45 Things are moving forward...

Chapter 45

Title: Things are moving forward...


That night, Amon had a candlelight dinner with Robin, while she hardly ate anything out of caution. Though her guard was down after that day, as she didn't feel any kind of danger from the boy.

After that, Robin started to take the small quests from the guild, since she wasn't confident enough to be part of any big fight in Grandline. As days passed, she got used to them and even decided to spend more time here than she initially wanted to spend.

Though she had her things packed out already, to leave anytime if needed. As days passed, she also noticed how Lucifer wasn't really the most honorable man… He played around with women here and there, though it just looked like a kid in his teens doing things he finds fun in.

Robin was still a little confused why he never approached her like that, was his statement of seeing her as a 'Big sister' true? Obviously, Robin didn't trust it and was still cautious, albeit a little less than before.

She also noticed how he would stop flirting around in her presence, though most times he just keeps going forward, she was sure to catch his act someday. Robin was very curious about his wings though, as she theorized he didn't eat a devil fruit. Though she might be wrong, she asked him playfully to be sure.

His answer was quite strange though. "Wings? What are wings? Wings are what indicate the change inside a human being. Everyone has wings, yes even you. But only a few people can manifest their wings. Maybe I will teach you someday."

Obviously, he was just telling bullshits, and Robin was aware. Back then, she just giggled.


[Around 2 month later]

Today was a rainy day and Amon was on the balcony of his mansion with his hands resting on the railings. Looking at the dark clouds above, he had sleepy eyes, as he yawned. "Yawn… Maybe I should get some sleep. Been 2 days already."

Amon was busy with an order provided by a client, today he finished it and returned to Whiskey Peak. "Hmm, someone's coming."

Among felt Robin coming towards this room, as he turned around, and rested his back to the railings, the gorgeous tiled room entered his eyes as he waited for her to enter.

Just now, he talked with Raki and learned the occurrences of today. The Skypiean engineers have made a network tower above Giant Jack, with its help, he can now directly talk with a tone dial even from this distance. Nothing new has happened and things are still according to Amon predicted. He will return soon and with his new power-up, along with the devil fruits he got, it won't even be funny how he will massacre the 3000 Birkans if they decide to go the hard way.

Amon ignored these thoughts for now and moved his attention to the person coming to this room.

'Hmm, how sweet of her. She's trying to get close when I'm sleepy and my mental state is weak? Smart, but she's unfortunate.' Amon thought as Robin entered the room. She had two coffee cups in her hand, as she smiled towards Amon.

"Welcome back." She said. "When I heard Mister Lucifer is back, I decided to have a talk." She said as she just now 'noticed' his sleepy eyes. "Or… If it's inconvenient, then I can leave."

"It's fine. I will dream good things when I sleep if I talk to a beautiful girl, and I would love a cup of coffee too." Amon said as he accepted Robin's treat.

He tried to sense any type of danger from the coffee, and safely took a sip. It didn't have anything harmful, but even if it did have poison, it wouldn't have affected Amon. After his boost in [Seimei Kikan] from last time, he started to inject low-level harmless poison into his body and tried to absorb them. As time passed, he increased the potency of the poisons, and now even mid-level poison doesn't affect him.

Besides, he couldn't feel any ulterior motives from her emotions too.


While sipping the coffee, a few droplets of rain fell on his face and just dripped down through his chin. The loud thunder cracks and the flash weren't enough to distract Amon, and ignoring them, he was just looking up at the dark sky.

'I'm sleepy, but I should go and train a little, it's rare to rain on this Cactus island.' 2 days of not sleeping wasn't bad at all. Amon could stay awake for 2 whole months, though he will still feel sleepy. 'A big weakness… The Admirals fought for 7 days straight, on the other hand, I can't exert my full strength, just because of 2 days of not sleeping.'

The past year, whenever Amon encountered a thunder rain, he went flying in the cloud and maintained a position right in the middle of the cloud. It was hard, as Amon was injured countless times from the thunder. But he used rubber suites as protection for the initial hard days. Though the rubber couldn't endure it that long since it was simple rubber. Amon wondered, how did Luffy's rubber body stand against Enel? Was it only plot armour?

'...!' Suddenly, Amon noticed that Robin was about to start a conversation.

"You look distracted, anything going in your head?" She asked as Amon smiled.

'What is she scheming? Hmm, I haven't done any criminal activities in front of her, so she shouldn't be trying to look for evidence against me. But I can feel the question also didn't come from her heart. So is she in denial?... Well, it's been a few months since she's been receiving treatments that she never received before.'

Amon thought and opened his mouth. "Distractions are just thoughts that are like oxygen. If one doesn't get distracted, their mind will break down."

Blink, one, two, three. "..." Robin blinked a few times as she looked at Amon in the eyes. Though he said the words on a whim, Robin took them seriously. "That's… I'm surprised hearing such words from you."

Robin said and shook her head with a soft smile. Amon ignored her words and turned around towards the outside.

"Miss All Sunday, what do you think about that cloud?" He said, pointing at the largest cloud which was thundering now and then.

"It's… kind of scary, but beautiful at the same time," Robin replied instantly, as Amon smirked.

"Beautiful? That, it is. Up there, it's one of the most beautiful things a human would ever see… Maybe I will someday take you there." Amon said and put the empty coffee cup on the railing.

"Maybe," Amon jumped at the railing and sat there, crouching. He turned his head around towards Robin. "You'd fall in love with lighting one day."


Before she could understand his words, Amon flew off, flying towards the destructive thunder.

"I had something to talk about…" Robin just sighed. "Wasn't anything important anyways..."


As Amon was going to the clouds, his thoughts were wandering. 'Time to move some strings… I need to broaden my popularity for now. Jammy Pirates was it?'


[Around a month later| Daytime]

In the Royal palace of Alabasta Kingdom, King Cobra was on his balcony, enjoying a fruit drink. Though his fun time would end soon, as suddenly, he heard hurried steps coming towards the throne room.

"YOUR HIGHNESS!" A soldier came through the door and screamed after rushing through the door.

"Hey, calm down. What's the problem?" King Cobra, like the benevolent King he was, didn't mind his loud behavior and asked calmly.

"Y-Your Highness, how can I calm down? A fleet 20 of ships were spotted coming towards Alabasta!" Cobra's eyes arched up instantly. "They should reach this place in less than 10 hours!"

"WHAT?! Why did nobody notice TWENTY ships before?!" Cobra yelled, but then took a deep breath. He was the King, he needs to think rationally. "That's for later, you already informed the Marines, right?!"

"Actually, We can't reach the closest marine base… Their den den mushi is unreachable!" The Soldier replied with a shaking voice. "W-We did inform all the other bases we could reach, but they would need at least more than 1 day to reach here."

Cobra clenched his fist and hit the wall. "DAMMIT! Prepare the troops! We should be able to hold them! Until the Marines arrive!"

As he said this, the soldier bowed and prepared to leave quickly, another soldier crossed his path in the door.

"Your highness! More bad news!" The other soldier said as Cobra's face darkened.

"What… is it now?" He asked as his hands shook a little.

"The 20 pirate ships are an alliance of 3 pirate crews who had their eyes on Alabasta for years! The Jammy, Loot, and Power pirates!"

Cobra almost lost strength in his legs and fell on his knee, but he was able to grab the railing. "Cough–call the bounty hunters of this area too. All of them!"

The three pirate crews had been eyeing Alabsta for a while now, but they were always on each others' back, so their infiltration always failed. However, it would be very dangerous now that they have formed an alliance.

"Your highness… We did, but most of them didn't accept. After all, bounty hunters only do their job to earn a good amount of money and improve their living style... But if they die, then what's the point of it? Saying this, most of them rejected the offer. They are scared of the alliance!"

"SHIT!" Cobra cursed as the soldiers jumped up. They never saw their King curse before.

"Oh–wait, I remember something!" Recalling something, Cobra ran from the throne room towards his own bedroom.

"Your highness, you don't need to go, just ask us we will bring what you want!"

Cobra ignored their words and quickly ran through the hallway. Soon, he reached the room and opened the royal cabinet, finding the sea-shell with golden encrypts on it. The catchy aspect of it was the name craved by gold, "Baby Lucifer''.

It was the special [Tone Dial] that Amon gave to a few royal families of the counties around Whiskey Peak. Using this, they can call Amon in an emergency, though they would have to pay a lot for it. Amon even gave one to the king of Drum island, though he plans to take over that kingdom after returning to Sky. Until then, he will earn some cash.

Without wasting any time, Cobra pressed the only button of the Dial as it ringed.

*Brrr! Brr! Brrr!*


–Cobra Pov–


It took a while for the dial to connect, but it did at least!

["Hello? Hmmm, King Cobra?"]

The voice from the other side said. So he recognized me, that's good. Things will be easier.

"H-Hello," Without me noticing, I replied with a shaking voice. "This is Lucifer?"

["Ahh, yes. I think your dial should only reach me, haha."]

Well… he seems like a good guy at least. Though he did come here once to gift his dial, which I had to accept out of courtesy of him being the most famous bounty hunger these days, I don't know much about his personality. He is strong… And famous too, but I do hope he's someone with a nice personality who will help us.

Anyway, he might think of it as rudeness, but I should cut to the chase. "Mister Lucifer, I might sound rude, but me–My kingdom would need your help as soon as possible."

["Huh? Err–you see, I'm kind of busy right now. 'Mmmh! Hey, pay attention to the kiss. Talk later!'...Mmm, like I was saying, I'm sorry, but that would be hard."]

What…? Was that a female's voice?... Is this–it doesn't matter, I need him now. I heard he alone took out pirate crews with an overall bounty of 500 million before… All the other cowards ran away, only he can help us!

"Please, Mister Lucifer, it's an emergency. In 10 hours, a fleet of 20 pirate ships will come. The other bounty hunters from Whiskey peak would take at least 2 days to reach here… I heard you are very fast with your wings, please think this through." I said as I heard the female voice again, but I decided to ignore it.

["...Actually, I'm in Alabasta right now. I don't need to fly here. You see, I was hired as a mercenary and I'm finished with the work… but my client has asked for a 'special service', which I couldn't refuse. So, as I said, I'm busy. You shoul–"]

"PLEASE! People's life is at stake!!" Shit, I lost control over my emotions... I hope he doesn't get angry.

["Haha, King Cobra, I mostly work in this line for money and fun..."] His tone was a bit colder than before. ["I can do as you ask, but like I said, Money, I need money. I will take the job for 10 billion."]

"10 BILLION?! Are you nut–"

["—'Hey! Ignore the call! I'm the client here! Who dares to disturb me anyway?!'

It's your King, Cobra.

'...WHAT?! K-keep talking. Haha, I don't mind.']

The male and female voices were having an argument it seems… That female voice, I recognize it, she is a high-ranking citizen... Just you wait, you will lose your position tomorrow.

But first, I need to secure a deal. "Ahem…"

Clearing my throat, I open my mouth. "So… how about we negotiate things a little?" I ask as politely as I could.

["Hmm?... Didn't you just say you worry about your citizens? What's this? 10 billion is 10 billion. As you said, they will reach in 10 hours, right? Let me tell you something fun, if I call, my underlings from the guild can arrive in Alabasta in less than 6 hours."]

What?! So fast? How? I heard he has something called 'Jet-Boats' that are really fast… but this fast? Incredible! I need to agree–

["Anyway, it's up to you for agreeing, if not I don't care, I'm busy. Bye–"]

"H-HEY! Wait, wait… it's alright, 10 billion right? Okay, then 10 billion it is." Saying this, I think for a second. "But… only if you can guarantee a 0 Alabastian death this time. If not, I will only pay 5 billion."

I say after thinking a while. Though I hate to admit, there would definitely be death from my citizens' side. So this fact is impossible–

["Well, that's quite some bullshit."] As expected, he said. ["But, your proposal isn't bad. So, Deal!"]

...Huh? He agreed? Really–Good… I guess.

"Hey–" Before I could say anything else, he cut the line. *Beep* Damn. I hope my citizens don't have to face too much trouble…


A/N: Amon is having fun, however, he isn't slacking off either. In fact, he is only having fun to not slack off.

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