One Piece: Reborn as Enel

Amazing cover made by Lord Valmar, who has somehow managed to make a great cover for all the books of mine that he's read :))) Huge thanks to him and his pp is humongous~! ___________________________________ Alexander Nikolia, is a person of many talents, a genius in the eyes of many. After a bizarre string of events, he ends up getting reincarnated into his favourite anime into the body of one of the most underutilized overpowered villains in the story. The world was bound to change in some way, whether that change is positive or not... That's up for interpretation really.

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Foosha Village, Marines and Disdain

_________ POV Narration_________

The weeks flowed by for Enel and Robin, as the two of them trained tirelessly.

Well, Robin trained and Enel struggled to create the engine/cloud machine he wanted.

Enel had spoken to plenty of people during that time, he was visited by just about every cadre of the Revolutionary Army at that time.

Surprisingly, it was taking a bit longer than anticipated for the Revolutionary Army to gather the information he requested.

So that meant that he wouldn't have as much time to study it while with Baltigo. Still, for now, he was stuck with waiting. studying and training.

At least Robin was great company.

The two of them had managed to become rather close during their training. Helped immensely by Enel starting to go easier on her, which she appreciated greatly.

Still, even with her, Enel felt that he was stuck on Baltigo until he got the things he wanted...

Unfortunately, the world didn't stand around waiting for him.

Quite some time had already passed since the 5 elders had ordered a 'Special' base to be built in the Goa Kingdom.

The said base was not quite a marine base, its front was that of a marine base. In fact, it housed and trained CP agents.

The base was built secretly, and it was relatively close to Foosha village, which was known to be the home of Garp, the Marine Hero.

A Celestial Dragon was also moved there, much to his displeasure. He was of a lower-ranking family, and he had no right to refuse orders from the 5 elders.

'Why am I being moved to a stupid little village, forced to live near dirty peasants!'

The mentality of the Celestial Dragons was bound to be rotten, no matter how low the rank of said Celestial Dragon's family was.

A mansion was swiftly built for him, with a strange air bubble surrounding it.

His arrival in the Goa Kingdom was made public, as the World Government wanted Garp to know that they already had his hometown in their hands.

They certainly didn't care about the Saint's life, to them, it was a matter of no importance. He was only there to serve one purpose... Threaten Garp's hometown with his presence.

He was handpicked by the 5 elders, as he was one of the most problematic World Nobles around.

The Celestial Dragon also had plenty of personal guards and had even brought some of his slaves for amusement.

'I hope this situation isn't permanent... I can't be living in this filth for the rest of my life!'

Saint Jonathan was the name of this particular Celestial Dragon, he was just as fat as the rest of his ilk.

A permanent sneer was also present on his face as he constantly wore an air bubble around his head to avoid breathing in the same air as the lower classes.

He was so disgusted by his surroundings that he decided to not venture out of his Mansion at all.

Seeing no issue with sitting on his bed all day and enjoying all the good food that he could as well as the company of his slaves.

Today was a day like any other for him, eat fresh fruits and whip his male slaves while sometimes fondling the female slave that fed him.

At this point, it was routine for the slaves, most of them had empty eyes, and they were doing nothing more than going through the motions.

That was the scene the Vice Admiral Momonga walked on.

He was still wearing the same purple and white pinstripe suit with a coat draped over his shoulders.

His hair was also the same as it had been, with his moustache pointed outwards on each side and his hair was arranged in a mohawk, with a ponytail.

A blank expression was on the face of the respected marine Vice Admiral. He had been called in by Saint Jonathan, probably to provide him with entertainment.

'I will never get used to this sight...'

Slavery wasn't exactly something easy on the stomach. Momonga especially didn't like it.

He had been tasked with protecting the Celestial Dragon in Foosha Village, his head was obviously on the line if something were to happen to Saint Jonathan.

Momonga released a deep sigh as he tried to hide his disdain for the parasitic blob of flesh he was stuck protecting.

'Things really went downhill after Enel left... Yes, he may have lost us the war, but their treatment of us really has hit a new low...'

In the first place, the marines had always been subservient to the World Government, but the majority of Marines could go their whole careers without even meeting with a single World Noble.

Now, they were moved to the middle of the Holy Land, tasked with a seemingly permanent 'protection' job.

All Marines of any significance were now forced to protect and serve the whims of the Celestial Dragons.

Many accepted that and took it as punishment for their failures during the war. There were also many marines madly loyal to the World Government.

But Momonga was not part of either group. He was only loyal to the Marines themselves and what they stood for.

'The marines were never meant to be guard dogs for the upper classes... We were supposed to be the protectors of the public...

Even now, many suffer while our best are stuck catering to the needs of these 'World Nobles'...'

Momomga was disgusted by that thought.

And, since he was distracted by his thoughts, he let that a bit of displeasure show on his face, something which Saint Jonathan had finally managed to take notice of.

"Oh?! Are you bored, Marine Dog?!" Momonga became expressionless when hearing the Saint's voice.

"I could lend you a slave! I feel generous today! Jajajaa~" The Celestial Dragon laughed out loud while staring at Momonoga with disdain in his eyes.

"I am quite fine, Saint Jonathan." Momonga didn't try to be any more polite than that. He didn't like the person he was protecting, but it was his job.

He wasn't anywhere close to the only person with those thoughts...

In fact, the majority of higher ranking Marines were in similar situations.

All of them could only keep in mind the words of their new Fleet Admiral.

'Bear with it for now... I will do my best to rectify the situation...' Akainu had taken a drastic shift after becoming Fleet Admiral.

He was no longer as uncaring about his fellow marines as he had been in the past. That shift was brought both by Enel's actions and presence and by his new friendship with Aokiji.

This also brought forward an unexpected amount of respect even from Sengoku, whom he hadn't been on good terms with in the past.

Against everyone's expectations, Aokiji actually didn't protest Akainu's position. The two of them ended up working together, and both were just as displeased about the situation.

Akainu wanted the marines to go back to doing what they were meant to... Killing pirates, which was also his speciality.

So, Momonga would just bear with it for now...

"What a boring person... GUARDS! I want a new Marine Dog! This one is defective!" Saint Jonathan said with a shit-eating grin as his guards looked at Momonga wearily.

"... Saint Jonathan... My mission strictly refers to making sure that you are not in physical danger. I am not here to entertain you."

Momonga simply turned around to leave after saying his piece. He hated being in the presence of that man/pig, it always ended up with him restraining himself and leaving the room.

This time though, it was a bit different.

Saint Jonathan was not actually in any 'good mood', he simply wanted to make fun of the Marine that was assigned to him.

After seeing that Momonga had no desire to play along, he got really mad.

He took out a golden pistol and immediately pointed it at the back of the departing marine.

Momonga stopped in his tracks, slightly turning his head around as his eyes narrowed a bit.

"Saint Jonathan... I would advise against doing something like that to the person tasked with protecting you."

Momonga's voice sounded calm, yet his eyes burned with frustration and anger.

'This is what I am forced to waste my time on!?'

The Celestial Dragon didn't listen to him though, why would he?

A shot rang out, with Momonga's body seemingly turning into a piece of paper and bending around the bullet with ease.

Momonga was a 46-year-old Vice Admiral, he was one that already had mastered all of the 6 powers to perfection, despite being a swordsman at heart.

How exactly would a leech with a gun be dangerous to him?

Momonga scowled a bit, before continuing to leave the room.

The guards were acting like statues, not a single one of them tried to stop him, despite Saint Jonathan's incessant whining and screaming.

Although they were loyal pawns, their logic was quite sound when not approaching Momonga.

'A beating from Saint Jonathan is a lot better than one from a Vice Admiral...'

After years of working as guards, they knew how to bow and how to act in order to survive.

And not one of them was willing to stop Momonga, as he was a protector assigned by the 5 elders, who were far above in jurisdiction compared to the Saint they were guarding.

Saint Jonathan whipped his guards a bit, but he was still angry even after Momonga had left.

So, he finally decided to go outside.

'I'm already bored of beating up the same people! I bet I'll find quite a few people to take out my anger on!'


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