of Shandia discussing their plans.

"We don't know why, but Gan Fall entered the Upper Yard. That old man probably thinks everything on this island is going to be solved somehow" One of the Shandia warriors said.

"He thinks wrong. There are no other answers in battle than winning and losing!!!" Another warrior exclaimed. He is a tall, muscular Shandia, and as such, sports a pair of little wings on his back. He's covered by various tribal tattoos across his left shoulder and the left side of his face. He has very long dark brown hair is arranged in a mohawk that follows into a segmented braid that goes slightly past his waist, and he has little spherical earrings. 

[Leader of The Shandia Warriors, 'Berserker' Wyper]

Wyper was smoking a small cigar while checking his weapon, a burn bazooka "Great warrior Calgara once said, 'Turn on the light of Shandora'. Those words should be our principle…"

"…Be it former God Gan Fall or God Enel, it doesn't matter who are enemy is!" Wyper slowly stood from his chair "Despite their differences, as long as they're both Gods, then to us they are the same!!!...Both must be eliminated!!!"

"Wyper, there was some resistance against Enel on Angel Island. Apparently, some people from the blue sea illegally trespassed to Skypiea and defeated White Berets" Raki stated, one of Shandia warriors. She is a tall, black-haired woman, with two large bangs parted to either side of her face on the front, and a long and elaborate ponytail on the back. She has dark green eyes, and her lips are covered with pink lipstick.

"So what? Dwellers of the blue sea have no business interfering in our conflicts. If they're that strong, then I hope they take one of the priests with them before they die" Wyper responded.

He proceeded to get up and leave the hut afterwards "Get ready! We'll leave right away!"

All the Shandia warriors prepared for battle, they checked their firearms and weapons and wore their Shooters. 

All Shandia warriors had them, they are curved black rails attached to the underside of the wearer's feet, resembling a pair of ice skates. A Breath Dial is mounted on the middle of each side, serving as the propulsion device. It allows them to travel on Sea Clouds on foot.

Wyper has a special one equipped with seastone to negate devil fruit powers.

Wyper approached Aisa who was watching everyone from the side "Tell me if you feel anything weird using your Mantra, Aisa"

Aisa looked intimidated by Wyper's gaze but she proceeded to answer him "Umm…I can hear all the four priests leaving God's Shrine, there is Gan Fall maybe…he entered Upper Yard a while ago and…And there are other people there as well, really strong ones"

"Other people?" Wyper looked intrigued "Strong ones…Don't tell me you're talking about those blue sea dwellers?"

"I don't know but they are really strong, you guys should be careful!!"

Wyper turned back to the warriors, a determined look on his face "This is our chance! If we want to succeed, we must move now!...Puff…" Wyper declared before taking a puff from his cigarette and blowing some smoke out. 

"Everyone got that?! Our target will always be the Shrine of God where Enel resides!!...Don't be afraid of the fake God!! The great warrior Calgara is our guardian!!"

"OOOO!!!" Everyone responded in unison. With their weapons drawn everyone traveled towards the location of the Upper Yard.

"Braham!...Kamakiri!...Genbo!...Raki!...Don't die!" Wyper said, he then added "I swear in the great warrior Calgara's name…" 

"I will ignite the light of Shandora!!"

[God's Land, Upper Yard]

Outside the God's Shrine, the four priests and the God's army wish includes 50 Devine Soldiers lead by commander Yama and 650 soldier from the Devine Squad were also preparing for the incoming fight.

With their Mantra, the priests knew that the Shandian were attacking, and they also knew about Kai and the crew who were trespassing in the Upper Yard.

"Those trespassers dare to defy the will of the God…" One of the four priests said. He has a thin, pointed mustache that splits into two parts. On his head there is an aviator hat decorated with wings, and a pair of goggles on the front. 

[One of the four Priests, 'Sky Rider' Shura]

"Not only that, but the Shandian are also attacking" Said a tall, dark-skinned man. He has an unusual hairstyle, with a row of upward-pointing tufts or rasta-styled dreadlocks from ear to ear.

[One of the four Priests, 'Sky Boss' Gedatsu]

"Since they've angered Enel-sama we have no choice but to get rid of them along with Shandia" said a round-shaped man with fair skin and long, dark red hair. He has an orange hat similar in style to a Capello Romano, orange gloves, shoes, and large, yellow sunglasses that completely obscure his eyes.

[One of the four Priests, Satori of the Forest]

"Let them come…We'll crush them all!" Said a bald and muscular man of relatively average height with somewhat tanned skin and wearing black sunglasses.

[One of the four Priests, 'Skybreeder' Ohm]

After sailing through the sea clouds for a few minutes, the Victoria Punk arrived at a place that seems like it doesn't belong to sky island at all.

"Wow!…What a huge forest…" Bonney followed with her gaze the trees that stretched far up the sky. They were incredibly huge that the Victoria Punk looked like an ant standing beside a human.

Not only the trees were huge, but everything else was, plants, flower and grass. Everyone disembarked except Kureha and Donovan who stayed behind to guard the ship, Kai led the crew through the massive forest.

"It feels like we were reduced to mere ants…" Saga commented while admiring the nature around him.

"This looks different" Killer remarked "It looks more like a normal island, but not quite normal at the same time"

The reason why the forest has grown to huge sizes was due to the decrease in the atmosphere.

"Remember Jaya's map?" Kai asked him.

"What about it?"

"There was a missing part from the island"

"Don't tell me--!!"

"Yes, this must be the part of Jaya where the Golden City of Shandora is. When Noland and the King went back to Jaya and didn't find it, it wasn't because it didn't exist but because it was separated from Jaya and flew up her" Kai stated, everyone was shocked at that revelation. 

"Don't be unreasonable, how the hell does a massive part of an island end up in the sky. It does not make any sense" Kid said.

"No, it actually does if you think about. What is it that Jaya has that other islands don't?..." Killer posed a question and proceeded to answer it afterwards "…what if part of Jaya was hit by the knock up stream and flew up her?"

Killer's theory made so much sense for everyone. Of course, Kai knew that already, but he didn't want to outright say it since it would be suspicious of him to possess that kind of knowledge.

"What's that?! It's so huge!" Bonney pointed at Giant Jack, a giant beanstalk in the center of the Upper Yard and it towers over all Skypiea.

'If I remember correctly, Shandora is at the bottom of Giant Jack and the golden bell is at the top' Kai recalled while walking with his hands in his pockets "Let's go over there, we might find something interesting if climb to the top" 

"Whatever you say boss!" Heat walked behind him with enthusiasm.

"If manage to find the City of Gold, I wonder how much gold we can take back with us?" Wire questioned.

Krieg looked delighted upon mentioning the gold "As much as we can, that's the kind of treasure you won't ever find elsewhere. Kuhahaha! With that amount of gold, building a fleet of ships will be a piece of cake!"

While everyone was chatting, Kai suddenly stopped walking and looked to the side with a serious expression as he sensed something with his Haki. 

Everyone was confused at his action except for Kid who also sensed something approaching. Bonney proceeded to ask them "What's going on?"

"Someone is coming…a lot of people actually" Kai responded while looking at the top of a hill before suddenly, dozens of Shandian warriors appeared at the top.

SWOOOSH!! Leading them ahead is Wyper, he proceeded to jump above them before firing a bazooka shot at Kai. The latter didn't react at all, and Kid stepped in front of him while stretching his right hand forward.

"Repel!!" He used his magnetic power to repel the bazooka shot back.

BOOOOM!! While mid-air Wyper looked startled, but he managed to dodge it, and the bazooka shot ended up hitting a tree nearby and causing a big explosion.

"A devil fruit user?!!" Wyper muttered in shock before landing a few meters away from Kai and the crew.

Kid looked pissed at Wyper "What's with these fuckers?! You wanna fight huh?!!"

Kai couldn't help but smile at seeing Wyper, he was the person he wanted to recruit as the sniper of the crew "You guys most be the Shandian, you're going to fight Enel, right? How about a little alliance?"

"Wyper!! Shall we engage?!!" Kamakiri asked.

"No, ignore them!" Wyper rested his bazooka on his shoulder while taking a puff from his cigarette, he was also carrying a large ballistic shield on his back. He glared at the crew before he spoke to them "So you are the ones, the citizens of the blue sea that caused a commotion in Skypiea. If you don't want to die, go back from where you came from…"

"…Don't try to do anything weird on this island, otherwise I'll treat you like Enel and eliminate you too!!" It was a clear threat, but no one from the crew was fazed by it. They've already seen worse on their journey so far "If you get in our way, I'll kill you…Let's go guys!!" 

"Well, that went bad…" Kai said, he knew that Wyper is stubborn and might need some time to be able to trust other people "Shit! I forgot something!" Kai suddenly remembered something important.

"What is it?" Kid asked.

"Something very important! You go ahead I'll go back to the ship and get it!" Kai said, he quickly went back from the direction they came from. 

Kid and the rest didn't wait for him, and they kept moving deeper inside the Upper Yard until they caught up to Wyper and the rest of Shandia warriors again. They were already engaging the four priests and the God's army in an all-out battle.

Kid POV,

"Tsk…those guys are going after our prey" I clenched my fist from rage while leading the crew to the battlefield "Listen carefully! don't let those bastards do all the work!…We'll be going after Enel once we are done here!"

"Shouldn't we wait for Kai before engaging?!" Killer asked me.

"Nah" I grinned in response, it's my chance to have some fun here before he comes back 'I'll find Enel first!' I thought as I felt excited about the thought of fighting someone strong "I'm pumped!!"

I proceeded to jumped high up in the air and used my magnetic power to attract various metal pieces around me, including the weapons of both the Shandian and God's Army.

"Damn it! Those guys again!" Wyper looked at us in hostility while fighting. Even at such a short time there were already a lot of casualties from both sides.

Everyone became aware of our presence, and they all looked at me with surprise, they most likely didn't think that they will be a devil fruit user among us 'Too bad I'm not the only one'.

"He can attract metals?!…He must be an ability user?" Shura was surprised.

"I thought they were some pushovers who got here by luck, but it seems that turns out to be false" Ohm said. 

I proceeded to form a massive hammer made of scraps, it was at least five times bigger than me "Haaaa!!...Punk Hammer!!"

KA-BOOOOM!! With a powerful blow, I smashed down several people. I made sure they were not one of those Shandia guys since Kai mentioned something about making an alliance with them.

I honestly don't know what goes through that guy's mind. Even though I hate to admit it but he's pretty smart, so I tend to trust him on matters like that.

SWOOOSH! I proceeded to land at the center of the battlefield and approached one of Enel's subordinates, using my Haki I could feel that he was the strongest one among them.

"Dick face baldy!...I'm gonna kick your ass first!" I passed by Wyper who glared at me in hostility. 

"I warned you not to interfere in our business blue sea citizens, it seems that you don't value your life" Wyper said to me, he then added "I'll take care of you after this"

"Shut up, don't tell me what to do" I responded.

"Don't overestimate yourselves trespassers!" Ohm said before he thrusted his katana at me from a distance and it suddenly unleashed a powerful whip-like attack at high speed. It appeared to be clouds.

"Eisen Whip!!"

Clang! BAM! I quickly attracted some metal scraps around my arms and blocked it. To my surprised I felt iron on the impact. 

"Iron cloud…?!" 

"Good eyes" Ohm said with a confident grin. He proceeded to use the same attack again to strike me from multiple directions. 

<Soru >

SWOOOSH!! I swiftly avoided Ohm's attacks before shaping up several large metal spears and launched them at him.

"Punk Phalanx!!"

However instead of him trying to block them or backing away, he only closed his eyes and said "Mantra"

FWOSH! FWOSH! FWOSH! He proceeded to dodge the spears with ease like he was predicting their trajectory. 

When I saw that I knew exactly what he was doing "This fool can use Haki?!"


Inside the Victoria Punk armory, Kai searched for a certain item he acquired a few days ago. 

"Found you!" it was the seastone spear that he stole from Vice Admiral Comil's ship after defeating him "Can't hurt Enel without this little guy…" 

Only the spear's sharp side was made of seastone, so a devil fruit user can still wield it without a problem.

"…I should get back now"