197 Ancient Weapon (1)

Chapter 197: Ancient Weapon (1)


|A few days later|

"Hahh… 1005… 1006… 1007…" In her personal gym, Raki was lying on a bench while lifting weights.

After the 10th set, she stopped. She was barely able to drop the weighted rod on the carrier above her as she released a breath. "Ahh, my hands are numb. Let's take a break…"

After about a minute passed, she raised her arms again, seemingly filled with energy. She grabbed the huge barbell and lifted it up with little difficulty.

Training is important, no matter how strong your fruit maybe. Kaido didn't gain absurd defence in his 'human form' because of his fruit only.

The fruit played a part, but his training did too.

Kaido has Hyper Regeneration. Kaido or Raki was no Marco the Phoenix, but their body healed quicker than everyone else. This way, the moment they destroy their muscle fibres, it repairs itself and gets stronger – so the training they do is multiplied by a large sum.

There is also the fact that whenever they are tired or can't train anymore, it's only a matter of minutes before they are fully energised.

That way, when Raki first ate her fruit, her physical abilities were enhanced. Same with her adaptability. If previously training a year would have made her 10% stronger, now training for 1 year would make her at least 50% stronger. Though the word 'strong' may be quite misleading here.

Either way, a few days ago when the quickest fight of her life had taken place, she was not a generic "strong swordsman", she was a Kaido Jr who specialised in using a sword.

She is a fucking Tank, no kind of hit would damage her body! Yet – yet that happened. Seven blows in her precious private part had caused her to lose it. Advanced Conqueror's Haki or not, she wasn't expecting to experience that type of pain.

Fortunately, she had a healing factor that healed her broken pelvis shortly after. But that didn't mean she wasn't angry! She was a woman, as much as she liked girls, she was still one of them. How could someone be so heartless enough to hit someone else's crotch?!

She has seen a lot of men complain about getting hit in their balls. They say when a man watches another man getting hit in their balls, the pain spiritually comes to them too.

She has seen a lot of men wave off when girls said the same. Girls didn't have balls, how would they feel pain?

"THOSE MOTHER FUCKERS!" Raki yelled suddenly, as she sped up the lifting tempo. When she was young, she hated men, it's a known fact among the Shandians – but that hate gradually lessened to "disliking", but sometimes she felt she should just go to a random island and kill all the men there. This was one of these moments.

It would be a lie to say she didn't hate Amon for this… although the injury healed, it didn't mean she couldn't feel the pain spiritually.

"You know, I apologised before hitting you." The sudden voice of her brother interrupted her thoughts.

After a pause where he noticed his presence in the room for the first time, Raki gritted her teeth while still lifting the barbell. "That doesn't signify anything!"

"It does."

"No! Fuck, get out! What are you doing in my room anyway?" Raki yelled as she threw the heavy barbell at Amon who's body just flickered and let the object phase through.

"Well, I was enjoying the view. You don't see a hot girl in a sports bra and pants every day."

This was when Raki's body froze as her mind went blank.



|Amon Pov|

Well, she froze.

I didn't lie. Raki is beautiful. She was already enough before, but after the Angel 2.0 on the moon, she reached the top of this world with Hancock and Robin.

And while Hancock and Robin are beautiful, she is a special type. Just look at those abs. That silky black hair as she wears those black sports bras and short pants. Those thighs and finally those perky breasts. I guess her training has a big part of her looks too.

Most men would die for her. But I pity the men who would actually die. She would probably laugh at their death.

Back to the present, I waited as her frozen expression changed and a disapproving look as she sat up.

"Hey, hey, hey! So you've been peeping on me?" Raki said as I deadpanned at her. "You horny bastard, you have been molesting my innocent body with those eyes of yours, haven't you?" She covered her chest with her arms and looked at me as if I was an incel. "Kya! Pervert!"

Pff– "Hahaha!" I laughed out loud as she frowned. "That was cute... But really, you think I will fall for your virgin tactics?"

Her frown deepened as she groaned. "Get out. Now! Or I will call for Isa!"

"How about no?" I jumped down from the table and walked closer to her. She didn't even flinch and maintained eye contact with me.

"Oh, you're approaching me?" She smirked. "So molesting you with your eyes was not enough?"

Oh? She is still playing her game, huh? Well, I will humour you.

I released a smile. "And what if I am? Not like anyone would care if the news gets out that Amon fucked his sister who has been lusting after him for years?"

She seemed to freeze again but this time she regained her composure quickly. Though I didn't let that happen and leaned forward to her, pushing her down on the bench as her eyes went wide.

She has slept with some girls on my back. Cheeky little bitch. Well, as if I am the one to talk. I leaned forward to her ears, ignoring her red but indifferent face. "Tell me this, whose property are you?"

"..." Raki didn't answer, seemingly shell shocked at the sudden development.

I bit her ear as she squealed a little. "I am sure you know the answer." I slowly raised my hand on top of her chest and placed it on her blossom, her body froze again. I am deliberately not reading her mind since it's more fun this way, but I can still tell her to figure out if this is a wet dream or not. I never got so intimate with her before, I didn't need to.

I pressed on her chest lightly. But what I said next threw her off. "...Does it still hurt?"

This brought her back from her fantasy as heat rushed to her cheeks. "Son of a bitch! Get off, get out of my room!"

"Hahaha!" I got up from above her, not before giving her ear another bite, as I looked down at her. She had covered her face with her hands but the redness was still clear.

"I expected the infamous Raki who is known for seducing tens of girls to be more than this. So you're still a little girl at heart, huh?" I leisurely commented.

Today I half expected to cross the line with her. If she said the word, I would have taken her right here, but she didn't. For whatever reason, she won't say she wants to fuck. Well, I am a patient man, let's see how long she can hold off.

Still, the main part of this whole "act" was to make things up with her. The last thing he wanted was Raki going rogue and leaving him, then Amon would have to hunt her down. He liked Raki and wanted her to do the same. So maintenance was required every now and then.

"Hey, Raki," I called.

"Didn't I say get out–"

"No, listen. This is important." Hearing me she looked at me from the gap of her eyes. "I am moving to Alabasta for a few months."

She jumped up and looked at my eyes. "What, no, why?"

"You know Pluton? The Ancient Weapon?" I said. "I need to fix it."


|General Pov|

Vivi was really happy. Really really happy. Her husband is coming to Alabasta, and he is supposed to stay here for MONTHS! How awesome is that!?

Her personal maid, Irene, also her secret step-sister, stood behind her with an indifferent but barely noticeable smile on her face. "Calm down, princess. You should maintain a dignified presence for when Lord Amon comes."

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Now shut up, Irene." Vivi said, but there was no annoyance in her voice. She loved Irene and saw her as her best friend. "Though I guess I am being too happy. He said he would be busy working on the Plut- ahem, a scientific project, so he won't have time for me." Vivi corrected herself, as Irene shook her head from behind.

Irene knew what was happening, Vivi was that careless around her. Sometimes she wondered if Amon was right about it two years ago or not. Maybe… She would make a better Queen? No, no, she shouldn't think such things. In the end, Vivi was still her sister, she shouldn't think about eliminating her…

A soft sigh escaped her lips that Vivi noticed and turned around to ask about it, but it was then when lightning sparked in the room as the figure of Amon carrying a bag appeared.

"Yo." Amon dropped the bag on the floor as he spread his arms. "How is my beautiful wife doing?"

After a short pause, Vivi turned around and jumped at his embrace, hugging him back. "I thought you'd come from the main gate, but you're in my room." She said, "You couldn't wait to meet me, could you?"

Her husband just hugged her back as her face got buried in his chest. While she wasn't looking, her best friend and her husband waved to each other.

"Vivi, you look good in this dress," Amon said. "Unfortunately there is another person in the room, or things would have gotten wild." He added and chuckled to himself. "Either way, we should meet father-in-law now. I need to explain to him some things."

Vivi raised her head to catch his eye and smiled. "Yeah, let's go."

"Come on, Irene!" Vivi called as she pulled Amon out of the room.




Author's Note:

Amon loves Raki, in more than one way. But being a paranoid and psychopathic bastard, that's the exact reason why he does not want her to leave him, because if she does, Amon would not be able to guarantee anything.

So while he would be brutal to her sometimes, he would try his best to make up for it too. After all, she is his precious sister 🙂.

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