196 I am the Strongest (2)

Chapter 196: I am the Strongest (2)

"You know, without your devil fruit, you can't win. Our combined power level surpasses yours, my <Wisdom Eyes> don't lie." Raki commented as she pulled out her sword. 

Amon just stayed silent at her remark.

"Kami… Can't we do this some other way?" Yona pleaded. "I- I don't want to hurt you."

The others, Tsumi, Urouge, Wyper and Hancock stayed silent. Wyper was silent because he knew Amon wasn't dumb enough to challenge them all at once without having a backup plan. And Urouge knew his God was unbeatable, so he didn't mind helping him at his test. On the other hand, Hancock knew better to question his judgment. 

Meanwhile, Tsumi had a similar thought to Raki and Yona. She was born to worship the Thunder God, but without Thunder Powers, Amon was nothing but a sealed God, no?

Meanwhile, Aisa watched all this happening from a corner of the room, sitting on a chair. She was interested in seeing how strong her older brother really was. It was no doubt to her, Devil Fruit wise, her brother was the strongest. But how would he fare without his fruit power?

She watched as Amon's wings rose in the air. Now that she thought about it, she had heard from Robin and Cricket that he used to use his wings a lot previously. 

Either way, she took a deep breath and noted the distance between her and the fighters. She should be fine here.


If he was actually planning to kill them, his first target would have been the strongest person in the room, Raki. Her devil is only working on 10% power, but that didn't mean she was 90% weaker than her actual level. Her Swordsmanship even surpassed his, as he is more of a Sword'user', not a Swords'man'. 

Locking eyes with Raki, giving her a cold stare, Amon declared, "I would not waste your time. 5 minutes, that's how long the math would be. Now, Start!"

5 minutes would be too long for this match. Amon might not have his devil fruit powers right now, but he was still one of the fastest characters alive. He could even fight a non-serious Kizaru hand-to-hand like Rayleigh, maybe even better. So this would be a quick match… his first target would be the second-fastest person in the room.

'Rising my Wings is a distraction, if I want to finish this match first, I better not use my wings.' Amon noted.

Anyway - immediately, as he had assumed, Tsumi and Urouge went closer to Raki to back her up. They had assumed Amon would target her so backup was needed. Meanwhile, Wyper coated his arms with Armament Haki, and heated up his arms as if they were made of metal – just like Amon had explained a few minutes ago!

With one of his arms burning red, and the other having equipped with a Spear, Wyper proceeded to kick the ground fast. Amon noted it as his «Heavenly Step», and grinned. 

As Wyper's body blurred and he arrived closer to Amon, throwing a punch at his face… he was surprised to see his punch missing Amon's face. 

He heard a voice from behind him. "It's quite the improvement you've made to Geppo. Heavenly Steps, huh?" Wyper's eyes enlarged as he sensed a fist coming closer to his ribs. "Though, you should have learned Kami-E as well." Wyper finally understood how Amon had dodged his attack, but it was too late.


Amon's Conqueror's Haki coated fist hit the air as if coming into contact with an invisible wall, while a trace of black lightning penetrated Wyper's side, his kidney, as his eyes rolled back. 

Before Wyper's legs could give up, he clenched his jaws and shoved his spear behind, he couldn't see behind him, so his aim was off. He felt Amon garb the spear with his one hand while using the other one to punch at his other kidney with similar force.

"Keukk!" At the fourth hit from Amon's Conqueror Coated attacks, Wyper coughed blood and fell on his face first. Amon simply ignored him and turned around. 

"8 seconds, one out." He simply commented before kicking the ground similar to Wyper. His figure didn't blur, he literally vanished.

This time it was Hancock's turn. Hancock could feel Amon coming towards her. Wyper's battle lasted only 8 seconds, and she was almost about to attack Amon with her Love Beam, but the battle had already ended and she was rendered unable to use her power. Though she doubted if her power would have even worked on Amon or not since he already has great Haki along with the fact that she can only use 10% of her power. 

So instead, feeling Amon's blurred fist coming closer to her fist, she tried coating her own arm in Colour of Conqueror as well. Unlike Amon's fist where black lightning was dancing, only a small flicker appeared on Hancock's fist as she tried to clash with Amon. 


Another crack sounded out, as the two fists connected with each other. Hancock felt a sharp pain in her forearm's bone. She wasn't a puncher, kicking was her specialty, but from the point of Amon's fist, using her legs to block the attack was impossible. 

Hancock groaned lightly, but she didn't get the time to regain her composure. Amon grabbed her hair tightly and pushed her head down, while at the same time raising his knees to hit her face, and as expected since Hancock was caught off guard, the knee hit her face, her nose and teeth, as another crack sound sounded out. Her nose was broken, her teeth were shattered.

She was still conscious though.

Glancing at her tall, bent over back, Amon raised his elbow and coated the pointy end with Conqueror's Haki. Immediately, he shoved his elbow down as it hit above Hancock's heart. Her breathing stopped as she gasped for air. And with another two-hit with his elbows, Hancock went unconscious  

"7 seconds, two out." Amon commented as he watched the horrified expression of Tsumi. 

Wasn't Hancock his lover? H... How can he be so brutal with her?

Meanwhile, noting her as his next target, Amon moved again. This time, his plan didn't go quite right. Tsumi was with Urouge and Raki so she wasn't a lone target like Wyper and Hancock. 

Amon had followed the same plan as striking Tsumi's stomach with his Conqueror's Haki coated attack, but unlike before, the attack was stopped.

A sword appeared in front of his fist and stopped it from advancing.

"Hah, that was easier than I had expected." Amon heard Raki's voice who had used one of her swords to block his attack.

 He immediately raised his hand for an attack but stopped midway. 

'Urouge…' he looked behind Raki where Urouge was prepared to "Reflect" his attack. 'Well, modern problems require modern solutions.' 

Amon changed his stance as illusionary fins appeared in his palm. "«Fishman Karate: Heart of Depth»."

A huge ball of water formed in front of the three, and before they would understand anything, water rushed towards their faces. Raki got an immediate idea of what was going to happen, so she immediately blocked her nose with her fingers. But Urouge and Tsumi weren't so lucky. 

Water entered their noses and invaded their lungs. Normally this much water wouldn't be enough to render them unable to use their fruits, but since they were already weakened by the ring, Urouge couldn't use his power to send the water back to Amon. Both started coughing out water, as Raki was caught off guard for a second.

She has seen Jimbei use Fishman Karate, and she herself has used it to fight... But she never thought of using it this way. This was surely all devil fruit users' bane. 

Still, she regained her composure and prepared to rush towards Amon, but Amon moved first. He blurred and slapped her forearms, causing her to drop the swords to the ground. Amon then swung his fist backwards and landed a punch on her cheeks, causing her body to skip up because of the recoil. 

"Augh!" Raki groaned, but Amon didn't stop, he swung his fist backwards and covered it with Conqueror's Haki this time, then shoved it forward landing it on Raki's stomach as she gasped and coughed out saliva. "Bastard…"

Raki cursed but Amon didn't stop there, he realised even hitting her with Conqueror's Haki is not enough, so he needed to play dirty. "Sorry. Didn't want to do this to you at least." Amon suddenly said as he drew his leg backwards, the next moment, black lightning flickered on his knee cap as he shoved it forward - right at Raki's crotch!



Amon didn't stop there, he grabbed her hair and slammed her head on the wall beside and kicked her in the crotch again and again. The next second, he let her go as she sloppily fell on the floor. She wasn't unconscious like Hancock and Wyper, but she was surely unable to move. 

Amon then looked at the floor where Urouge and Tsumi were on their knees, busy coughing out water. She raised her leg and covered it in Armament along with Conqueror's Haki, he then kicked down on their heads as a slight crack sounded out. "Tempest  Kick!"

Then, he cracked his neck. "16 seconds, huh. Kinda slow."

It was then when his senses picked up something and he turned around, a smile on his face. 

"And Yona?" He asked gently towards the last person standing. Yona had dark shadowy marks around her body, looking more taller and even a little muscular than normal.

She had only 10% power of her fruit, which she used to summon the shadows from the New Thriller Bark, and merged with them.

Yona would never fight Amon, even if he ordered her as her God. But using the "Symbols" on the walls, he had manipulated Yona's personality. He lied to Wyper.

"Do you want to forfeit?" Amon asked simply a moment after, to which Yona nodded as her body went back to normal.

"I am sorry for underestimating you, my Kami." She remarked with a conflicted look on her face to which Amon chuckled.

He looked around the room and made eye contact with Aisa. who's whole body was trembling. "Aisa, 31 seconds. Mark it, we would compare it after a week's worth of training."

He simply smiled and turned around to meet Raki. "Then Yona, can you take my precious sister to the medic room? Oh, if Chopper asks why she is injured in her crotch, don't say I did it, or he would annoy me the whole day."

Raki. with tears gushing out of her eyes, her face bloody, simply glared at him from the ground, unable to move. "Bastard, watch out when you sleep. I will get back for this."

"Hah!" Amon laughed and shook his head amusingly, he pulled out his ring and teleported from there and went to buy some aftermath mango juice. 

He was quite proud of his Sins. Kaido's Thunder Bagura one-shotted Gear 4th Luffy, and although he wasn't sure if his blows were Kaido level strong or not, it's still a feat that most of the Sins had to be hit multiple times to finally let it go.




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Amon never said, "I am the strongest." He showed, "I am the strongest."

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