194 Wingless Valkyrie

Chapter 194: Wingless Valkyrie

He… felt anger brewing in his heart. Why did this happen? Bunch of nobodies, a bunch of kids, how did they ruin his paradise!? Why?! How?!

It's not that Arlong doesn't fear humans at all, it's just that outside the World Government, there isn't any threat to him (or so he believes). So being beaten by a mere pirate wannabe, he felt his pride crumble down.

Arlong was shackled inside a cell along with his brothers. The rods that the cell was made of were strong, strong enough for his incredible strength to not work on them. So he couldn't see a way out of this place, not unless he wanted the filthy Marines to shoot his brothers dead.

"Argh…" Arlong groaned as he rubbed his bruises. They hurt. As much as his enemy boasted of being made of rubber, his hits hurt like a truck. And that woman… that blonde bitch! He would r*pe her and feed her to pigs the next time he sees her.

"Mere humans…" Arlong mumbled. "I would rise from the ashes, again. The Fishmen would dominate you all! Just you wait, I will get out of this-"


It was then when Arlong sensed two objects rushing from under the sea. His Fishmen senses flared up as he felt a huge danger rush towards the ship.


Soon something hit the ship as it created a huge explosion. The wooden ship cracked up and fire engulfed the whole place, and immediately, a huge part of the cell was broken apart. Arlong saw an opportunity and looked at his brothers.

"Everyone!" He grinned. "Jump to the sea!"


Her name is Marianne. A teenage girl at the age of 16. But fate doesn't care about age, and thus, after becoming a victim of fate she joined the Wingless Valkyrie and even managed to climb the top rankings.

At first, when she joined the organisation, she was a laid back person who always looked out for a chance to relax. But after her boss' harsh training session, she knew this job has to be taken seriously or she would experience something worse than death.

Yes, she still looks out for time to relax, but when she is on a mission, she enters her "Professional" persona.

Unlike her peers, she doesn't have a devil fruit ability. She has a power called «Colors Trap», a special painting skill.

This is a… powerful ability. This was taught to her by her deceased mother, this is her last treasure. And although she didn't want to use it for crime, she has to. Currently, she is doing exactly that.

Marianne was riding a submarine. This is her personal submarine that was given by the lord of Wingless Valkyrie. She is spying through the camera of the ship, looking at a Marine ship that is escorting a few people her boss, Amon, is interested in.

The Arlong Pirates.

They were captured by the marines two days ago after Monkey D. Luffy defeated him. After taking them to a temporary base, they are being moved to a proper Marine Base right now.

Amon has ordered her to free them and bring them to Alsbasta. And she would do it – professionally.

"First thing first," Marianne mumbled. "Let's blow the ship up."

With a professional but cold look on her face, she pushed a button on the cockpit of the ship as two missiles appeared out of the ship's either side.


After pushing another button, the missiles rushed towards the single marine ship and hit it hard, creating an explosion and destroying more than half of the ship in seconds.


"Cannonballs are outdated, missiles for the win." That's what her boss had said, and it seems he was right.

Marianne stared at the destruction in front of her with more than slightly awe-filled eyes.


Before the explosion could even subside, Marianne noticed some humanoid figures with strange skin colours coming out of a broken part of the ship, jumping out into the sea.

Marianne ignored the burning ship and rather focused the camera on the humanoid figures. But before she could completely shift the camera, a silhouette appeared in the monitor. A blue face with a long, blade-like nose, it didn't look anything like a human. Still, Marianne could recognise the scowl he was wearing even with his clearly not humane looks.

"Was it you who shot the bomb?" Strangely, the humanoid figure talked even though he was under the water. "What is your goal?"

Marianne maintained her professional expression and noted the individual. Blue skin, blade-like nose. Fishman, Arlong of the old Sun Pirates. Her target. She wasn't allowed to kill him, but she was allowed to hurt him, badly.

Without wasting a second, Marianne pushed another button on the cockpit as a small part of the floor below her slid open. Water didn't spring out because of the position of the ship, but Arlong quite easily climbed up.

At first, when Arlong's eyes landed upon her, noticing that she is a human, the scowl on his face deepened. But it didn't last a second as Marianne touched the wall beside her and a green symbol was painted in a matter of milliseconds.

Immediately, Arlong blinked. A calming feeling showered over him.

Marianne nodded to herself. Her «Calming Green» had worked perfectly. This would control the agitated Fishman to not lose his calm and attack her, losing his limbs in the process.

«Colours Trap». With this power, Marianne can change a person's personality through the use of certain colours, changing their behaviour as she sees fit. It works through the use of a symbol, which she paints either directly onto a person or near them. Once the person is under the spell of Colors Trap, they are unable to break out of it unless the symbol is removed or smeared. The trap overwrites all other actions attempted by the person under its influence, forcing them to do whatever the trap suggests no matter what.

This was an overpowered ability from the get-go, but after getting her hands on Tattoo-Tattoo fruit, given by her boss, she is able to paint these symbols with just her imagination alone. Unless the person has Strong Haki, they won't be able to stay the same under her power's effect.

Seeing Arlong calm down, she smiled. Of course, professionally. "Welcome, Mister Arlong. Please refrain from attacking me, I was sent by Sky Emperor, Amon. He is allied with the Fishman Island, as you know."

Arlong, still under the effect of Calming Green, widened his eyes and stared at Marianne's childish face.




Author's Note: One Piece world isn't just about Haki and Martial Art techniques. There are some strange abilities that don't make sense, at all. Colours Trap is one of such abilities.

I have been wanting to show this power from the point when Amon got his Hypnosis Powers, and make him learn this along with it. But that would have been too Broken so early in the game. 🙂



On a side note, for the people worried, no RAS isn't dropped. I hope to complete it. I was just busy with assignments and writing another Novel, so couldn't find time for RAS (sowwy).

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