167 A normal day (1)

Chapter 167

Title: A normal day (1)


Today was a sunny day.

Things were peaceful in the City of Gold. The Shandians and Birkas, the only people who reside on this island, were living their everyday life peacefully.

The few Skypieans working here also didn't have any problems. Life was peaceful and happy for them.

All and all, without even wanting to, Amon has created a pretty decent place for people. Besides the golden architecture, there were normal houses, cafes, hotels, apartments, shops – and many more built all around here.

The residence of Shandora was obviously many times slimmer than Angel Island and even many other Sky islands. Still, this was treated as the 'Capital' of all Sky Islands.

But not everything was peaceful here. While the ignorant mass was living a happy life, the people in the higher ranks were having disputes.

Just like this one incident happening in the God's Shrine – Nico Robin and Boa Hancock.


Boa Hancock was sitting on a stool with her legs crossed. She was coldly staring in front of her, where Nico Robin was sitting on the bed.

Hancock's cold expression soon turned into disgust. "Nico Robin, you are pathetic."

"?" Robin was thrown off hearing her. She just called here, out of context, and she was suddenly insulting her? What's wrong with this woman!?

Robin with a frown on her face, retorted, "I am sorry, but why am I here?"

"Of course, you are here to listen to me and do as I say." Hancock raised her head. The arrogance was clear in her tone and expression. "I heard about you, so-called sister-in-law."


"Yes, you should stay silent. That's the only thing you are supposed to do." Hancock looked at her mockingly. "First, you came closer to my hubby with the excuse of being his sisters. You manipulated the poor boy for a year, then when he was at his weakest you jumped at his bed and seduced him."

"Do you still not feel ashamed to stay around him after all that happened?" Hancock finished talking with an angry glare.

Robin was already frowning deeply. "Who told you that? You are not supposed to know this considering the short amount of time you spent here."

Hancock's eyes twitched. "Hah, is that what you are concerned about? So it's true that you are thick-skinned."

She got this information from asking around a few people. Amon didn't return to her room last night, this concerned Hancock. Did she do something unpleasant? Why is he ignoring her otherwise?

Concerned, after asking around - Hancock got what she wanted. There was nobody who can refuse her questions after all.

Of course, she misinterpreted the information she got. To her, Amon surely can't be the one going after Robin since he calls her his sister or he would have gone after Raki as well. So all the blame went to Robin herself.

Robin chuckled softly. "You should be polite to your elders, I am older than you, I recall. Did nobody teach you that?" With Hancock growing, Robin then sighed shortly after. "Anyway, I am not sure who told you these things, but you should know - I don't care about the past anymore. What I care about is only my future with Luci."

Robin didn't care much about Hancock. Yes, it did put her off when she saw Amom acting all lovey-dovey around her, but it's not like she didn't know. Amon only brought Hancock here to use her, unlike herself!

Hancock snapped hearing her. "So you are not denying anything, huh!? You really did manipulate my poor love! No, that's not the problem anymore. Now that I am here, I will fix it!"

She got up and walked closer to Hancock, looking down at her face with her hands on her waist.

"Get out of here this instant." She glared at her. "A manipulative bitch like you don't deserve to be here. Stay away from my love's life."

This is where Robin snapped too. 'How dare a mere tool order me to leave Luci...'

Immediately, Robin crossed her hands. She won't fatally hurt Hancock, but she needs to teach her a lesson.

Hancock realized what she was about to do. 'This must be she trying to attack me. So she's trying to harm me...' Immediately, Hancock curled her fist and prepared for a strike.

Robin didn't give it a thought and chanted, "Fleur—"


But before any of the two could engage in a battle, Amon's voice interrupted them.

Both Hancock's and Robin's eyes grew as they slowly looked at his way, Amon was wearing a terrible scowl.

Reaching a conclusion, Robin gulped. 'No... if he assumes I was trying to seriously harm her, he would be surely mad. Even if she is a tool, she is important!'

Hancock gulped the same way as she drew back her fist that was almost touching Robin's face. Robin did manipulate him, but it's true that he sees her as his sister, right? It would surely anger him to see her trying to strike her.

Amon walked closer and glared at them both with taunting eyes. "I don't like these kinds of drama..."

He first looked at Hancock. "You are in Robin's room, so I can only blame you for everything."


"Shut up." He stared deep into her eyes, making her throat dry up. "Get out of here, I won't say it another time."

Hancock's eyes grew as her eyes became wet. Her lips quivered as she nodded. "I understand... I will go away."

She turned around and walked away with fast steps. The path she walked in got covered in tears.

"..." Seeing her go away, Robin sighed. She looked at Amon with a smile. 'Of course, he loves me the most-'

"And you, don't smile like I am over." Robin flinched as she heard Amon. "You did say she should respect you because you are older, right? It's only natural for you to look after her."

This caused Robin to frown. She would have immediately retorted if not for the fact Amon slept with her last night. 'Calm down, he cares about me more than that woman. Or he would have been harsher.'

She sighed. "You never said you wanted me to look after her, so I didn't."

"Still, I thought you would be more responsible-"

Robin frowned again. "Responsible!? Why should I always be on the submissive side? Why me? She came to my room, why did she!? Was it me who called her? No! She came here by herself, deliberately."

Of course, Amon knew it was Hancock's fault. But he also knew it was because she is just that much possessive of him. He can be harsh with her, and that would actually be fine considering her submissive personality, but that would mean this bad blood between Robin and Hancock would not subside.

It's never good if his so-called harem members fight every time they are around each other. Besides that, Amon didn't like Robin's retorting personality.

As she finished yelling, Amon didn't say anything. He rubbed his temple. Then slowly walking closer towards the bed, he fell on his back.

Amon covered his face with his hands, staying silent.

"...What?" Robin asked, super confused. "Hey, what happened?"

"It's... nothing." Amon sighed.

Robin was immediately caught up in confusion as she jumped in the bed and sat beside him. "H-Hey, wants wrong? Tell me."

After staying silent for a while, Amon sighed and removed his hands from his face. His eyes were wet with a little redness present in them.

"You have been talking to me with a frown on your face, a lot lately." He gulped lightly. "Are you somewhat dissatisfied with me...?"

It was when Robin lost her all sense. 'Huh...?'

What was this situation? She never saw him act like this before. No, she did. It was when he was young. When she still doubted him.

In fact, she didn't even realize she has been talking with a frown on her face.

Robin touched Amon's face with her shaky hands. "I... I didn't realize it... I am sorry."

Amon just shook his head. "It's fine... if you are doing that without realizing it, that means I really have been keeping you dissatisfied somehow. I don't want you to fake anything..." he then mumbled, "But it still hurts knowing you subconsciously hate me."

Robin yelled immediately: "I don't hate you! I swear! I don't!" Robin started to breathe heavily. "I was just busy with work, s-so I had that frown! It's not because of you!"

No, that was not the case. She was quite dissatisfied with Amon, though only subconsciously. She has been working day and night for him, yet he orders him to stay humble around the new fuck mate he brought? Her dissatisfaction was justified, but that didn't mean Amon would bear with it.

So he used the pity card – which worked fantastically.

Robin couldn't say anything more. She was lost for her words, her body was trembling tremendously. 'Why am I such an ungrateful bitch...! It's like last time!'

She just fell on his chest with a large gasp. "It's my fault. I am sorry."

After a short silence, Amon placed his hands on her back and patted her.

"It's alright. If you really mean it, just make sure to not talk to me like that after this. It aches my heart." Amon said, while pushing Robin's head on his chest, and grinning lightly. "After all, you are my sister, I will always forgive you."

"...." Robin's trembling calmed down. "Thank you..."

Amon kept patting her head. "Besides that, let me tell you a story. It's about three poor girls who were captured by the World Nobles, how they lived their lives as slaves."



Hancock was in Amon's bedroom, the room she'd been staying in for the past few days. She was sitting in the bed, hugging her legs, and looking down with hollow eyes.

'He yelled at me...' She was barely keeping her sense. 'No, it's my fault I went after someone he cares. I am... just an outsider. It's my fault I insulted someone close to him.'

Hancock smiled as she hugged her legs tighter. 'I am just an outsider.... Yes, that's right. I should always respect that woman, or he will yell at me more, maybe he might l-leave me if I cross a line.'

As her moist eyes got moister, she slowly closed her eyes as sleep took over her.



A knock fell on the door of the room, rendering Hancock to wake up.

She rubbed her eyes and realized her cheeks were wet.

She shook her head and wiped her cheeks with her dress and stood up. "Coming."

She assumed it wasn't Amon. He usually teleports inside.

Walking closer, she opened the door as Amon's face came from the other side.

"Ah, hubby-" Hancock stopped midway. Was she even qualified to call him that?

She recalled, Amon even had a wife. But from what she gathered, she assumed it was a political marriage. 'But who is to say I am wrong about this as well... maybe he loves that woman too.'

Hancock avoided eye contact as her gaze fell on the person behind him. It was Robin.

'She is here too...' Hancock again looked down, not daring to look at Robin's face. To her, Robin was a superior existence now, a person she can't hope to disrespect.

"H-hello..." Hancock said as she squinted her eyes around.

Amon sighed and got away from Hancock and Robin's way.

He said to Robin, "Finish what you two started."

Hearing him Robin walked ahead and bowed deeply.

"I am sorry. I didn't realize you were just caring about Luci. I didn't understand you only did what you did because you cared about his safety. But-" She raised her head and said, "I can guarantee I am not a Vixen. I don't want to harm him either."

"..." Hancock stayed silent as she realized Amon took the time to tame Robin.

"So..." Robin walked closer to Hancock and hugged her. "Let's get along together, alright sister-in-law?"

"..." Hancock's eyes grew wide as she looked at Amon, instinctually asking what she should do.

Amon mumbled, "Dont look here... I was also harsh to you, sorry." Amon winked at her as her tears again started falling.

"Thank you..." She hugged Robin tightly while her tears fell on her shoulder. "Thank you very much for forgiving me!"

As the two of them exchanged sorries, the night fell upon them.

Amon kept smiling from the sidelines. 'It was easy to make them get along. Both have a past with WG antagonizing them, so I just had to let them sympathize with each other.'

In the end, having a harem wasn't hard. You just need to play your cards right.

Amon also had another idea. 'Sleeping with both of them in the same bed will strengthen their bond... No, I am just horny, whatever.'

Amon didn't care, he was the king of his own choices.

It's just that, these types of disputes won't be fixed so easily the next time.




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