204 Chapter 204

The idea of stopping a war with war and stopping killing with killing seems paradoxical and counterintuitive to him, it defies conventional wisdom.

Consider those individuals, far removed from the politics of nations, who haven't yet returned home, oblivious to the impending catastrophe, having their countries eradicated for no apparent reason is incomprehensible.

To think that this sudden inexplicable eradication of their homeland and family's demise instills fear, but without the necessary fuel for anger and hatred.

It would just be a funny joke. Because one day these people with anger will rise above their fear and peace will be lost.

In the face of such a situation, Carnes foresees the emergence of individuals with even more extreme and dark philosophy, understanding than Nagato himself. It was an inevitable truth.

Nagato's thought process, Carnes acknowledges, is a twisted marvel.

Even Demiurge, with his profound understanding of the world, a being of vast intelligence, would struggle to understand such thinking.

It's akin to playing a game with both sides, each move more enigmatic than the last.

Where both sides are vying for dominance, each move and countermove revealing the complexity and unpredictability of human nature in the throes of conflict.

Before them unfolded a spectacle of calculated moves, an array of strategic operations unfolding seamlessly.

Destroying villages, killing people, ending their lives. The ruthlessness displayed left the opposing side virtually paralyzed, poised to concede defeat.

They were left on the verge of capitulation.

Yet, when the decisive moment arrived, you turned with an unexpected revelation.

Then came the surprising revelation. With a nonchalant turn, our protagonist disclosed a plan not rooted in bloodshed but in strategic brilliance.

The intention was to eradicate the source of revival – the spring water. In doing so, the need for taking lives would be obviated. A plan that sought to rewrite the narrative of conflict and resurrection.

The question lingered in the air—was this a stroke of genius?

The gravity of this revelation hung in the air, leaving Carnes and Demiurge exchanging silent glances.

The once intense discourse took a sudden turn, the silence becoming more profound as they absorbed the unexpected revelation.

Meanwhile, Naruto, standing amidst the unfolding battlefield, found himself bewildered by the unprecedented actions displayed by Deva Path.

It was a sight to behold, a tactic so novel that even the seasoned Naruto was left flabbergasted.

Despite his extensive growth and experiences, this scenario was unprecedented—a script-like operation executed with the analytical precision of a stone man's mind.

A glimmer of hope for a non-lethal resolution emerged. After a brief contemplation, Naruto raised his voice in protest.

"But this peace, it's nothing but a facade, it's simply a lie!"

He vehemently retorted after a moment of contemplation.

Deva Path, however, shook his head, countering with a conviction that resonated with a broader perspective.

"Humans aren't inherently creatures that understand this. Without such measures, true peace is unattainable."

"If I don't do this, I can't establish peace!"

Carnes, overhearing these words, found himself perplexed, a look of incredulity crossing his face.

Prompting three metaphorical black lines to be drawn across his forehead.

The urge to inform Nagato about the overestimation of his own intelligence was palpable.

Perhaps, he mused, the world did not need to be limited to the confines of a brain that shared the same ideas—it was better if it were broader and more complex.




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