24 Mera-Mera No Mi… for me.... or someone else...

Chapter 24

Title: Mera-Mera No Mi… for me.... or someone else...


Immediately Ace feels something strange, it wasn't his Observation Haki… it was more like instinct as he 'looks' towards the place and in the darkness, he goes towards there and as he picks up the thing he sees that it is a round object and it feels like a ball with flame-like patterns.

'Is this it?' Questions Ace internally, surprised that he found so fast what he was looking for. He immediately uses <Geppo> kicking off the air and getting towards the light. Where he can clearly see the thing on his hand. 

It was an orange fruit with flame-like patterns all over it.

'If this world had lotteries I would go and buy a ticket right now.' Thinks Ace, he was willing to stay on Sixis Island for quite a while to search for this fruit. 

Ace looks at the fruit in his hand with a little bit of temptation, he knows that if he eats this fruit then he will experience a dramatic increase in his strength. This fruit is quite strong generally and a pretty good one that would even allow him to go to the top levels in the world just by using the fruit, but in the end, he just shakes his head and cleans his thoughts.

 He knows that this wouldn't be good for him, he must be patient and wait, not only charge and do something dumb and irreversible.


It doesn't take Ace even ten minutes as he finds Sabo and Deuce looking around the island.

"Oy guys! I found the thing I was looking for." Says Ace as he shows the Mera-Mera No Mi. 

"A fruit?" Asks Masked Deuce as he sees this, he has been on this island for some time and he still hadn't found not even one fruit.

Ace then throws it at Sabo and says. "Eat that Devil Fruit, it will help you a bunch. It will even be better than Luffy's Gum-Gum fruit. Eat the whole thing by the way no matter how gross it tastes, I don't know if it might affect your fruit usage if you only eat a part of it."

As he says that Ace is referring to awakening, but Sabo doesn't know about any of that so he just assumes that he maybe wouldn't be able to use the full abilities.

Sabo takes the fruit and swallows it in one big bite. *munch* *gulp*

"Bluegh! That tastes horrible." Says Sabo as his tongue hangs out in disgust. Deuce looks at Sabo strangely.

"So that is a Devil Fruit? Do you feel anything strange?" Questions Deuce as he looks at Sabo curiously.

"Hmmmm…" Sabo has a thinkings position and he cups his own chin with a concentrated look on his face. "No, not really, I don't feel anything that different."

As he says that his hat catches on fire.


Deuce immediately has a surprised look on his face at this, Ace on the other hand is causal and says to Sabo. "Your hat is on fire."

"Huh?" Sabo is confused by this and he takes off his hat and looks at it. "Ow! Hot!" He exclaims in surprise but as he poems his eys he feels weird, as he doesn't feel any pain from the fire. 

'If Luffy's is rubber… then I must be fire…' Contemplates Sabo, as he tries to turn off the fire on his hat, he actually makes it burn even more. 'Right, it's supposed to be instinctual.'

He then doesn't even concentrate on the fire, instead, he just clenches his fist and fire appears on it as the fire everywhere else settles down. Ace looks at it with a smile on his face, unlike Luffy's Gum-Gum Fruit, this is a whole other deal, not only is the Fire Fruit generally stronger, but it is also more battle oriented.

Ace knows that the Gum-Gum Fruit is so strong only because of Luffy and him coming up with the Gears. Even then, in the hands of a master, the Fire Devil Fruit is generally better. 

'If Sabo can quickly master this fruit, then it would be something truly amazing.' Ponders Ace, knowing that he just gave Sabo a big power boost. "Sabo, we will stay here for one week, you will need to master your powers here in this place. After that, we will have another spar nad then we will set sail."

As Ace says, Sabo looks at his best friend's serious face and smiles. "I am gonna beat you this time Ace."

Ace has a carefree look as he sees this and just shrugs. "You can try…"

Deuce looks at both of them with a curious look on his face. 'I wonder how strong they are.'



One week passes and after that Deuce looks at Sabo, facing towards the sea, he pulls back his fist and yells out. "<HIKEN!!>"

Immediately, a giant fire fist appears from Sabo's punch, the attack shocks Deuce as he has never seen anything like this. The giant fist of fire creates a line of steam through the ocean. He can't help but wonder what would happen to a human if he was hit by that.

'T -This power… it's crazy…' Contemplates Deuce, totally amazed by this. 

Sabo on the other hand looks at his fist and thinks pout loud. "I wonder if this attack can beat him?"

'YOU WONDER!!!' Exclaims Deuce internally. 'It will probably defeat him, bro! This attack can destroy warships… multiple of them probably.'


Finally at midday, Ace and Sabo look at each other and they both have smiles on their faces. Deuce is on top of Cat and he pets the elephant-sized tiger. But Cat uses his tail to hits Deuce on the head and lets out an annoying growl, making its displeasure known.

*sigh* Sighs Deuce. "You really are like your owner."

Ace is on one side of the field and Sabo is on the other. Ace grabs a stone and throws it up in the air, they both know the rules of this, they have fought like this together countless times. Once the stone hits the ground, the battle starts.

As soon as the stone hits the ground, Ace touches the sword on his belt but in the end, he doesn't pull it out and he charges towards Sabo. <Soru> He immediately moves like the wind and disappears from his previous standing place. 

Sabo on the other hand just generates flames around him, using the hot flames as a shield. 

Ace sees this and he covers his full body in Armament Haki. But as he gets close, Sabo knows his location by using his own Observation Haki and he punches towards his right side. <HIKEN!!>


A giant fire fist appears as it punches towards Ace, but contrary to Sabo's expectations, Ace charges right through the flames. As he does that he immediately winces a little. As his Armament Haki was spread out all over his body that means that it's weaker than if it was concentrated. So the heat can go through the Haki and burn him slightly, Ace also has to hold his breath so he doesn't breathe in the fire.

In the end, he is pushed back by the force of the flames and crashes into a mountain.


As this happens, a little blood comes out of his lips. Sabo smiles at this slightly, he has never been able to beat Ace in not even one battle… but before he could celebrate a ripple comes out of Ace's body.

*whine* Cat whines and lies down using his paws to cover his face in fear. Deuce looks at Cat and asks. "What is wro-"

But before he can finish asking his question, his eyes roll to the back of his head. *Bam!* He falls on the ground, unconscious.


Sabo looks at Ace and a nervous look appears on his face. 'Sh*t… Ace is angry…'


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