20 Teaching Haki... 

Chapter 20

Title: Teaching Haki... 


Ace hits Sabo in the face with a kick that is infused with Haki, turning it dark.


The kick almost makes Sabo pass out as he spits out blood. 


He crashes through some trees by Ace's kick.

"C'mon now Sabo, you gotta try harder than this." Says Ace, completely unbothered by hitting his best friend without holding anything back. "That first hit was a kick to warn you, next will be a sword slash. I am not good enough with swords to be able to hold back, nor am I good enough of a doctor to save you from a decapitation."

Sabo is on the ground, bleeding from his head as Ace has hit him. The trees that he smashed through weren't the true damage, the kick was.  

'Damn… I almost feel like passing out.' Thinks Sabo, he is stronger and tougher than any people that he knows… except two, Ace and his Grandfather. Those two were a different breed of monsters to him.

His vision sees red and he recognizes that blood has washed over his eyes. He looks at Ace and sees him with a casual look walk towards him. His friend is taller than most adults by now and looks like a young adult himself. His training had done wonders for his physique… and Sabo knew best their difference in physical strength. 

Ace has never lost a fight, that is the rumor that goes through the Goa Kingdom. No animal, no sea king, and no human can match him. His power at such a young age has brought even the marines under him.


He is feared in the Goa Kingdom, but he is way more loved than feared. Everyone loves Ace, and he loves everyone back. He would listen to your problems and try to find a solution, he will go to great lengths to help someone. That is who Ace is…

'Damn… my mind is wandering.' Ponders Sabo as he shakingly gets up and looks at his best friend. 'He must have hit me harder than I thought for my mind to start thinking so highly of him.'

"Wakey~ wakey~." Says Ace jokingly. "I am about to cut off your head now Sabo, so please try your BEST!!!"

As soon as Ace said that, something strange happened. Something that even he himself was surprised by. A formless pressure flew off of him and like a ripple it hit Sabo.

"Huh?" Sabo is confused as a formless pressure appears on his shoulders and he falls on his knees. "What was that? Did I take brain damage?"

He felt strange like a mental weight was pulling him down.

"Hmmm…" Ace on the other hand has a strange light in his eyes. "That must be Conqueror's Haki, called the Will of a King, it's one in a million thing. Not sure I even had it."

Sabo sighs at this. "I would be surprised if you didn't have it."

"Oh, well, it doesn't matter anyway." Says Ace casually, as if that was nothing out of his expectation.

Sabo could only sigh as he once again picked up his spear.


Again, before he could do anything, Ace appears behind him and swings his sword overhead.

Sabo can sense the air movement and immediately jumps forward.


Ace's longsword crashes on the ground creating a crater and a long crack where the end can't be seen.

"Gahhh!" Yells Sabo, he sees that Ace's sword is dark now and he is imbuing it with Haki now. 

Ace has a serious look on his face and his gaze settles on Sabo, it brings chills down his spine. He has never seen Ace's serious look directed at him. 


Ace disappears once again, leaving a crack on the ground as he kicks off it. He still hasn't learned Soru to a complete level, he hasn't seen anyone use it in this life, his best knowledge is from the anime.

But still, with his enormous strength, this bastardized usage of <Soru> still makes him extremely fast in comparison to most people. 

Sabo could only predict what Ace would do next. 'He will most likely attack from the back, Ace almost always does that as an opening attack, and he wants to teach me Observation Haki, so he obviously won't attack me from the front.'

Sabo swirls his spear and stabs backward.


He hits something, he looks behind him and smiles as he sees Ace. His spear had touched his friend's skin but done no damage as Ace had used <Tekkai> immediately as he sensed the attack.

"Observation Haki?" Asks Ace, unsure at how Sabo was able to know where he would attack from.

"Nah, I just predicted where you would attack from." Answers Sabo casually.

"Hmmm… I see…" Says Ace as he disappears from Sabo's sight, and the only thing the latter feels is a kick to his face.


He crashes through multiple trees before he has to use his spear to stab in the ground and stop himself from crashing through more trees.

"Damn it!" Yells Sabo in annoyance, while Ace whistles casually as his best friend falls on his knees breathing heavily. His injuries adding up due to Ace's devastating hits.

Ace starts twirling with his sword and playing with it as he walks towards Sabo, his expression casual as if he isn't worried at all when fighting against his friend. "Remember Sabo, you must stay calm to use Observation Haki. So be calm…"

Sabo nods at this in confirmation and uses his spear as a crutch to get up. *sigh* He sighs as his body hurts all over. "Damn, this sucks."


Ace disappears once more and kicks Sabo in the stomach, making him spit out blood from it. But he doesn't let Sabo fly away as he grabs him by the head and knees him in the face.


Sabo's face is all bloodied and a tooth flies off. Ace drowns at this, he will have to really go all out at this rate in order to increase the pressure on Sabo. 'Rayleigh said in the anime that pain is the best teacher. So Sabo will need to experience that, so he can unlock his Haki at least. He has been learning about Haki for almost five years now, so that means that my methods weren't as effective as I thought they were.'

As Ace thinks this, he sees that Sabo is on the ground, his face is bloody and his eyes are closed.


Ace uses <Soru> once again and is about to stomp on Sabo. But as he is about to do so, something strange happens, Sabo rolls to the side, in doing so he dodges Ace's attacks. When he sees his attack being dodged, Ace smile at this, he can't let Sabo forget this feeling, so he decides to keep attacking at a speed that Saboo would be able to dodge, though barely. 

Ace stabs with his sword but Sabo is able to dodge by jumping up and doing a backflip to increase the power of his next attack which is an overhead kick against Ace. But the latter easily dodges his attack. 

Ace's smile is unmistakable now as he attacks Sabo using rapid piercing attacks. Multiple attacks hit him head-on and cause even more bleeding as even more injuries pile upon him. Still, Sabo is able to keep a calm head on this, even as Ace's attacks get faster and he can barely dodge any of the attacks. 

Ace smiles at this, he can't help it, he is proud of Sabo. He has been spending seven years with his best friend now and unlike him, who is a reborn person with an adult mind, Sabo is really a kid who learned this all by himself. 

'He is truly talented.' Contemplates Ace as he attacks Sabo, even more, making sure to not hit anything too critical, he can just patch him later on so there is no need to go too easy on Sabo either. 


A/N: Sabo will start using Haki too, well Ace had to discover the teaching method by himself, unlike Rayleigh, who has experiences with Haki. Though it took five years, Sabo finally learnt it.

P.S: A friend of mine told me that should push myself more to write and motivate myself with pressure. So this is my promise to you, I will update EVERY day if this story can get within the top 20. This way, I can push to update daily.👍

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