67 [62] An Ultimate-Class Devil Fruit

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Join or Die.


"Um, it's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Amatsuki Toki."

"Can you tell me what year it is?"


She had long light green hair and a young beautiful face.

The girl was wearing a pink kimono with crescent moons imprinted upon it. A blue cloth wrapping over her abdomen and a flower ornament with a chain of pearls on the right side of her hair.

Open legs and yellow boots.

She even had a sword tied on her left waist, covered with a red scabbard.


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(Damien POV)

Amatsuki Toki as in the future wife of Oden, Kozuki Toki?!

How can she be here?

Wait, she looks younger than from what I remember...

She was 26 when she met Oden, she looks around 18 now.


My confusion aside, I did answer her question.

"Hmm, well it's currently the start of the fifth month of the year 1484."


Kuzan, however, has trouble reining in his stupidity sometimes as he comments,

"Oh, Damien-san, look! A Neechan with big bazongas!"


I sighed and raised a fist.


"Have some respect, kid." I scolded him as he held his head and rolled on the ground in great pain.


Toki blinked for a bit but then, *GRUMBLE*

She slightly blushed but regained her composure once more, "Um, can I bother you for some food."


I was thinking about how to handle this matter but I guess I'll wait for a bit.

I saw her naivety, no wonder she almost got captured by enslavers in the future.

I nodded, "Follow me."


[A While Later]


"So, Toki is it. My name is Damien and this is Kuzan."

She seemed a bit stumped from our names, I guess she's used to those Japenese type names.

I could tell she was raised by a rich family as her eating manners were quite elegant, unlike Kuzan who was munching away like a shounen protagonist.

Not minding her thoughts, I ask, "Do you even know where you are?"


"I don't know, this wasn't supposed to happen... something pulled me here beyond my control." She answered with some hesitation.

I hummed, "Hmm, it was obviously a fruit power that brought you here."


She thought for a second, "I did eat a terrible tasting fruit a long time ago... it allowed me to jump forward in time. I think I jumped 25 years but somehow it's only been 15 years and here I am. I do not know why it happened."


'Sibyl?' I asked in my head.

[Hmm, to overpower a devil fruit requires great authority. Ask her if she felt something odd during her journey.] She advised.


"Toki, did you feel something odd this time around? Something you never felt in your past jumps?" I asked her.

She tapped her cheek in a thinking posture and then clicked, "Oh! There was this thing I had received with my fruit over 800 years ago. Um, one second..."


Toki then reached into her kimono sleeve and brought out a small blue cube. It was about 5 cubic centimeters in size.

The item was pulsating with energy and light as it floated in the air.


It was like a mini Tesseract.

'This feeling!' I remarked as I felt familiarity.


"Oh my, it's never been this excited before. Ah!" Toki was caught off guard as the cube started shaking in her small hands.

*Rattle* *Rattle*


A small pop-like sound went off as the cube shattered and the contents were revealed.

[Damein...] Sibyl called out.

'I know,' I replied as I understood what was going on.


The small glob of light neared me as its description pulled in my head.


[Memory Shard 2/3]

[Collect all 3 shards to play a message left behind by the original System User.]


Well damn.


The orb shook a little as it rushed towards me and into my heart.


"Ah Damien-san, I-I don't know why..." Toki was a bit petrified thinking I was hurt from it.

I waved off her worry, "I'm fine. I also now understand why this happened."

She waited for me to explain.

I smiled, "Can you first tell me where you found it?"


Toki nodded and went on to say, "Nearly 800 years ago, I stumbled upon a man while escaping my pursuers. The giant man wore a large straw hat that hid his eyes as he looked at me with amusement."

She then frowned, "He didn't do much except say a single phrase, I still remember it now..."


"He said, 'if you do me a favour then I shall save you from your fate.'"

Toki then sighed.


"I could only nod, I hadn't eaten in days at that time and in my young body, I simply lacked the energy to even speak. He then smiled at my appearance and took out odd-shaped green fruit with patterns printed on it."

"I ate it without question as I was dead either way."


"He then passed me that small blue cube and a letter with odd symbols and asked me to keep in on my me at all times. With that, he simply disappeared."


She shook her head, "I lost hope once more as my pursuers neared me. I was preparing for the worst but suddenly my body started glowing and I was thrown centuries into the future until I realized my new powers."


I thought over her words and made note of the Straw Hat, "Do you have the note?"


She nodded and took out a small sheet of paper.

Oddly enough, it seemed as if it were written the day before as its condition was great.


I flipped open the note and saw letters. Odd hieroglyph-like symbols, which I recognized immediately.

I focused my hearing upon the words as they sounded in my ears.

A deep voice with a magnetic tone broke out.


(I do not have enough time. I will leave this note here for my successor, the one who eats this fruit shall bring it to you, no matter how many centuries it may take!)

(If you can hear my words, then continue to collect the other shards, I await you then!)


The voice then went away as silence rained in.


I nodded at the words, "Hmm, I see. This letter was directed to me, thank you for keeping it with you till now." I thanked her, after all, she could have thrown it away quite easily.

"No, no, I held it as a way to thank the one who saved me. It was my duty." She said humbly.


Kuzan was looking back and forth between us, "Ahem! Can anyone tell me what you're talking about?"


I looked at the lazy ice-boy.

"Kuzan, perhaps you should resume your training while I continue my chat with Toki."

He made a scowl, "hah? I have to work my bones while you chat with a beautiful nee-chan? No way."

I sighed at his antics but Toki laughed.

"Ara, you are a sweet child."


Kuzan looked smug as he shied away, I guess he has minimal contact with girls, let alone someone as pretty as Toki.


"Say, Toki, how old are you now?" It might be a bit rude but I was curious.

She thought for a second, "I am 17 years and 2 months by now."


I smiled, "You call me 'san' even though you are older. That aside, what do you intend to do now?"


Toki hesitated, "I-I wish to see my home. I was born into a prestigious family but have never actually been there. I have always wished to see the place my family lived in."

I nodded as I recalled her backstory and her quest before she met Oden.


I then answer, "From your clothing and manner, I assume you mean the Land of Samurai, the Country of Wano?"


Toki's eyes brightened as she smiled as she cutely nodded, "Yes! I have always wanted to see my country!"

I chuckled at her reaction, "I intend to go there to learn the technique to flow one's strength. I can take you there if you'd like but it will be in at least a few months."


This offer wasn't just to thank her for the Memory Shard but also because I wanted to understand her fruit.

I mean, it can literally send you forward an x amount of years!

Time itself is a major Law and such power would surely be worth studying.


Toki's face blossomed into a beautiful smile and she slightly bowed humbly, "Yes, thank you for your kindness, Damien-san."


[The Following Afternoon]




"That Ogre actually got caught!"


I couldn't help but laugh as I heard what my birds told me.


"Hmm? Did something nice happen, Damien-san?" Toki asked as she saw me dying of laughter.

I nodded as I wiped a tear from my eye.


"Haha... well you see, Toki, one of my companions got arrested by one of the powerful marines I told you about."

She seemed confused, "Shouldn't you be worried for him?"


"Ha! That guy will be fine. I can defeat him right now but his body is as thick as a hundred mountains. Plus, they won't kill him. If anything they may study his body and torture him, nothing too bad." I waved her off.


"Oh, is it Kaido of the Beasts! I heard he's quite strong." Chibi-Kuzan asked.

I nodded, "Yep, to think that idiot was so loud with his movements to let Garp catch whiff. *Sigh* I'll just wait till Xebec comes out, I'm sure he'll attack the Marines and we can get him then."


I then sent Kuzan out to train as Toki was now left with me.


"Say, Toki, have you ever thought to develop your fruit power?" I asked her.

She thought to herself while scrunching her eyebrows, "hmm... not really. I never had to train much as I could always get away from any enemies." She admitted.

I nodded, she wasn't a fighter and it was easier to time-jump than to fight back.


I then pulled out an item from my {Inventory}.


"Here, put this on," I tossed her a pendant.

She looked at the item and nodded.

I was a bit concerned about her trust as she is quite naive, she's lucky to only have met some fodders otherwise she would easily be captured.



The pendant clicked on as Toki shuddered and started feeling weak.

*Heavy Breathing*

"D-Damien-san, w-what is this?" She huffed as she fell to her knees.


"Try your fruit power now, Toki," I told her.

She weakly nodded and closed her eyes.


Nothing happened.

"H-How? My powers!?" Her eyes opened wide as she felt great weakness.


"Toki, you know the weakness of our powers, no?"

To which she nodded hastily, "The sea, it has cursed us."


"Yes, and this item is made of something called 'Seastone'. It acts as a substitute for seawater and prevents us from using our powers." I explained.

She was surprised by my words as she thought over them.

I crouched down and removed the pendant from her thin wrist.


"I'm telling you this because this type of ore, though rare, can be found in the hands of the marines or some very powerful pirates. If you end up in their hands then you will be locked up, unable to escape." I said.


She looked at me with a solemn expression and pleaded, "Thank you for opening my eyes, Damien-san."

She then fidgeted a bit, "Can you teach me to use my powers then?"


'Sibyl, pull up her fruit.' I asked.


(This is my OC version)

[Time Time Fruit (Toki Toki no Mi)]

[Paramecia Fruit | Special Type]

[Fruit Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟]

[Allows the user to manipulate time in the forward direction.]

[Allows the user the ability to transport themselves or others into the future. The time jump can be specified.]

[Cannot be used to send anyone to the past.]

[User becomes a Fast-Forwarding Human]


"From what I can see, your fruit specializing in sending yourself or others to the future. But I feel like you can also do it to things. As in, literally age things by concentrating upon them."

"If you can freely apply this ability to things then you can surely become stronger," I informed her.

[A/N: This does not really follow canon, I just feel like this fruit can be so much more.]


Toki earnestly listened to my words nodding throughout.

"If you truly wish to become stronger then I can surely help you. However, Toki, "

"Why do you wish for such a thing?"

"Do you intend to run till the end of time?"

"Even if you can get stronger, what then?"


"What is your purpose?"


I unload a few questions upon her, each causing her to grow more and more perplexed.

"That aside, what can you offer me for my help?"


I do like her fruit, but if she just jumps forward after my help, then it would be a waste of my time. Plus, I also want her to give me a reason why she persists. Why not just give up, what drives her.

She seemed quite struck by my question as she started thinking.


"You needn't answer me now, think it over. After all, the trip to Wano is months away."

I then left to train as I wanted to give her space.


'Sibyl, can I mimic the fruit?'

[No. It is not possible to mimic Ultimate Type fruits as they tap World Laws.] She answered.



The Split Split was only a 5-star fruit so it was mimicable but since the Time Fruit is 7-stars, it cannot be replicated.


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Author's Corner:

So, her fruit.

Here's how I see Toki:

A girl with the power to jump through time.

She subconsciously only used the Time Jump to save herself.

It is a 7-star fruit so it doesn't simply come to your mind and is different than other fruits.

She was chased around yet had a way to run away with a 100% success rate.

She does not have a real ambition so she never even tried to fully understand her powers.

I mean why would you? 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it.' She never needed to fight or train if she can just hit the 'RETURN TO MAIN MENU" button.

Now, Damien asked her what she wants with her life and IF she answers with true zeal then he will experiment to see how an Ultimate Type Fruit works and help her out.

Naturally, he will also try and bring her under his banner if it is worth the investment.

Thanks for reading!


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