117 Throwing Kaido into the Sea Again

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Brontes took Kaido away, leaving Sakazuki puzzled and curious about Brontes's plan.

However, Sakazuki didn't voice his questions. He was certain that Brontes had no intention of taking Kaido to Mariejois.

The idea of bringing him to Marineford or throwing him into Impel Down was even more unlikely.

To everyone, Kaido was like a bomb waiting to explode. The thought of leaving him in any area controlled by the Marines or the World Government was extremely foolish.

Shortly after Brontes had departed from the G-1 Base, he received a call from the Five Elders.

They were anxious to know his plans for Kaido. One of them asked: Where are you taking Kaido?"

With a light chuckle, Brontes teased them: "What, are you worried I'll bring him back to Mariejois"

"We're not in the mood for jokes. There's currently no known way to kill Kaido. Only one person in this world might be capable of such a feat." Another elder stated seriously.

Brontes, still in a playful tone, responded: "Oh? Sounds like you've got some secrets. Care to share with me?"

"You're not entitled to know that information." Snapped one of the Five Elders, clearly annoyed by Brontes's teasing.

"Relax, I have no plans of taking him to Mariejois or Marineford. I've got a different plan in mind." Brontes said with a smile.

"And where might that be?" The elders asked, curiosity getting the better of them.

Brontes explained with a sly smile: "I'm thinking of tying him to a heavy iron weight and tossing him into the Bottomless Abyss. I doubt he'd survive that, don't you think?"


"You can't!"

"Don't act recklessly Brontes!"

Upon hearing Brontes's plans, the Five Elders were taken aback.

The elder who had been conversing with Brontes clenched his teeth in frustration and said angrily: "Do you understand the consequences of your actions? The delicate balance we've tirelessly worked to maintain will be shattered!"

Brontes scoffed dismissively: "Cheh, please! All this talk about balance, especially when the World Government itself relies on pirates to keep the world in equilibrium, what a joke!" He said with disdain.

The truth was, Brontes never intended to kill Kaido. He was merely toying with the Five Elders, growing weary of their superior attitude.

Brontes shook his head and finally said: "Alright, I'll stop messing with you. With the World Conference around the corner, I'll leave the decision to you. I plan to drop him in the Calm Belt. I'm sure the Beast Pirates will fetch him once you spread the word."

"If you insist on leaving him in the Calm Belt, do as you wish, just ensure he remains alive." The Five Elders responded, seemingly unfazed by Brontes's lack of respect. They had grown accustomed to his attitude over time.

The Bottomless Abyss, a place never mentioned in the original anime, remained a secret to the general populace.

However, both the World Government and the Marines were fully aware of its dread. The Abyss was an endless chasm that led straight to the world's core, akin to the underwater waterfall beneath Enies Lobby, but infinitely more fearsome.

The idea of throwing Kaido into the Abyss raised doubts about his survival, and bringing him back seemed nearly impossible. No one could rescue Kaido from the depths of the Bottomless Abyss.

Despite past inclinations where the World Government might have favored the idea of disposing of threats like Kaido in the Bottomless Abyss, the current political climate had shifted.

There was an uneasy alliance between the World Government and the Beast Pirates, leveraging piracy to maintain control over the chaotic areas, particularly in the New World.

This fragile balance had only just been achieved, and the Five Elders were keen on preserving it as long as possible.

Their discussion with Brontes was an extension of this caution, prioritizing stability over drastic actions.

Brontes, for his part, never seriously planned to cast Kaido into the abyssal depths.

His provocative suggestions were designed to gauge the Elders' reactions, a test of their resolve and priorities.

His true intention was to transport Kaido to the Calm Belt, a location rife with its dangers but far less final than the abyss.

As preparations were made, Kaido's enormous figure lay inert on the deck, a grim testament to the confrontation at the G-1 Base.

Clutched against his chest was his kanabo, not as a weapon in this instance but as a tool to weaken him.

Seastone cuffs, effective on lesser beings, proved inadequate for Kaido. Instead, the insertion of his kanabo into his chest hampered his regenerative abilities. His healing persisted but slowed to a crawl.


This precarious state of vulnerability was abruptly shattered when Kaido's eyes snapped open, shocking the Marine soldiers gathered around him.

These men, veterans of countless battles under Brontes's command, had faced myriad foes and witnessed horrors that would unnerve the stoutest of hearts. Yet, the sight of Kaido—alive, wounded, but unmistakably formidable—stirred a visceral fear even in these battle hardened marines.


As Kaido's gaze shifted from the serene expanse of white clouds above to the unmistakable structure of a Marine warship—a ship belonging to none other than Brontes—he realized the predicament he was in.

Brontes approached the formidable figure of Kaido, who was just regaining consciousness, with an air of indifference.

"Oh, you're finally awake, Kaido." Brontes said in a calm voice.

Kaido, with a steady and inquisitive tone, asked: "What is going on with your body?"

His query wasn't aggressive; rather, it seemed to stem from a genuine curiosity.

Brontes, puzzled by Kaido's motivations for seeking him out, initially speculated that Kaido was drawn to him by the excitement of Brontes's recent clash with Whitebeard, perhaps seeing it as a challenge. However, it appeared Kaido's intentions were different.

"You attacked the G-1 Base just to ask me that?" Brontes asked as he seated himself beside Kaido.

With a casual motion, he took out a bottle of liquor, uncorked it, and pressed it to Kaido's lips, compelling him to drink.

Kaido, for his part, offered no resistance.

He would have drunk even if it were poison, his body having developed immunity to such toxins during his imprisonment in Impel Down, where Magellan had once tried to torment him with poison. Recognizing the flavor of the liquor, Kaido eagerly began to drink.

Taking a moment to relish the liquor, Kaido asked again : "You didn't answer me. Why is your body so abnormal compared to mine?"

Brontes cut him off: "You don't need to know that."

As if he had anticipated the question and chose to keep the mysteries of his own condition closely guarded.

"Where are you taking me?" Kaido asked again.

"The Calm Belt." Brontes said with smile.

"You want to drawn me? Worororo! That won't work." Kaido laughed loudly and said.

Brontes picked up a bottle of liquor, drank a good amount himself, and said: "We will see."


As their ship, the Ark Maxim, made its way into the treacherous waters of the Calm Belt, Brontes made a decisive move.

"Woosh! Roar!"

He threw Kaido into the sea with a swift motion. The ocean responded almost immediately. A gigantic Sea King surfaced and swallowed Kaido in one gulp.

Brontes watched the scene unfold, a silent lament for the Sea King. To him, the creature had just ingested a living time bomb.

The outcome was inevitable—either the Sea King would expel Kaido in distress or suffer a more violent fate from the inside. For the Sea King, encountering Kaido meant certain doom.

With Kaido now temporarily out of the picture, Brontes returned to Mariejois. Meanwhile, the news of Kaido's bold assault on the G-1 Base made headlines around the world.

Despite the sensational story, the New World remained eerily calm.

The pirates, familiar with Kaido's indomitable nature, were convinced that not even the Marines could hold him down for long.

If history was any indicator, Kaido would soon resurface, continuing his reign as if the incident had been a mere interlude.


Time moved on, and three months passed without any sign of Kaido.

The World Conference was drawing near, yet the Beasts Pirates had not pinpointed his location.

There was an unspoken understanding among them, however—Kaido was alive, and they were very certain in that.

This was evidenced by the Vivre Card, a special paper that tracks the owner's life force. Kaido's Vivre Card remained intact, though its frequent movements suggested he was far from being dead.

The World Conference loomed on the horizon, marking six years until the advent of Luffy's journey across the seas.

This year, the conference would cast a spotlight on Dragon.

After years of operating from the shadows, Dragon and the Revolutionary Army were emerging as formidable entities, their presence increasingly felt across the globe.

Brontes, recognized as the supreme commander of the World Government's military forces, was tasked with overseeing the security of the upcoming conference.

In a world fraught with turmoil and shadowy threats, the conference represented a pivotal moment, not just for the powers at be but also for renegades like Dragon, who sought to challenge the existing order.

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