One Piece: Path to Power

Choices. Crossroads. Opportunities. Plunged into a broken world ruled by the strong, Damien must decide how his newfound life will proceed. Navigating through conflicts and alliances, his journey intertwines with the fates of powerful figures and kingdoms, challenging the very fabric of the hellish world. Set against the backdrop of the legendary One Piece universe, this tale reimagines familiar characters and lore, weaving a narrative that explores themes of power, redemption, and the indomitable spirit of adventure.  Damien's quest is not just for treasure or glory but a deeper pursuit of a truth that could change the course of history. As the tides of the Grand Line shift and churn, Damien confronts the harsh realities of the pirate world, facing challenges that test his limits and forge his legacy.  In this saga of the high seas, only the bold dare to dream, and only the strong survive. Will Damien rise to become a legend among pirates, or will the unforgiving waters claim yet another soul?  The journey to discover 'One Piece' is as perilous as it is wondrous, and for Damien, every choice and battle is a step closer to his ultimate destiny. Join him as he goes against all odds in the world of Pirates, Marines, and Revolutionaries, sailing on the Path to Power! ---------------------------------------------- Further fanfic information, QnAs and a trove of images are found here: https://discord.gg/aJHHHPvb6q Average Chapter Word Count: ~2400 words This story will be posted on RoyalRoad, ScribbleHub, Fanfiction.net, and AO3.

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130 Chs

[70] Forging History

[2900 words]


"Oden!" Yasuie roared out as he heard the familiar words uttered by the rebellious Samurai.

"Wahaha! I'm kidding, Uncle, don't slash at me!" the exiled boy yelled as the blade shot at him.

"I get it now, I'm not ready to go and leave Wano defenceless… that rat Orochi was a wake-up call."

Oden, who had a brash and bold nature, also had enough smarts to put two and two together.

After all, Orochi must have had a lot of outside help to grow under Yasuie for over a year while completely escaping the eyes of the Samurai and Ninja who were known for their stealth and surveilling nature.

A budding threat at the root of one of the major regions of Wano and no one knew about it.


Oden then looked at Damien with some thought, "Why are you helping me so much, have you decided to take me from here? Very good!"

The pirate rolled his eyes, slowly becoming immune to Oden's minuscule brain cell count.

"Didn't you hear me, Wano is a pot of gold everyone will chase after. Naturally, I will too."

"..." The frank words drew the eyes of everyone.

The pirate returned a grin and had little desire to hide his intentions.

"A turbulent event will happen soon and it will unleash the beasts onto the world in no time, even Wano won't be spared. I need my cards prepared and this land will be one of them."

Though his tone shifted to a slightly unimpressed one.

"That aside, I suggest you fix yourself up. Wano is weak right now. The Samurai are clustered; the experienced ones are getting older and the younger ones have no contact with outside threats."

"On top of that, your Ninja failed to spot a grave threat like the Kurozumi while allowing chaos to thrive in Kuri."

The pirate's face grew more and more disapproving as he finished his critique, "All in all, Wano is a mess with their only heir apparent running around like a spoiled brat."

Oden backed up, taking in invisible arrows to his chest, flopping on the floor under the volley of the stray bullets.

Kin'emon and Denjiro grumbled at the words of their homes being referred to as trash.


Damien glared at the dramatic Oden and thought to himself, 'I guess Kaido's arrival is what sharpened Wano to a decent force, but right now they're too used to peace.'

"Do yourself a favour and mend your bond with your father. Fix up your country and realign its forces," Damien advised. "Only then do you have a chance of changing the isolation policy for the betterment of Wano."

The exiled son remained quiet for a while, swamped on the floor, rethinking his life.

"Hmm, Lord Shogun won't take me back; I'm not the type to live under all those tiresome rules and traditions!"

Damien returned a shrug, "You don't have to, just mend your ties and, well, rein in your unruliness a little. If anything, you can bring the country together and take over under your father's guidance."

"Oden," Yasuie nodded from the side," if you tell the Shogun about the Kurozumi survivors, I'm sure he will favour you."

Toki clapped her hands, pleased with the way things were going.


Oden slowly stood up, "Okay, okay! Stop! I need some air to absorb all that information!"

*Whizz!* He dashed out of the room and into the busy streets of Hakumai.

His two retainers tailed him down, leaving three people at the estate.

"That boy," Yasuie muttered with a thin smile, "he's a little slow but it seems there's a budding flame in his eyes that wasn't there before."

[A Week Later]

Days went by as the time for the appointment with Katsuyoshi had come.

He had arrived at the decrepit house.

*Knock* *Knock*


"Oi, old man, if you're gonna croak, do it after my weapon is forged!"


The door slid open with a loud thwack and the hinges tore open from the force as the door frame fell apart.

"You brat! Look what you did! Now I'll have to get some lumber and fix it all, you damn kid!"

He doubled in anger once more as his very beard seemed to rise in fury.

Damien cleared his throat, "Alright, my bad. Don't burden your heart with all that blood pressure."

Katsuyoshi snorted, "I can't die till my ambition is fulfilled; death can wait like the brat he is!"

Damien found the grumpy man funny, unable to hold in his chuckle.


"Well, are you ready?" the senior swordsmith questioned the pirate.

The pirate hummed as he looked at the worn-out bin outside the house, "Say, old man, are you gonna use those swords over there?"

Katsuyoshi trailed his eyes over and saw the bin and replied with a look of distaste, "Hell no, the only thing they're useful for is scratching my back."

Damien smirked and walked over to the bin.

He opened it and was met with the shine of the masterfully crafted weapons. The pirate's hands went through the stash of dozens of weapons, choosing the best of them.

A few moments later, five swords lay on the cracked soil below. Each had also been Deprived of any minuscule dust and rust and brought to perfection. 


Katsuyoshi waddled over, "The hell you up to, you unruly squirt?"

Damien didn't answer, he simply extended a palm to the five swords.

'Complete the exchange,' he ordered Sibyl.


The {Equal Exchange} ability fired up as the blades soon hovered in the air with an ominous shiver.

A light brown hue fell on the barren lawn as the blades were freed from the handle and guard of the katana.

They began to spaz in the air, uncontrollably trembling.

*Poof* And they were gone.


Katsuyoshi blinked at the display, wiping his tired eyes as if thinking he was in an illusion. The light brown light shined once more as a purple brick of ore appeared.


It slammed into the ground, leaving a crater behind.

A bright gleam glistened from the heap of metal, shining dully in the autumn sun.

"Boy… this!"

Damien walked up and traced his fingers on the chunk of metal.


[Universellium Ore]

[An ore that had crashed in the One Piece world 1000 years ago and eventually used to craft the 12 Supreme Grade Meito.]

[Enough for 1 weapon.]


[Ore Image (in Discord)]

Damien smiled with contentment, greatly pleased with the result.

Though his body was soon shoved to the side as the feeble Katsuyoshi jumped onto the ore, hugging it with all his might.

His hands dug into the ore so much that blood dribbled out from under his weathered nails, "T-This is it! I've waited so long for this! A hundred and eighty years… my wishes have been answered!!!"

His wrinkly hands traced the metal as if hating the idea of letting go. Tears fell from his fossilized face, a deep sense of fulfillment emanating from him.


"So, old man, can you do it?"

The words brought the weeping swordsman out of his reverie. 

Katsuyoshi jumped down and ripped off his shirt, showing off thick and firm muscles; ten-pack abs and a shredded body built over a century of manual labour.

"KOKOKO! Brat, I don't know how you did it, and I don't care how you did it. just wait, I'll make a weapon worthy of carrying the weight of the heavens themselves!"

The declaration came with a resounding boom of energy that shot out in all directions, bringing the birds above and animals scurried about, to the ground, unconscious. 


The living fossil led Damien into the smithy that had been fixed up and ready to be fired up. 

*Crackle* Katsuyoshi lit the flame and added some reagents that riled up the blue fire to great proportions.

A spanning pot was prepared right above the flame, causing it to glow a blazing red.

*Purrup* The boiling heat began steaming as the moisture in the air evaporated, leaving a sizzling-hot cauldron.

Damien threw in the Universellium Ore at Katsuyoshi's command.

A wave of heat burst out that was hot enough to melt human skin. It took but a few moments to melt the solid ore into a liquid as the blue flame below continued its ravaging heat.


Katsuyoshi watched with hawk-like vision, examining the ore as it got to the desired level.


He moved fast as lightning, tilting the pot to the side, allowing the molten metal to flow into a previously prepared mould.


The air cried in agony as the heat caused an absurd amount of water vapour to materialize, blanketing the room with its foggy nature.

Katsuyoshi was not bothered; his bronze skin was long immune to such heat. He instead watched with great attention while the liquid metal filled up the mould to its necessary levels.

He moved around a metal prong that distributed the metal into every small crevice, ensuring it reached every nook and cranny.

Two hours passed as the mould was filled.

Katsuyoshi then grabbed two large hammers and went on a frenzy.







Dozens of rhythmic explosions echoed through Hakumai. They resounded every three seconds, loud enough to awaken the dead.

"What's going on?"

"Is it the final hour?"

"It's so loud!"

Thousands of people scrambled out—some panicking, some curious, some fearful.

"Calm down, you all!" Yasuie declared as he knew of what was to come.

His eyes could not help but be drawn to the huge cloud of smokey air on the distant edge of the region. "He actually got old man Katsuyoshi to work, but this ringing is a little too much!"





The unforgiving sound shook the town to its very roots.


"The heavens are angry!" a zealous old man cried out.

The others looked up and saw arcs of lightning spawn in the clouds above. Thunder crackled, further amplified by the constant clanging.

Damien narrowed his eyes, rapidly sending out particles of Pulverizing energy to break apart into electricity.

It seemed the very hammer striking the metal was enough to light it with plasma, and naturally heat.

The walls of the smithy had melted away while the loose electric charge was swept into the air, creating a thunderous cloud above. It was no heavenly phenomenon, rather, just a build-up of electrons.

Katsuyoshi breathed heavily, though he did not stop for a moment.

His hammer had already melted away, forcing him to bring out twenty spare ones.




Oden, who was sleeping under the graceful wind, was awakened by the crazy situation.

"What the hell is going on!"

He scrambled to his feet, reaching for his blades.

"Huh? Enma, Ame-no-Habakiri, what's wrong with you two?" he muttered.

The trusted weapons his seniors had gifted him were trembling. Every famed blade had sentience, the higher their quality, the higher their level of intelligence, showcasing the unique situation's effect on Oden's weapons.

He looked at the huge plume of smoke headed with a furious cloud and exclaimed, "Amazing! That's where Damien went, looks like I'm late to the party!" 

Similar things happened all over Wano.

The ones with famed swords were reacting to the creation of a new blade. While the general public was awakened by the distant clanging that echoed all through the country.

Hyogoro, Raizen and Sukiyaki, all were taken to their feet.

"What is it?"

The question was shared by most as the cloud of smoke and building storm were far too sudden and out of the ordinary.

Even Ringo, a land far North of Wano, felt rhythmic tremors.

In the cold building of the Daimyo, the very wooden floor seemed to shake.

Ushimaru could not help but unsheath his blade, "What's wrong with you?" he asked the quivering blade. "Is it that young man? Looks like he fulfilled his wishes."


Hakumai continued to shake while Katsuyoshi hammered away.

"Almost done!" he declared, though his eyes were still glued to the hot metal. The sheer crimson light was bright to the point that it could blind the average man.

"Get the handle," the swordsmith ordered Damien.

The pirate looked to the side and saw the long wooden handle made from Adam's Oak, polished and durable as a mountain.

Damien gently placed the handle into its designated area near the bottom of the blades; meanwhile, Katsuyoshi fitted the handle in place and added the necessary joints to ensure it would not come loose.

He then picked up a new hammer and went at it again.




The blade was soon complete, much to Wano's relief.


A final explosion graced the region as the banging calmed down.


"Now, brat! You got a minute before the blade wakes up, add in your sorcery with Ryuo!"

Damien did not need to be told twice.

He placed his hand on the blade ripe with flames and electricity.

*Purrup* A current of pulverizing energy channelled out from his body, through his arm and into the blade. At the same time, a bubble of gentle Emission Haki was inputting itself into the blade.

The Ryuo opened a path for the pulverizing energy to seep into the blade.

*Bzzzz* The ground began to shake as the blade rejected the energy. Damien did not stop, rather, he increased the input of Devil Fruit's power.

Second by second, the warped metal began to shake loudly as the crimson energy seeped into its very molecules, attaching itself to every atom.

The purple blade was soon transformed into a blazing red colour as it inhaled the energy. 

*Fuuuu* Crimson mist formed as the excess fruit power formed gaseous collections of destruction.


Katsuyoshi could no longer stay near, his body was soon ringing with the tiny particles of destruction leaking out, forcing him to leave. His three-foot frame waddled out from the destroyed house, meeting a tired Yasuie.

"Old man 'Yoshi, what's going on!"

The fossil couldn't care less about the mayhem as his eyes remained glued to the ruined smithy, "Hedgehog-brat, just watch, a true treasure is about to be born!"

The nearby Samurai who had arrived were also taken aback by the words.

"Oi, Oi, old man fossil, is Damien in there?" Naturally, the words came from Oden.

"Hehe, I'm going in!" As if to confirm his brash nature, Oden jumped ahead into the plume of volatile red, his curiosity taking over. A grin of pure glee was glued to the exiled noble's face as he felt the collection of hellacious energy.

*Fwooo* Yet his towering frame was soon halted.

"Whaaaat iiissss goooing oonnnnnn!!!?"

Oden's words were all jumbled up as his body was frozen in the air, a green halo surrounded his body like a shell. 

"It's better you wait here, Oden-san," a soft voice came from the side, originating from a green-haired girl.

Toki eyed the plume of smoke and warned, "Damien-san doesn't want any interruptions, please stand back!"

Yasuie narrowed his eyes onto the girl's arm which was encircled with a green ring, "I underestimated the Amatsuki girl, to think she also has such powerful sorcery from the outside world!" he muttered in shock.

At closer inspection, it was evident that Oden was not necessarily frozen in the air, rather, his body was greatly slowed down, barely moving an inch at a time. 


An explosion shook the earth. 

Cracks appeared all over the surrounding land, leaving dozens of people to lose their balance. 

"What now?" Kin'emon muttered in the wake of the boom. 

Hundreds of people stared at the origin of the smoke as they felt the air change. 

Toki released Oden who fell to the ground with a thud, his swords trembling louder and louder. 

"Wahahaha!" the samurai laughed, glancing up from the floor with burning eyes. "That guy got an incredible weapon!"

The onlookers watched as the air grew sharp and a howling wind broke out. 




Rhythmic steps resounded under the shadow cast by the smoke and slowly but surely, a silhouette was visible. 

"…" Silence pervaded as the figure cleared up. 

Damien's familiar stature was seen as he held up a mighty weapon with his left hand. 

A wide shadow was cast under the blazing blade. 

Yasuie gulped at the sight of the newly born weapon. It had a dull staff-like handle that was connected to the body of a great sword. It was beyond an orthodox blade; the metal body held together a thick blade which coiled around and formed a pincer-like edge with seething red mist emanating from the dreaded weapon.

Katsuyoshi looked at the spectacle, unable to stop his tears of joy. The man's olden voice resounded the region, filled with emotion and pride, "There it is… the Thirteenth Blade!"

[Image (in Discord)]


The sun was perfect at noon, shining a single ray through the hellish cloud above and onto the pirate grasping the violent weapon. 

A few words escaped the pirate's mouth as his eyes were locked onto the pulsating blade, "You will be 'Ryushi' meaning 'particle' as you render everything to dust." 

The weapon responded with an audible hum, emanating with tyrannous spirit, declaring its birth to all of Wano and the world beyond. 

To Be Continued…


Author's Corner.

That's a checkmark on the two main things Damien wanted in Wano, I wonder if a few bonuses are coming his way before he leaves.

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