65 Chapter 61: Bounties On The Rise

(Roberts: POV)

The moment we were out of range of Gion's warship and I couldn't sense them pursuing us with my observation haki I breathed a sigh of relief.

I then turned to face my crewmates.

"Job well done guys." I said. "Truly. Especially you Rean." I told him.

Since thanks to that battle he finally unlocked his armament haki.

"Thanks captain." Rean replied. Getting patched up by Law as he did so.

Then the second after he did so Weisz passed out and fell onto the deck.

"Weisz!" I shouted. I then rushed over to him as did everyone else. Turning him over I saw a nasty purple bruise on his neck. "Law!"

"Already on it." Law replied.

[Room] [Scan]

He said. Then only a moment passed before Law told us why Weisz had suddenly collapsed like he did.

"He's got poison coursing through his body."

"What, but how did that happen?" Bepo asked.

"That female marine captain he was fighting was some kind of snake zoan." Reiju spoke.

Which explained everything.

The species of snake that female marine captain could transform into was a poisonous one and it looks she managed to infect Weisz.

"We need to act fast and remove the poison from his body or he'll die." I spoke.

"I can handle that." Reiju spoke.

She then kneeled down beside Weisz and took his head in her hands.


A second after this happened Reiju planted a kiss on Weisz lips. Then wings started to grow on her back. Just like in the original story when she sucked that fish poison out of Luffy with a kiss during the Whole Cake Island Arc.

In no time at all Reiju broke the kiss, licking her lips after she did so. "Mhm, snake poison. One of my favorites." She said.

After she did so we examined Weisz, Law in particular, and found no poison remaining in his entire body.

"Nice job, Reiju." I told her.

"Sure thing captain." Reiju replied. "Though I much rather would've sucked something out of you instead." She whispered. Where only I could hear it.

'Yep. Reiju definitely has a thing for me.' I thought.

Deciding to ignore Reiju's highly sexual comment I turned my attention back to Weisz.

"Will he be alright?" I asked Law.

"Yes. From what I can tell the poison didn't have a chance to do any permanent damage. With some rest and fluids he'll make a full recovery." Law explained.

Hearing this I breathed a sigh of relief.

Once I did so Law performed a medical examination on the rest of us who boarded Gion's ship earlier and then treated any wounds we had. After he finished he and Bepo took Weisz and Rean down to the men's quarters of the ship so they could rest and recover.

Meanwhile Reiju and Alfia headed for the women's quarters to do the same thing.

While Robin and I stayed on the deck to steer the ship and act as lookout in case any more trouble showed up.

But thankfully it didn't.

Another few hours passed and we made it to our very first island in the Grand Line.

A good ending for one hectic day.

Which I know are simply the first of many.

Even so we all signed up for this, so bring them on.


As the Black Pearl sailed through a calm stretch of water, well as calm as waters can be on the Grand Line, I sat on the left side of her railing.

A fishing pole in my hands.

Since I am trying to catch us some food for dinner.

I am also not alone in my quest. Bepo and Weisz are right beside me.

Two weeks have passed since we entered the Grand Line and faced off against Gion and her subordinates. During that time the three of us have becoming fishing bros.

As the three of us leisurely waited for something to bite our hooks so we could reel it in a news coo came and landed on the deck of the ship.

The moment it did so I turned around and leaned my fishing pole against the railing. I then went and made the news coo for today's edition of the paper.

Once I did so the bird gave me a salute and then flew off.

As it did so I opened up the paper and started reading through it. My eyes widening when I read some certain information.

"Guys, you need to come and take a look at this." I said.

The moment I did so Weisz, Bepo, and Rean, who was steering the Black Pearl, came over to me. We then had Law and the others come up on deck from below.

Once we were all assembled I shared with them the news I found out.

Bounty posters were issued and updated for the entire crew.

All except for Robin that is.



Dead or Alive

"Grim Reaper" Soren D. Roberts

169,000,000 million


Dead or Alive

Trafalgar Water Law

100,000,00 million


Dead or Alive

"Silver Siren" Alfia

65,000,000 million


Dead or Alive




Dead or Alive


30,000,000 million


Dead or Alive


40,000,000 million


Only Alive

Vinsmoke Reiju

33,000,000 million


As everyone looked at their bounty posters various reactions happened.

Law and Weisz both smirked.

Meanwhile Rean gained a complicated expression on his face.

As for Bepo...

"1-1,000." He spoke. Bepo then fell to his hands and knees a severe cloud of depression appearing over him. But I can understand his pain. If I ever received a bounty that low I would become severely depressed as well.

Moving over to Bepo I lightly tapped his shoulder in a comforting manner. "Don't worry Bepo. I'm sure your bounty will become much higher in the future." I told him.

Sniffling he looked at me. "You really think so captain?"

"Absolutely." I replied. "So turn that frown upside down."

"Ok." Bepo replied. The air of depression vanishing instantly.

"Hey, I have a question why is Law's bounty so damn high?" Weisz asked. "He barely participated in that last battle."

"It's simple Weisz. Bounties are not only a representation of an individual's current level of strength, but also their potential threat level as well. As to why Law's bounty is so high even though it's his first one it's because the marines likely knows he's eaten the Op-Op No Mi, which in the devil fruit encyclopedia is known as the "Ultimate Devil Fruit"." I explained. "Thus they see him as a big threat and gave him a bounty that suites their worries."

Weisz nodded after my explanation.

"Ok, I get that." Weisz spoke. "I also have another question, why isn't Robin's bounty mixed in with your crews?"

"The marines likely have no idea she's aboard our ship as a member of our crew." Reiju spoke.

"Exactly." I replied. "And for now let's do our best to make sure it stays that way."

The less the World Government and marines know about Robin's whereabouts the better. Especially since I have several plans that involve me using those guys for mine and my crews own benefit.

Though only time will tell if I need to enact them or not.

Hearing my words everyone nodded.

As for Robin she looked at us with a curious and slightly hopeful expression on her face. But as quickly as it appeared it vanished.

Still seeing that expression means we are making progress is gaining her trust, and for me any progress in that department is good progress.

Once the crews bounties were revealed we all went back to what we were previously doing.

As Weisz, Bepo, and I returned to fishing I couldn't help but wonder how the crews new bounties would affect us in the long term.

"Eh, I'm sure it'll all be fine." I muttered

Turning my thoughts away from the matter I went back to fishing.

Having no idea how wrong I was in my prediction and what trouble it would bring to the crew in the future.

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