179 Fast Forward (1)

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Chapter 179

Title: Fast Forward (1)


"Thanks, you did a good job." Wyper didn't expect to hear this from Amon, his rival.

"I know it's not much, but take a few days off. I know you would like to test your new powers, so you should need some free time from work." Amon started, sitting in front of Wyper. "Oh, I haven't congratulated you on your bounty yet, have I? Congratulations—"

"What's the catch?" Wyper interrupted him, as he grabbed the glass of coffee hard.

"Catch? Nothing, you just did a good job, I am being grateful, that's all." 

"..." Wyper didn't buy his words. Amon was the type to praise someone when needed, but this wasn't that type of situation. Since he already thanked him once, so this was unnecessary. "You mean you called me here just to repeat yourself?"

Amon chuckled at hearing him. "—And to spend some cousin-ly time together."

"Cut the crap," Wyper basically snarled out. "I don't buy this bullshit, tell me what you want."

Amon just shook his head, mumbling something under his breath. Wyper clearly didn't like hiding around the bush, and he was assuming Amon must have another reason to do this – though Amon didn't, in reality.

"Calm down, take deep breaths. I just wanna discuss life, cus'." Amon shrugged as he lowered the cup of coffee. "I also had to ask, why you haven't challenged me yet, you did say you would after awakening your fruit."

Wyper's deep scowl slowly subsided, it seemed Amon really didn't have any other motive, or he was just that good of a liar. Either way, he didn't mind spending some time off training.

Finally, coming to his question — "I can't win."

"..." Amon almost seemed to choke on his coffee but he managed to laugh it away. "For real? Seriously?"

"Shut up!" Wyper retorted, truly annoyed. 

Yet, he maintained his serious face. "I said I can't win, but that doesn't mean it's a universal truth," Wyper spoke, Amon slowly nodded with an amused smirk. "As much as I would like to challenge you, it would just hinder my training."

Both Amon and Wyper knew that in their fight, Amon would injure Wyper and make him unable to move for a month or so. That won't work, it would hinder his growth. Wyper plans to beat Amon, not get beaten by him.

"I know, the current me won't win." Wyper realised something from his fight against the Germa. "If it were you, you would have needed less than a minute to kill them, and here I almost failed."

"True." Amon agreed, sipping tea.

"So I would rather train, train until you hit a block and I catch up. It might take a few years, even decades, but it's a lot better than trying, again and again, getting my bones broken." Wyper added, Amon chuckled softly.

"That's smart. I didn't expect this from you."

"What the fuck?! You mean I can't think smart?!" Wyper slammed the table and got up. "Fuck it, I am going."

'Well, that was sudden.'  Amon chuckled softly.

As Wyper walked away, almost leaving the cafe, Amon called one last time. "Oi, you plan to take part in the surgery?"

Wyper halted in his way and turned around, looking at Amon with a grin. "A powerup is a powerup, why won't I take it?"

The answer was clear, a powerup is a powerup. Wyper could already fly with his fire, but this way, he would have other powers – such as shooting sharp feathers (though they won't grow back immediately since Wyper doesn't have Seimei Kikan, at least not on Amon's level).

Finally, the door creaked, as Wyper left and Amon sipped his coffee.


Meanwhile, the receptionist, Conis looked at all this with a bored gaze, while cleaning a glass that was already shining. She was lost in her thoughts, thinking about what she would eat at dinner tonight. Living alone wasn't easy, and as much as she hated it, living in the same house as her whore of a mother wasn't an option either. 

Knock. Knock.

Two knocks on the table caused her to sigh as she was in front. "What now?"

Hearing her irritated voice, the knocker chuckled softly as he offered, "How about some light wine?" It was Amon whose everlasting smile caused her to grit her teeth.

"Fix my family, then I will." She turned around and went to pick up a few more glasses, leaving Amom chuckling.

'It's not my fault you found out about my relationship with your mother, it's your fault you revealed it to your father and ruined your family.' He just shrugged and got up. 'I am innocent.'

As he walked out of the cafe, greeting some of his subordinates with a nod, Amon started contemplating. 'It's time to use that girl, Lola. She would be an important card to use against Big Mom.'

Charlotte Lola. She was captured by Gecko Moria and was imprisoned there, and currently, she is in the prison of New Thriller Bark. From the anime, Amon recalled that Lola is someone who Big Mom hates, wants to kill, so it's no wonder, when he would propose to her to Big Mom, a sweet relationship would start between the two Pirate Crew.

But first… 'Let's pay a visit to Vivi.'

With a zap, Amon's body vanished from the middle of the crowd, rendering many yelps to resound from the people around.


Nefertiti Vivi didn't want to marry the Warlord Amon. She was happy when they engaged, yes, but she was not happy at the marriage. Why? Because her soon-to-be husband vanished from the earth and never came to visit her in 4 years!

And when she started studying politics and things surrounding it, she realised Skypiea was getting prosperous only because of Alabasta! She wasn't wrong, but she ignored the fact that Alabasta only survived because of Skypiea, too.

So in the end, she chose to cancel the marriage, somehow convincing her father. However, her mind was about to change after she spent her time on the Skypiea, meeting people who referred to her as Goddess. She was about to change her mind—

But, at that time, when she was saved by that man, her resolve was straight, 'I want him.'

Although many different crises popped out later on, Vivi was able to marry Amok in the end. She thought she would have a happy life with an Emperor of the sea, a sweet romantic life. But she was wrong. She was wrong assuming an Emperor, such a big name, would have enough time to spend on her. 

She wanted to sometimes visit Skypiea, but Cobra was against it, saying anything can happen in her way there, and she wouldn't go there without Amon's assistance. Although reluctant, she did listen to him, he wasn't wrong, after all. But the problem was, what unnerved her was, knowing that Amon wouldn't bring her to the sky, talking about — anyone can attack Skypiea anytime, I don't want my wife to get injured.

It was heartwarming, yes, but she still wanted to be with him. She knew what type of man he was, the type who won't mind sleeping with his own mother-in-law, so she even felt relieved that her mother died young. Knowing this, she felt… strange. Knowing that right now, her beloved husband might be boning some other girl, it unnerved her.

"I want to see you again…" Vivi mumbled while looking at the couple's photo in her hand, while she laid down on her belly on the bed. "What are you doing right now, hubby…"

In the photo where Amon was carrying her in a princess can't when she is wearing her wedding dress. A sigh escaping her lips.

Just then, something… familiar sounded out behind her. 


Vivi turned around immediately as her eyes grew.

"Father-in-law called me a while ago, telling me you missed me a lot, is that true?" The man of her dream asked as she jumped from her bed, directly in his arms and locked her arms around his neck.

"You are here! I missed you a lot!" She hugged him tightly while feeling Amon's hand brushing her hair. But immediately, the next second, her tone was dejected, "You didn't meet me for so long… so heartless."

"Sorry, I was super busy, you see," Amon said while hugging her tightly, the small amount of dejection fading in oblivion.

Meanwhile, she felt her body warm up in the touch of a man, her man. As she then raised her head up, reaching out for a kiss… a finger appeared between their lips.

"Aha, nope. No kissing or anything beyond that, unless you give me what I want, remember?" Amon commented as he then dropped her on the ground, on her feet.

Vivi frowned, recalling his challenge last time. "No kissing or sex unless you can make 1,000 Sand Soldiers before my next visit."

When she heard this, it irritated her, knowing she won't be able to fulfil it, but when Amon kissed her for the last time after that, she realised she can't live without subsiding this feeling in her crotch. So she tried hard, harder than she ever tried. 

And finally, after around 3 months of hard work, she had finally— "And what if I've overkilled it?" She smiled cheekily. "Do I get a special reward?"

Hearing her, a grin formed on Amon's face. "A better product gets a better price, a simple logic. Of course, I will reward you especially if you overkiled it…" he leaned forward and whispered in her ears, "I will teach you the pleasure of S&M."

Vivi blinked, not knowing what he meant, but from the name alone, she could tell it was something sweet!

"Then follow me!" Vivi jumped away as she ran out of the door, Amon slowly following behind her.

While smiling sweetly, his mind was contemplating the important things - 'Let's see… how should I approach Big Mom?"




|2 years later|

Charlotte Linlin was very happy today, so happy that she was drooling. It's not really a rare sight, since she drools each time she sniffs something sweet, but today… her mouth could ever bring a tsunami.

Because today, it was her birthday!

"Mamma-mamma!" She blurted, laughing out loud. "That fragrant Birthday Cake… I can't wait to devour it all!"

Beside her, a familiar chuckle escaped from the man sitting beside her. 

"Oh, Big Mom, you should at least let me take a bite, after all, I was the one to provide the mango flavour into the cake." The man in a light golden suit and similarly light-golden pants, Amon, said, his shoulder-length hair fluttering in the air. "Or is that too much to ask?"

Big Mom turned to face him, smirking. Normally, nobody would even dare say such a line, even if they are the ones who made the cake, but this kid had the guts… and power to back it up.

"Ohh, Amon, of course, you can take a bite. You are, after all, my top special guest today. Mamma-mamma!" She laughed, making Amon laugh too. "But only a bite, not more than that."

Amon chuckled hearing her, slowly taking a sip of fine tea from the talking teacup.




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