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Life and Death*[Rewritten]

NOTICE!!: Rewrite of my 1st fanfic [One Piece: Nico...bla bla bla]

*Rewrite will be 48 chapters long*

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A nineteen-year-old boy was lying down on a lavish bed, he had a handsome brown face with a well-defined jawline with a trimmed beard. His dark black shoulder-length hair and well-trained muscles could be seen at a glance. He was above five feet in height and looked a little young. Unfortunately, he was heavily bandaged all over his body and a lot of medical equipment was monitoring his body's condition. Many armed men in black coats guarded the room and not even a fly could enter without eating a bullet. 

"How is his condition?" A well-dressed old man in a black coat asked the doctor who was sweating buckets. This young boy was not an ordinary patient, whether he lived or not would determine the fate of the doctor's own life and his family.

A younger Nico Robin dressed very conservatively also sat beside the young boy and looked towards the doctor worriedly. The curse of the devil child was once again trying to mess with her life, anyone who got embroiled with her would suffer a messy end and she would end up as the only survivor, just like the current situation.

"Young master was heavily injured last night's surprise attack, he has suffered serious bullet injuries. Luckily I managed to preserve his life but unfortunately, he is currently in a critical vegetative state. If he doesn't wake up in the next twelve hours, his life will be in danger." The doctor spits out the factxx without mincing his words. His work ethic wouldn't allow him to lie even if his life was at stake, being the family doctor he has been associated with this mafia family for generations.

"Doctor Ross, Victor Moriyarty is the only heir to the Moriyaty family's immense legacy after his parent's untimely death. We both have been serving this family for three generations, I hope you understand the gravity of this situation, If he doesn't wake up there will be unprecedented bloodshed in the West Blue which will certainly reach BlackRock."

"Mr. Hugh, I have done everything humanely possible to heal his external injury but the young master has to overcome the internal battle on his own. I can only pray for his quick recovery because I will equally be on the chopping block with my family if he doesn't. The other three gangs will come after our heads, I know that better than anyone. No one expected them to ambush us on the night of the wedding when the security was slacking, that cowardly bastard Capone Bege." Doctor Ross finally snapped and blurted out.

Everyone in the room tensed up and looked toward the young mistress, Nico Robin.

Last night she became the wife of the young master in the Moriarty Family but the ambush ruined the joyous atmosphere. Several of their men were heavily injured and a few of their men also lost their lives. Even though they were used to betrayals and bloodshed, no one was prepared for that night.

"Doctor Ross! Mind your words, you are too eager to die it seems." Mr. Hugh Sabini, the family butler as well as the consigliere of the Moriarty Family interrupted.

Normally if the situation were not this dire, Ross's head would have been sliced off for transgression by now. But he was not willing to kill the family doctor for the young miss who had just married into the family yesterday.

Also, the marriage was too sudden, Master Victor suddenly announced he wanted to get married after meeting this unknown lady one day without consulting anyone. Maybe he was trying to cope with his grandfather's death. Don Adolf Moriarty, an infamous swordmaster who ruled over one of the five great underworld families in the West Blue.

*Sigh* "It's quite late, escort Mr. Ross to the guestroom and guard the young master from outside. Miss Robin, I will trust you to take care of Victor and inform us immediately if anything happens." 

"Yes Mr. Hugh, thank you for the hard work," She said as everyone left the room one by one. After the door closed Nico Robin suddenly burst into tears while holding his hands.

"You are leaving me too like everyone? You promised that you would protect me, you liar." Tears began to slide down her cheeks as she wept for hours before finally falling asleep on the chair while holding hands. She was tired of running away, she had hoped this time would be different but it was not.


Meanwhile in a distant space:

"Varun Batra, do you have any regrets about your past deeds? The blood of your slain enemies can fill up a dry lake.", An ethereal and intimidating voice echoed in a vast hall floating in the void as a giant shadowy figure looked down on him as he felt a powerful force trying to make him kneel. But Varun did not panic, he was trained as an elite commando before he became a vigilantee and he held firm determination in his principles.

He gritted his teeth due to the immense pain and replied slowly word by word, " Regrets? Regrets are for those who falter, for those who question their purpose. I stand by my every decision and actions. Each drop of blood shed was for a cause greater than any individual life. My enemies chose their path, and I followed mine until I put them where they belonged, six feet under. If you seek to break my spirit, you will find it unbreakable. If you seek remorse, you will find none. I would do it all over again if I get a chance without any hesitation. Whatever you are, If you seek my fear, you won't find any ."

"Very interesting, you are a brave human!" With that, the overwhelming force attempting to bend Varun to his knees eased, and the feeling of immense gut-wrenching pain subsided.

"Indeed, none of your enemies were innocent and deserve to rot in the depths of hell. Born and raised in a Military Household, Orphaned at the young age of 16, joined the Special Forces at 18 with exceptional performance, dishonorably discharged for murdering your Commander who tried to molest a child in a warzone, then working as an infamous bounty hunter for Interpol until your handler betrayed you for money."

"Did those bastards survive the blast?"

"No, all your enemies including your handler who ambushed you were blown up by the bomb you had planted in their HQ before dying. They will be enjoying their afterlife in the deepest pits of hell for eternity."

"Good!" Varun finally sighed relieved, his death was not in vain. Finally, he was at peace, he had accomplished his goal of wiping out the crime lords and corrupt politicians, and he had created fear in those who think they are above the law and justice. His only regret was he didn't have any family to mourn his death.

After a brief moment of silence, the astral figure spoke in a deep voice, "I can give you another chance at life but I have a condition. You have to kill one person, when and how you do it will be up to you."

"It can't be so easy if an almighty omnipotent being like you cannot solve it yourself," Varun replied.

"This omniverse is bound by strict laws and rules, I exist in a higher plane that mortals like you cannot fathom. Breaking those rules will have serious consequences which may lead to the universe collapsing from my presence. But you Varun can do the work as my hitman while I can focus on more important tasks."

'Clearly, this guy is lazy and wants to laze around.'

"You are thinking too loudly Varun! Guarding multiple universes from existential threats is not an easy job if I say so myself. So what's your answer?"

"Interesting! So you can also read my thoughts too. Well, it seems you were not bluffing earlier, I accept your offer. Tell me about my target."

"Good decision! You will be sent to the world of One Piece in a suitable host body. The world has descended into darkness with a few rats claiming to be Gods and Emperors exploiting the world. I need you to kill the imposter named Imu. The opponent is very strong and influential so there is no time limit for your mission."

"Stop the cap, are you crazy? How can a fictional world exist in reality." Varun was shocked by the sudden revelation but his rational puny brain wasn't ready to accept such revelations.

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