201 Ancient Weapon (5)

Chapter 201: Ancient Weapon (5)


It's been 13 days since I've started working here. I've almost finished fixing the whole thing to an acceptable degree and Vivi has joined me 3 days ago, so things have been easy with her sand soldiers helping me. 

Vivi can make strong sand soldiers, but one bolt of lightning turns them into "Glass Soldiers", nice isn't it? Things have been fun now that Vivi is here since I can take a break every now and then while being able to distract my mind.

Also, today is an interesting day as I would test Vivi's 'compatibility' with the damn machine. While the machine isn't fully fixed, it's good enough for a test run.

There is a cockpit in this thing, but there is no controller there. At first, I thought, "Wait, is this shit broken?" Even the Blueprints disappointed me, but a quick look at the Poneglyphs by my Robin-chan revealed that there is actually no need for controllers for this machine as any member of the Nefertiti family can be used as the 'controller'. I finally understand why the Government was targeting my poor Wife in the canon timeline. 

"Are you ready?" I put my hand on Vivi's shoulder. We were inside the 'cockpit' (if this can even be considered that) while Vivi was standing beside me a little nervously. "Don't be nervous, I am here."

"But… what if this thing drains my Haki dry? It's 3 kilometres long after all. Would I be able to stop midway?" Vivi asked, a little scared. 

The machine operates by channelling the Haki of the 'driver' throughout its body. I can see why she is scared.

"Nah, no way. It doesn't actually use your Haki to operate, it converts the electromagnetic field in the air into energy and then operates. Haki is just needed to 'start the engine', and also guide its movements. Theoretically, it shouldn't use that much Haki… Or so that is how it works from my understanding."

"Ah…" Vivi gave him a meek look. "Alright then."

Amon knows the biggest weakness of Logia is Haki and Water, but for Sand-Sand fruit, the latter is more extreme. So to defend against them, the user would need stronger Haki too. So Amon has taught Haki to Vivi personally, though she can't use Advanced Armament yet. She has strongHaki for a 16-year-old.

"Alright, start." 

Hearing Amon he patted her shoulder, Vivi took a deep breath and touched the only thing inside the cockpit, the monitor, and channelled her Haki in it.


For the first time in 800 years, the Ancient Weapon, Pluton, shook as energy rushed throughout its body. 

"Ah, what's happening!?"

However… that wasn't the only thing moving. The walls of the cockpit also moved, they started to clasp Vivi and Amon almost suddenly. Amon frowned as he immediately entered Lightning Speed.


'What's this? The blueprints didn't say something like this…' He observed the almost frozen world and Vivi's horrified expression. 'Are the walls trying to crush us… or- wait, why am I guessing?'

Amon facepalmed and shook his head. "I can just see the future." He mumbled while his eyes flashed bright red briefly as the vision that would have happened seconds later appeared in his mind.

He stopped watching the future and raised an eyebrow. "Interesting…"

The walls weren't about to crush Vivi, they were about to merge with her. Similar to Titan transformation from Attack on titan except for all the blood and muscles making it less horrifying. The machine here would just wrap around her body, only barely tightly and connect with her brain, thus giving her control over the Mechanical Earthworm, known as Pluton.

"Nothing bad at least." Amon decided to not intervene with the 'merging' process and teleported outside the Cockpit. He cancelled his Lightning Speed and watched as Vivi's muffled scream entered his ears.

Minutes passed, while Amon waited for Vivi to start talking. But instead, the Worm's head twitched as it moved upwards, seemingly looking down on Amon.

"Oy Vivi, you still alive?" 


"Oy, cook, bring me some more spices!" 

"Yes~, Alice-chan!"

Honey Queen had a frown on her face as she observed the blonde girl order Sanji around like her personal lapdog. 

"You don't like her at all, huh." Nami's voice caused her frown to ease up as she shot her a glance. 

"I don't like bratty kids." Honey Queen commented as she went back to eat her food. Meanwhile, the blonde girl finished her meal with a smile on her face.

"You're lucky that you have such a good cook, you shitty Pirates. Or I would have asked my father to blow you all up in the sea! Muhahaha!" The blonde girl crackled up. "He is very strong! Even your Captain won't be able to fight him!"

Luffy hearing this laughed as well. "I would like to see him try! Actually, I would kick his ass for leaving his daughter in the sea either way!"

Honey Queen was irritated. She barely finished her food and went on the other side of the ship and rested her hands on the railing. 

She slid her hands in her jacket and took out a packet of cigarettes, but upon opening it, she was disappointed to find it empty. She flicked the packet in the sea with a more irritated look on her face as another pair of hands fell on the railing of the ship.

"Is there anything bothering you, Honey-chan?" Sanji asked as he looked at her with a concerned look on his face.

'Oh, how nice of him… ugh.' Honey Queen internally rolled her eyes but managed a fake smile and slid her hand inside his jacket, catching Sanji off guard as a blush appeared on his face.

"W- wait, I am not ready for thi–"

Honey Queen took out a packet of cigarettes from Sanji's coat and looked at him with a casual smile. "Ready? What are you talking about?"

Sanji froze in his spot as Honey Queen lit up the cigarette with a lighter. "Hm, this is not really my type, but I guess I have to be satisfied with it till I get my hands on the usual." Honey Queen commented as Sanji regained the colour of his face.

"You know, a woman shouldn't smoke." 

Honey Queen grinned with the cigarette between her teeth. "Oh, sorry. But I do what I want." She replied. 

She wanted to continue with something like, 'Even if that was not the case, I'm not going to listen to the words of a beta male.' But she managed to hold herself back, albeit barely.

Sanji then asked again, "If there is anything, you can talk to me." 

Honey Queen took a puff as she looked at Sanji's eyes. Sanji was a gentleman. Not her type. And unfortunately for the man, even if he was her type, her heart was already taken. Amon called it the 'Beauty and the Beast' effect or something. Honey Queen didn't care.

"Sanji…" Honey Queen just smiled. "I just need some alone time, I am fine. Thanks for worrying. Now can you please leave me alone for a while?" 

Sanji nodded after a slight hesitation and walked away. Honey Queen then locked her eyes with the endless horizon.

What irritated her was the girl named Alice, but she wasn't the lone cause. It was Amon too! The girl Alice kept bragging about being the daughter of the marine Fleet Admiral. Honey Queen wouldn't have believed her if not for the necklace on her neck. It had a photo of Sengoku with her. 

Honey Queen was literally barely holding back from crying. FUCKING FLEET ADMIRAL'S DAUGHTER IS IN THE SAME SHIP AS HER! WHAT THE FUCK!?

Honey Queen felt an Admiral would come anytime and grab the back of her head and bash it into a mountain. And her lifeline, Amon, hasn't been responding to her messages for weeks! What was he doing!? This is an opportunity to kidnap the Fleet Admiral's daughter, but he is nowhere to be seen?! What is wrong with that bastard?!

Honey Queen felt cold sweat gather in her forehead as she slowly took deep breaths in. It was then when her SmartDial (a variant of Smartphone) rang. The familiar face of Amon almost caused her to curse out loud as she finally felt her forehead warm up. 


["Yo. It's been a while."]

Honey Queen groaned as she looked around to see if anybody was hearing or not. "Can I punch you in the face the next time we meet?"

["Not unless you want me to bash your head into a mountain."] 




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