211 Glory…? (2)

Chapter 211: Glory…? (2)


The clash of the two Ikoku Sovereignty created a grand sound upon their clash.

Big Mom's overwhelmingly larger wave was toppling over the wave shot by Raki.

Under the great pressure, the ground under Raki cracked, creating a round crater, rendering her hands holding the swords to shake heavily, almost falling off.

The other Sins behind her were caught off-guard momentarily. There aren't many things one can do against a Shockwave attack except evade it, take it head-on, or use a counter-shockwave.

The momentary shock soon subsided.

While Raki had wide, blood-shot eyes defending against Big Mom, the Sins prepared to release their own Rokuogan. One of the criteria to be a 'Sin' was to be a master of all Rokushiki.

The first was Wyper, he prepared to jump behind Raki and help her – but –

"I am fine! Stay away!"

Raki's body transformed in an instant.

This time, unlike with Katakuri, her hair didn't turn blonde since the transformation had stopped on her neck. She didn't want to become dazed in this fight so it was better for her transformation to not reach her eyes.

«Feathered Serpent: Form 1.5»

A tail sprouted out of her body – the tail moved like a whip, jumping forward and also releasing a Rokougan by acting like a third hand.


Raki's two-wave overwhelmed Big Mom's single wave!

With a burst of wind, both shockwaves vanished.

"Hahh…" Raki's breathing was hectic. Her hands were shaking.

Big Mom was looking down at her with a furious look on her face. She didn't think the little snake would be able to match her impact.

A grin formed on her face. "MAMMA! Seems like killing you would be more satisfying than I thought!"

Napoleon, who was in her right hand, turned into a belt and wrapped around Linlin's waist. Her left hand that was holding on to Prometheus, the mini sun, moved over her head as Prometheus jumped on her hair.

Her hair turned fiery, looking as if she was a true demon. From the looks of it, she would fight hand to hand right now.

"Zeus!" Big Mom kicked the cloud under her feet. "Move towards her!"

Zeus made a move and dashed towards Raki super fast. Big Mom could see Raki clenching her jaws and preparing to fight her head-on.

By then along with Wyper, everyone else had realised something – this isn't a fight Raki can win.

Wyper kicked the ground to reach for Raki, but-

–A leg appeared in front of his face that he swiftly evaded and jumped back.

"You're going nowhere."

A tall woman with legs taller than the Giant Jack stood in front of him with a stoned face.

"Huh... Sweet Commander Smoothie?" Wyper grinned. "We will see about that."

He kicked the ground while a fist of fire went towards Smoothie's face.


"When you're against someone who can hit hard – or a person who can use Conqueror's Coating, never use your giant snake form."

That's what her brother had said. He also said, doing so would get her killed.

She can see what he meant. Against Big Mom, if she turned into her giant snake form – she would die. Not only would she not be able to dodge any attack, but her "absolute" defence also wouldn't work against a blow coated with Conqueror's Haki.

But is this any better?


A giant fist with black-lightning swirling around it hit her in the gut, causing Raki's eyes to almost pop out.

"Huuuh?" Big Mom looked at her with fury and disappointment. "Is that all you got?? C'mon! Attack me! Stop getting hit only!"

Big Mom spread her arms, emphasizing her stomach and asking for an attack.

She normally wouldn't do that – but she wanted to drive Raki to the edge and make her realise how helpless she was.

Raki's swords were flown far from her, she was left with nothing but her fists.

So this is the gap between her and an Emperor? And she was so confident… fuck!

'But fine.' She wanted to get attacked? Raki would attack.

Raki lifted her fist up, coating it with Light and Ryuō, she threw a punch at Big Mom's stomach since she couldn't reach her face.

Her arms were bulging with muscle, they moved at a terrible speed and came into contact with Big Mom's stomach.

Big Mom's so-called steel-skin couldn't stop Ryuō at all. Raki's fist coated with light damaged her from outside while her insides were done in by Advanced Armament.

Big Mom coughed out saliva – while her wide eyes were locked at Raki.

'So the snake can also hit hard?' Big Mom thought, both shocked and amused.


Raki's arms moved fast, very fast – blurring and looking as if they were multiplied. She kept punching Big Mom's stomach, causing Linlin's body to skid back on the ground.

Raki didn't talk, she had her jaws clenched and her eyes sharp.

After around 150 punches, Linlin moved her hand to smack Raki away. But as her hand came towards Raki – Raki jumped up kicking the air and moved towards her giant face.

"Old hag, giving me a chance to start punching was your last mistake."

Raki sneered and kicked towards Big Mom's giant face – her leg covered in Light and Ryuō.

Raki believed she was fast enough to hit her and back out. She was following the hit-and-run tactic. But,


"No, it was not!"

Big Mom moved at a speed beyond her's and grabbed Raki's leg with her giant hand.

"Little snake, the battle ends here."

Raki was rendered unable to process anything as Big Mom slammed her on the ground.


Raki crashed to the ground face first, but that wasn't the end of it.

Big Mom raised her in the air again and slammed her down on the other side!


Raki groaned, Big Mom continued.




The slamming continued for almost a minute as Big Mom stopped.

Raki was stuck to the ground, her chest facing the sky. Her eyes were empty as she stayed still.


Big Mom raised her fist again, but before she could attack – a chuckle left Raki.

"If… if you think a few slams to the ground is enough to take me down… then you're stupid."

Raki's body was shaking, but she was grinning.

Big Mom grinned too.

"Mamma! You aren't as boring as I thought!"

She laughed, she snickered, but her face went serious the next second. "But it's time to end this."

Big Mom raised her fist and coated it with not only Conqueror's Haki but also Prometheus. She pushed her first forward, a great punch going towards Raki's head.

Just before the impact point – a trail of blue flame came in between Raki and Linlin's punch.

Big Mom's frown depended as her fist stopped.

"Ah, lucky." The trail of fire took the form of a humanoid creature. "I am not the physically strongest, so thanks for using a flame attack."

Prometheus' yellow form started to turn blueish as an expression of pure bliss appeared on his face.

From behind Wyper, Urouge came and fetched Raki and took her far from here.

Upon a turn of her head, Big Mom noticed all her children were defeated – even Zeus who she sent to aid the others… but, from Raki's team, only Tsumi, Yona, Brook and Shortmotor were knocked out. Hancock, Wyper and Urouge were relatively fine.

Urouge took Raki away, reaching Hancock who was standing far from Big Mom.

Big Mom had a momentary question: why aren't they attacking at once? They surely don't believe this Wyper guy would be able to take her down by himself?

She didn't need to wait for an answer – she looked down, and Wyper's body started shining bright all of a sudden.

"Yo, did you know Nitroglycerin explodes when it comes into contact with fire?" He grinned. "Ah, it seems I accidentally drank a bottle of Nitroglycerin when you were checking out the others. Oops-"


An explosion occurred – it wasn't huge as Wyper concentrated the radius – but it was more potent because of the concentration.

Smoke and dust rose all around and covered the area. Hancock aided Raki to get up while they waited for the smoke to subside.

The smoke subsided as the unexpected- no, an expected sight got uncovered.

A charred and ruffled haired Big Mom came into view with an unscratched, but arm-broken, Wyper in her hand.


"Hah," Wyper chuckled, blood trailed down his lips. "Worth it."

With pure anger filling her eyes, Big Mom grabbed Wyper's head, coated her palm in Conqueror's Haki, and bashed his head on the ground.

The sound of a coconut cracking sounded, but Big Mom didn't stop there. She raised her feet and went to paste Wyper's head at once – but before she could do so, three humanoid figures appeared in front of Wyper's unconscious body.

The person standing in front blocked Linlin's attack with her twin swords with a grin on her face.

"I am healed, time for a second roun–"


Big Mom was enraged, her other hand rose to the air and slammed down on Raki's swords.

This time, a pair of large hands blocked her fist.

It was Urouge who had a calm look on his face. "≤Karma: Full Counter≥"

A similar black-lightning that was covering Linlin's arms appeared from Urouge's palms as he released a counter wave of Big Mom's impact.

A deep wound appeared in her arm as Big Mom screamed like a little girl.


She was caught off guard, it's not everyday she feels pain. So, her pain tolerance is very low.

In daze, she was unable to recognize the aerial attack coming toward her from above.

Boa Hancock spun vertically in the air; her legs coated in Armament as she was still not proficient at Conqueror's Coating.

«Lunar Fall»

The attack hit Big Mama in her head as her eyes went blank, she froze briefly giving time to Hancock which she used to smirk – a bad move.

She should have backed off.

Linlin's right arm moved and grabbed Hancock by her waist while her right hand grabbed Urouge. Then in a speed beyond Raki could react, Big Mom slammed their heads together, causing the sound of coconuts cracking.

This was an attack Urouge couldn't <Counter>, since the countered force would only hit Hancock.

Big Mom, with fiery eyes, cursed up fist, threw the two bodies on the ground. She towered over Raki who frowned deeply, preparing to defend instead of attacking.

Big Mom took out Napoleon from her belt and raised it in the air. 


She called as a fluffy cloud rose in the air from the silent battlefield on the side.

"Give me thunder."

Zeus didn't make any sound, he just rose in the air, charged his electrons and turned into a dark cloud. The sky turned black under the command of Zeus, the homie, as lightning crackled around his body.


Zeus discharged a bolt of lightning down, that went and hit Napoleon. A ball of lighting danced on Napoleon's tip, which soon turned purple after mixing with the black-lightning released by Linlin's Conqueror's Haki.


With an angry shout, Big Mom slashed her sword downwards, towards a sweating Raki who was preparing to defend against an impossible attack.

But, as expected, Big Mom's hand stopped midway.

Lightning couldn't hurt people loved by God of Lightning.

"Old whore, you better stop."

Big Mom's body froze as she sluggishly turned her head towards the voice – towards Zeus.

A person wearing nothing but tattered khaki pants sat above Zeus as if it was his throne, his chin resting on his cupped fist.

He had a rope made of lightning on his hand, connected with the lighting-ball on Napoleon.

"Yo, been a while. Heard your son died? My condolences."


"Kek, sorry but I am a bit busy. I would like to finish this asap."

Big Mom opened her mouth to say something, but Amon vanished from above Zeus.

He suddenly appeared above her head with his fist swung back.

"Old hag, ever heard of <King Punch>? I heard it can take down Emperors."

Big Mom's eyes went wide as she realized what he meant.


Amon moved, but Linlin only saw a trail of white lines. A strong blow hit her in the forehead, exactly in the middle and threw her to the ground, on her back.



'Why is this bastard here?' Raki gritted her teeth.

She almost got her, she prepared to dodge her final attack and finish her finally.

But… her dream to become the strongest is now done since he is here.

'Robin… that bitch, she probably called him on my back.'

Raki sighed and sheathed her swords back.

Raki instead waited for Big Mom to get up since she was sure Linlin was fine.

As expected, Big Mom stood up slowly with never-seen-before rage present in her eyes.

"You bastard!"


"You bastard!!"

Big Mom swung her sword on Amon, which just went through his body as if he was a hologram.

"Oww, it doesn't work." Amon merely sighed.

Big Mom was relatively undamaged except for the fist-imprint curved on her forehead in the middle of a crack.

While leisurely dodging Big Mom's attacks, Amon pointed his hand towards Raki who got confused.

Ignoring her, one of Raki's swords jumped up from her sheath and went to Amon's hand. "I will borrow this for a second, I forgot mine."

Amon didn't wait for any approval and turned his head towards the raging Big Mom.

He held the sword horizontally in the air and charged electricity.


Big Mom yelled, she was starting to lose her mind, causing her defence to drop significantly.

"Let's try <King Slash>, instead." Amon muttured, it's a matter for him to use King Punch – since he can charge the attack that needs 1 hour in less than a second with his speed. Speed truly was a cheat.

"Here we go."

For a final touch, Amon added Conqueror's Coating as a cherry on the top. He moved his hand, the charged-up sword moved faster than the speed of lightning – and went through Big Mom's raging right arm like tofu.


"Wow, it works."

Amon whistled as he saw Big Mom's arm falling on the ground freely.

"AAAAAAAHH!!" A huge shriek left Big Mom's lips as she fell on her knees.

The velocity of the screech increased, it soon imitated the scene from the Wholecake Island arc but there were only 2 people to hear her sound.

"Alright then, I don't like torturing elderly people." Amon shrugged with a barely amused look. "Good bye…~"

The sword moved again, this time – towards her head. Nothing was there to stop his attack, nothing was there to block it – so – something that was clear from the beginning happened – Big Mom's severed head slowly fell on the ground while the screech perished away.

One Emperor of the sea, down.




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