166 Secrets of Oden’s Diary

Chapter 166

Title: Secrets of Oden's Diary


'What the fuck?' This was my reaction as I finished reading Oden's diary.

After I and Robin slept together, I woke up early in the morning and started reading the diary again.

It's night now, I have finished reading it all. Now, it did answer some of my questions, but many new ones were born in my head.

First of all, as expected, Oden didn't leave any words on what the One Piece is.

Though this didn't really take me by surprise, since I already knew it from the anime. As shown there, Oden only wrote something along this line — "Looking down on the treasure called One Piece, our captain just… laughed. We also laughed along with him"

Now, I am not really in a hurry to reach One Piece, in fact, after reading all this, I think it's better to delay going to Laughtale as much as possible.

Of course, I am trusting my instinct and gut here. I am not always right, but I think I might be this time.

Although it wasn't explained what the One Piece is, something else was. I think it is enough to make up for all my effort.

The main reason Oden joined Roger is to read out Ponegyplhs for him. Surprisingly, he wrote the contents of each Ponegyplh he read in the diary. That's also the case with the 'Golden Ponegyplh' located in Laughtale.

Supposedly, this 'Golden Ponegyplh' contains a piece of future in the form of a riddle.

Now the riddle is boring, so I won't say it, but here is what it conveys: (or so I think from my canon knowledge)

1. The second Great War would start after someone finds the One Piece again.

(Apparently, nothing happened in Roger's time since he was too early. But what makes this Era that special is Shirahosi's birth. I assume all three Ancient Weapons need to be present in the timeline for someone to access the One Piece, maybe it's a type of lock placed by Joyboy since he is the one who put the One Piece in its place.

...It's just a theory, though.)

2. The reason the War would start is that a certain someone would start hunting everyone with D in their name after the announcement of the second Pirate King travels throughout the world.

(I believe it's Imu. Though people can question, why isn't Imu starting his hunt right now? Nothing is stopping him, he is invincible.

This time, it might not be because 'it's not the time yet', but even if it is, I believe there is another reason. That leads me to my third assumption.)

3. This is just pure prediction, but I will say it — I believe Imu is sealed in Mariejous, the middle point of the world. Most likely by someone's Devil fruit power from 800 years ago.

(I am not sure about this. But it must be true, considering why a strong presence like him hides in the shadow or why he hasn't started hunting the D's yet. After all, just think, why would he lock himself in his room when he owns the world?)

4. In this war, the 'new' Joyboy would most likely die. Though he might survive with the help of the Samurai Prince, the reason why Toki was sent to the future, in the first place.

(This was one of the more clear riddles. So that's something interesting. Maybe I should think about Momo a little more. Just how valuable is he?)

Anyway, that's all I found. But one thing to keep in mind, the information is written in that Ponegyplh is most likely from the previous Poseidon's divination, meaning it can be changed just like I did with Shyarly's prediction. Moreover that, all these points are predicted by my paranoid ass, so I might be very wrong.

Still, I do feel safe knowing Imu is locked, (even if he might actually not be). Though this means I have to hold on to my curiosity to go and find out the One Piece as soon as possible since that might remove the seal placed on Imu.

Yes, I did say he would hunt the D's only, but we never know. Maybe I am a D too, kek.

Anyway, that's the gist of it.

Ah, also, 'Other than the Golden Poneglyph, many more revelations were made in the diary by Toki (that she must have learned from the previous Poseidon).'

One of the predictions being – Momonosuke will eat the same devil fruit as his arch-enemy – which I do recall happening in the anime.

So I do believe it's true about his value in the war as well.

Not only this, there were many significant mentions of Momonosuke. He has some pretty good talks about him. I do believe he is a person who will rise high, well unless me, the variable of this world, decides to cut his life short.

Finally, I felt a little at peace.

So some changes in plan. Unlike thriving after One Piece, I should focus on getting stronger faster. I don't see any way to catch up to Imu in a short time otherwise.

I would also like to form a 'friendly' relationship with the other Emperors after this. Maybe ask Kaido or Whitebeard about Imu? They must know something… anything really.

Anyway, the quickest way to get strong is my 3 devil fruit goal.

My second fruit should be that, Op-Op no Mi. According to my research, it's the only fruit after Yami-Yami with the power to grant three fruits.

I don't want Yami-Yami because of its drawback where it also absorbs damage. Besides, Op-Op is a comparatively better fruit. Though I can't eat both of them since supposedly, someone can only eat the fruit of each type.

Anyway, fuck this shit. I need to rearrange my plans a bit. Being 800 years old, Imu is strong. I am not sure of his fruit though, not even sure if he even has one.


–General Pov–

A few days have passed. Amon has again planned everything carefully.

Of his new plan, his first target is Germa 66 and the gene formula made by them. Amon plans to improve his Angel Formula to use it on his winged subordinates.

His army is pretty weak, but with this help, they can climb the ladder quickly and easily.

Today, Amon was sitting in front of the chair of the supercomputer, Seraph.

"So, did you do what I asked you off?" Amon asked in a calm voice.

["I am 95% done. It will take 2 more days."]

Amon raised his eyebrow hearing her. "Huh? You are pretty slow for a supercomputer."

["You won't understand how hard it is to create a new martial art at the level of Fishman Karate. It's a masterpiece, hardly modifiable. Especially when you want to control Wind with it."]

"Whatever, I just want a perfect, flawless product. Take your time." Amon indeed wanted a perfect product, a few more days didn't matter.

'Though the important part is teaching my subordinates this. Not all of them are talented. They won't gain something too significant in 2 years of time.'

"Also, I am gonna bring you a lot of data on Lineage Factor. I need you to work on them too." Amon was sure Judge had more knowledge on this factor than Seraph. And he surely has those knowledge saved in a computer, after all, his kingdom is all about technology.

["It's not a hard matter. Maybe I can even improve it."]

"Hmm…" Amon yawned, stretched his limbs, and got up. "I will be going then. See you later, don't forget to work hard."


Amon passed through a gap in Hall's defense and teleported away.

['I should up my defense too…']

Seraph thought with seriousness. Slowly, she has come to see Amon as a worthy master. She was deeply considering if she should truly accept him or not.




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