17 Time Passes...

Chapter 17

Title: Time Passes...


This is amazing, this mist-like figure, who must be Sabo. But as I get excited the image turns blurrier, so I must keep a calm state of mind always, that is kind of taxing to me. I just discovered my 6th sense.

So as Sabo is about to attack me I take a deep breath, I calm my mind and heart. This is no time to be excited, I must be calm.

As I think that I can 'feel' Sabo's mist like figure becoming clearer and I can see that he is wearing a hat now. I can 'feel' his weapon and not a tubular figure anymore. That is quite something.

I easily dodge Sabo's attacks, I feel like I have never seen better, I decided to take off my blindfold, and even though I could see now. That 'sense' was still there so then I took off the hearing mufflers too. It is quite nice, Observation Haki seems like quite something, as Sabo attacks me overhead once more, I concentrate my Armament Haki on my hand.

<Armament: Hardening> 

My arm up to my elbow turns into a light-dark color.


I break Sabo's wooden sword and smile at the surprised look on his face. 

"It seems like my Kung-Fu is pretty cool." I jokingly say to Sabo with a smug look on my face. He used to say that I shouldn't waste time on Haki, which he used to call Kung-Fu.

"Ugh." He grunts in annoyance and scratches the back of his head. "You are never gonna let it go, are you?"

The smug smile on my face widens. "Pufufufufu… of course not. Hahahaha…"

"Stop acting so smug!" He chases after me. But I casually dodge him with my eyes closed. 

"You must train for one thousand years before you can learn the secrets of my art." 

"YOU ARE SEVEN YEARS OLD!!! Stop acting like you are so wise!" Says Sabo in annoyance, I only laugh at this. I casually dodge his hits and I can't help but contemplate that I should have Cat use his tail to use a sword or something. That would be cool as hell, as a bonus, it would make Cat stronger too.

Also, now that I have started bribing the marines I have quite a bit of leverage, I should push for them to try and get Portgas Town accepted as a real town.





-General POV-

Since the day that Ace learns Observation Haki, three years pass, many things happen during this time as Ace becomes ten years old. Portgas town was recognized as an official town by the World Government and the Goa Kingdom, Ace used quite a bit of funds to make this happen, but it was all worth it as his income skyrocketed and he is now quite rich and doesn't do bounty hunting anymore.

Sadly, Portgas Town had to be moved away from Gray Terminal, so its whole population moved about one mountain away. It was in the middle of the mountains with a little access to the sea. It was close to Foosha Village. This when truly the income started getting big for Ace, he has over 200,000,000 B even though he keeps spending quite a bit of money. As he had expected, collecting taxes was more profitable than Bounty Hunting.

Also, he has tried learning some of the Rokushiki techniques also, but he has had almost no progress on them. He can barely use a bastardized version of Soru. Well, he only had progressed in using Tekkai, as his medical knowledge of this world got higher. He 'understood' how one can tighten his muscles a certain way to make them as hard as steel. Still, though, he is made of flesh and blood, so if he was attacked with something like fire or such, then Tekkai won't be able to protect him.

He asked Garp to teach him these... but the old man simply wouldn't teach him these things. 

Ace spent a lot of this time extending his physical power but also knowledge. To him the One Piece world's technology and machinery is something amazing too. He used a lot of money to buy some mechanical & crafting books from the black market.

Ace knows that strength without knowledge is no real strength. After he was too tired from physical training, then he would read books. His fear of the people like the Yonko pushed him to new heights, he wanted to reach that point in excellence. He is now kind of like a jack of all trades and a master of some...

Ace has used this new mechanical knowledge of his to build countless training machines for himself and Sabo. 


Currently Ace is at Dadan's house, at the age of ten he looks more like a fourteen-year-old, he is wearing a yellow tank top and black pants. He has a couple of souvenirs for Dadan, but she just turns her back on Ace and says. "I don't care for souvenirs brat!"

But she took out a napkin and wiped away her tears. "Gaaahhh... damn it you brat, why did you grow up to be so nice!"

"Are you crying?" Asks Ace as he looks at Dadan's back.

"NO, I AM NOT YOU BRAT!!!" Yells Dadan, but she still has her back turned. Ace is always nice like this to them. Even when she jokingly asked him for 1,000,000 B he gave it to her with no problem. Telling her that she is family, and that family looks out for each other.

Ace has a smile on his face as he sees this. He knows how Dadan can be, so he is about to say something to her when a knock on the door is heard.

*knock* *knock* 

Dadan is annoyed at this and goes to open the door in anger. Ace looks at this with a confused look on his face, he has already sensed who is outside. 'Why does he always come when she is angry.'

"What the hel-....!!!" Dadan is about to scream as she opens the door. But all her anger is stuck down her throat as she sees who her visitor is.

"Yo!" Says Garp, as he has a little kid in a straw hat run around him chasing a fly. "Take care of this one too won't ya? He is my grandson."

He grabs Luffy by the back of his shirt and makes him face Dadan. "Luffy, be polite, and introduce yourself."

"Yo!" Waves Luffy. "My name is Luffy... and I hate mountain bandits!"

Dadan gets annoyed at the kid but doesn't do anything and instead looks at Garp with a distressed look on her face. "G -Garp... -san. Ace was hard enough to raise, the new brat will be a nightmare now."

"Huh?" Garp looks at her confused. "What the hell are you talking about? Didn't Ace turn out pretty good?"

Dadan sighs at this, she hopes that Garp doesn't make a habit of just bringing random kids out of nowhere and dropping them on her doorstep.

"Anyway, bye~ Gotta go, Sengoku called me back to Marineford." Says Garp as he walks away without a care in the world. He doesn't even wait for Dadan to answer his question.


  -Ace POV-

I look at the kid who just enters the house. He has a straw hat and a small scar below his right eye.

Monkey D. Luffy... he turns to look at me and then smiles widely.

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