One Piece: Possessed Teacher

Qin Tian traveled to the Pirate World, obtained the possessed teacher system, possessed the body of the opposite sex, and could share the body with the host. Possess 8-year-old Nicole Robin, and teaches a Thousand Hands Frozen Queen who guards O'Hara! Possess 12-year-old Hancock, and teach a flame dragon girl who can use dragon-killing magic! Possess 10 year old Nami, and teach a weather goddess in charge of Huangtian Thunder Prison! ... After Qin Tian taught 10 qualified apprentices, he was finally able to reshape his body. Standing at the entrance of the Great Channel, Qin Tian said to the world: "I want to destroy Mary Joa and reorganize this world!" Robin, the frozen queen of Thousand Hands: "I would like to freeze the entire world for Master!" Flame Dragon Ji Hancock: "I am willing to burn everything for Master!" The weather goddess Nami: "I am willing to be thunderous for Master!" Ocean ruler Bai Xing: "I am willing to flood the red earth continent for Master!" ... (This story and the characters are pure Fictitious. Any similarity is purely coincidental and should not be imitated.)

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Pirate: Possessed Teacher Chapter 84

 One second~

  Two seconds~

  Kerla pursed her 5.3 small mouth slightly, and was about to ask where there was a surprise, but suddenly, she saw that the mirror image of Qin Tian in the mirror suddenly disappeared!

  Replaced by her own mirror image!

  Of course, this is not the reason for her shock.

  She was shocked that in the mirror, behind her mirror, there was an extra mirror!

  It is the mirror image of Qin Tian!

  Seeing this scene, Kerla's heart beat fiercely, her small face was full of shock and excitement, she turned her head suddenly, sure enough, it really was!


  Kerla threw one head on Qin Tian's body, but she was not tall, so she could only hold Qin Tian's legs.

  "Haha, surprise?"

  Qin Tian laughed happily. He stretched out his hands and put them under Kerla's armpits. He hugged Kerla directly, hugged it in his arms, and petted her little head.

Chapter 157 The Substantive Attack of Overlord Color (3/8)

  "Teacher, how can you come out?"

  Kerla was so excited, her little hand kept squeezing Qin Tian here, and then grabbing Qin Tian's place again. How could she dare not believe that she was actually held by the teacher.

  "Well, I just came out today. But I can only appear when our teachers and students are alone. By the way, I can also face Robin and Hancock." Qin Tian said with a smile.

  "Ah? Why is this? Can't the teacher always be like this forever?" Kerla was indulged in this feeling for the first time lying in the arms of the teacher.

  It is warm and practical, as long as you lie in Qin Tian's arms, it is as if you have the whole world.

  "As long as you grow up with peace of mind, of course the teacher can always be like now."

  Regarding the next possession, Qin Tian planned not to talk to Kerla for the time being, and waited until he met Robin and Hancock before they would tell Kerla about the matter.

  "By the way, the teacher wants to give you a gift!" Qin Tian flipped his palm, and twelve golden protoss keys appeared in his palm.

  "Wow! So beautiful! What is this!"

  After all, it's just a seven or eight-year-old girl who is particularly interested in this kind of shiny things.

  Kerla touched the sparkling keys subconsciously.

  When the tips of her fingers touched these keys, the twelve golden keys immediately turned into golden streamers and penetrated into Kerla's body.

  Kerla's body surface immediately showed a golden halo, her body glowing like a flawless jasper.

  "Teacher...what's wrong with me?"

  Seeing the light suddenly radiating from his body, Kerla asked curiously.

  "It's okay, you will understand later." Qin Tian said with a smile.

  After a while, the strange body of Kerla disappeared, her eyes widened in surprise, and she exclaimed: "Teacher! I can summon the protoss!"

  Because it is a student-exclusive reward, the Golden Zodiac Protoss Magic was automatically learned by Kella, and the knowledge about Protoss Magic was immediately integrated into Kella's mind.

  "Well, summon one to try it~" Qin Tian was also curious about this kind of magic.

  Said it is the goddess version, to what extent is the goddess?

  Kerla nodded her little head, stretched her little hand forward, and a golden shining key was condensed in her hand, "Turn it on, Aries, Aries!"


  A ray of light shone, and a shy girl in a white cotton-padded jacket and tight-fitting little dress appeared in front of the two.

  Since this is the protoss summoned by Kerla, it will not affect Qin Tian's existence.

  The girl has the face of a closed moon and a shy flower, pink medium-length curly hair, and two curvy sheep horns on her head.

  "Sorry~ Master, what's your order?"

  The Aries girl looks very shy, her right index finger rests on Yingfeng, and a nervous and shy look appears on her flawless face, her eyes are slightly downward, as if she will be hurt at any time~

  If you use one word to describe it, the most appropriate one is beautiful!

  Qin Tian's eyes couldn't help widening, this Nima... is the perfect form of a maid!

  The moment he saw this Aries girl, Qin Tian was a little jealous of his students~

  Why don't you give me such a good reward?

  "Um mmmm... order?"

  Kerla tilted her head, thought for a while, and then said: "Will you massage? Or you can give my teacher a pounding back~"

  Kerla is so sensible~

  "Yes, master~"

  Obtaining Kerla's order, the Aries girl bowed slightly to Qin Tian, ​​and said timidly: "Please lie down on the sofa, please."

  With such good things, Qin Tian was waiting for something, and immediately leaped on the sofa.

  After that, the Aries girl squatted beside Qin Tian, ​​her face flushed red and Qin Tian began to beat her back.

  "Teacher, are you comfortable?" Kerla asked curiously.

  "Well, comfortable!" Qin Tian gave a thumbs up, and had to say that this Aries girl's technique is still very good~

  "Hey, by the way, Kerla, can you summon a few celestial spirits at most at a time?" Qin Tian asked.

  "Now at most two are summoned at once. But according to the tips of the Protoss Magic, as long as I practice hard, the number and duration of the simultaneous summoning of the Protoss will gradually increase. If I can fully master it, then I can summon them at the same time. Twelve protoss, and infinite duration." Kerla replied.

  "Well, then you must practice hard!"

  For such a good ability, Qin Tian said that he must master it...

  When it was almost dawn, Qin Tian returned to Kerla's body, Kerla also got to Lei Jiu's side, hugged her and fell asleep.

  It was almost noon the next day, and Kerla and Lei Jiu checked out.

  According to Qin Tian's idea, he will officially go to Nine Snake Island today.

  Qin Tian also thought that he should go to see Robin first, but considering that Kerla really wanted to see her savior, and that Nine Snake Island was very close to the Chambord Islands, Qin Tian decided to go to Jiuquan first after considering it. Snake Island.

  When they arrived at the port of Island 13, Kerla and Lei Jiu were about to find a place where no one would take off.

  At this moment, Rayleigh suddenly appeared.

  "Little girl! I have seen a reward for you. Your strength is very strong, but you will not be domineering. If you are interested, I can teach you how to cultivate domineering~"

  Raleigh lived ridiculously all day, feeling like people were going to waste.

  After seeing Kerla yesterday, he found that this child was completely different from what he had imagined. He immediately gave birth to a love for talent and wanted to teach Kerla to practice domineering.

  But Qin Tian was unhappy when he heard this~

  wipe! Actually want to grab students from me!

  Although you are good intentions, you can never think about it!

  Kerla naturally wouldn't be willing to leave Qin Tian, ​​shook his head, and said, "No, I have a teacher!"

  At this moment, a pirate boat for human traffickers landed on the sea.

  "Hey! Earn this time! These slaves let us make some money, and we are going to talk about her girls tonight!"

  "It's not easy to get top grade now, this time is really lucky! Boss, with you, we really drink and eat meat!"

  A group of big and thick human traffickers got off the boat and came to the port.

  Suddenly, the one-eyed man in the lead suddenly turned his head and stared at Kerla and Lei Jiu who just passed by.

  "Wow! The best!"

  The one-eyed man fixed his gaze on Lei Jiu. Such a little girl can sell for a big price!

  "Haha! Luckily today! I actually got the money when I got off the boat! Brothers, go and grab the two little girls for me, and they happened to be auctioned together today!" The one-eyed man grinned and took the two directly. The old man next to a little girl was ignored.

  Raleigh was thinking about how to make this little girl admire him, and suddenly he was overjoyed when he saw these traffickers coming over!


  "Little girl, you are optimistic, I will show you a powerful domineering!"

  Lei Li laughed, and then he was imposing for a while!


  Although the domineering and domineering can not be obtained by training, Leily now wants to accept Kerr as a disciple, so he wants to use the domineering and domineering to restrain Kerr.

  The overlord look is like a wave, and instantly shakes this group of human traffickers to the ground, staring at the gold star!

  "How is it? Interested?" Lei Li's mouth flicked slightly, an old flicker!

  "Tell him, you will too." Qin Tian curled his lips and said.

  "Are you overbearing? I will too~"

  According to Qin Tianjiao, Kerla pouted and said proudly.

  At this moment, the traffickers and pirates shook their heads, and their consciousness gradually became clear.

  But at this moment...

  A powerful momentum wave erupted from Kerla's body!

  This momentum fluctuation is much stronger than Rayleigh's momentum fluctuation just now!

  When this momentum wave blasted on the human traffickers, only a clear and audible sound of bone fracture was heard.

  puff! puff! puff! ...

  All the traffickers spurted blood at the same time, their hands and feet dropped, and they fell directly to the ground like pieces of rags!

  Killed instantly!

  This scene fell in the eyes of Lei Li, making his old face disappear in an instant, and replaced by an incredible shock: "What! A substantive attack of the overlord color!"

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  As if he had seen a ghost, Raleigh's two old brown eyes instantly stared like pearls in the night, looking at Kerla in disbelief.

  This... this is true! ?

  Didn't I have hallucinations?

  But when his eyes fell on the traffickers who had broken bones and spurted blood again, he knew that all this was really not an illusion!

  These are all human traffickers, and they are rubbish things that are not enough for civilians to die 10,000 times, so Qin Tian didn't keep his hands at all just now, and directly killed them with a domineering and domineering substantive attack.

  At this moment, Lei Li only felt that his old face was hot. He just wanted to show off in front of Kerla, and wanted Kerla to worship her with the domineering power of the overlord.

  But the little girl's backhand is a domineering bully who can substantively attack his old face.

  As the right arm of the former One Piece, Raleigh, known as Pluto, has only heard that if the overlord's domineering can be tempered to the extreme, it can produce a substantial attack.

  But he has never really seen such a situation.

  Seeing this scene now, he couldn't help but exclaimed: "Unexpectedly, the substantive attack of the domineering and domineering in the legend actually exists..."

  Hearing this, Qin Tian couldn't help frowning. Didn't you old man know Shanks?

  what! Qin Tian suddenly remembered that it was only now in 1508 on the Haiyuan calendar, and Shanks really didn't necessarily temper the overlord's domineering to such an extent.

  "But... But this is too unreal! Little girl, how old are you now? Or is it because of the power of the devil fruit that changed the age?" Raleigh couldn't accept it, a child who was a few years old was so domineering. Even more terrifying than he who has been practicing for six to seventy years!

  "I am 8 years old!" Kerla spread his hands and said with a smile: "What's wrong?"

  Hearing that, Lei Li was shocked. He was eight... eight years old...

  What's wrong?

  What are you talking about?

  You are an eight-year-old girl who is so amazing, why are you still asking?

  Where do you put my old face?

  The child in front of you is only 8 years old. Even if you are 4 years old and awakening the domineering, you have only been tempered for 4 years, right?

  What's more, it may not necessarily be awakened at the age of 4!