43 Chapter 43 The Fruit of Silence

Just as Will was laughing and embarrassed, he suddenly heard Nami lean into his ear and say in a seductive tone, "It's a pity that all those beautiful clothes have been burned, especially the black one."

Will immediately looked up with a firm gaze and said, "When we get to the next island, I'll go with you to buy it."

"Do you have money?"

"Of course we have! Don't we still have over 100 million belis' of treasure in there?" Will was stunned.

Then he heard Nami laughingly say, "Didn't you give away all those treasures~"

"Or Is it possible that you want to use my money to buy my own clothes, Captain?" Nami gasped, particularly seductively!

Will, who was set upon by her divine logic, took a deep breath!

Nami's expression was so pitiful that Will was seriously pondering whether he was too scum or not...

If one day he can bring Nami back to Earth, there won't be any pressure for her to win the Oscar every year right?

It took a long time for Will to slow down, and then he said with difficulty, "How can I do that? I just remembered that I seem to have some money left here, which should be enough to buy clothes for you."

Dealing with a drama queen is really physically and mentally exhausting!

In view of Nami's importance and indeed her eye-catching role, Will chose to back down for a moment.

Nami, who had won the arguments, was very happy and took the rare initiative to take over the helm, leaving Will and Koby with time to train.

There was hardly any technique, Will and Koby were just doing basic physical training.

Will didn't panic because he had the confidence in his heart, and the reason for arranging this kind of training for Koby was to let him lay a good foundation, after all, whether it was high-end physical skills, such as the navy six styles.

Or finding a potential devil fruit for Koby, all of which requires a strong body to support!

Not to mention the high-end power of Haki, all those who can use it have gone through a thousand refinements and have made great breakthroughs in spirit and body!

Although he has no experience in teaching apprentices, and he doesn't know anything profound about technique himself, he can't go wrong with a good foundation first!

When the opportunity arose, they could also 'find' the Navy's six styles for Koby to train.

So the master and disciple began to sweat to their heart's content on the deck.

In the process, Will, who kept repeating an action, wondered where his mind had flown to.

He was considering whether to keep the newly-arrived Devil Fruit for himself, or simply give it to Nami or Koby to enhance their self-defence ability, as he couldn't always protect them.

As in the case of the previous attack, of course, it was not only due to his carelessness and ego, but it was also due to the fact that Nami and Koby were taken hostage and his hands were tied.

It's just that the Devil Fruit's ability didn't directly enhance their strength, but rather assisted them.

Will had probably guessed the name of the fruit, after remembering how the glasses man used it and, he had confirmed his suspicions!

The Fruit of Silence!

That is to say, the brother of Doflamingo, the benefactor of Law, the spy sent by the Fleet Admiral, with multiple identities, it's Corazon's devil fruit!

After Corazon was killed by Doflamingo, the devil fruit was reborn again in the West Blue Sea and the man with the glasses got it!

The fruit of silence, as the name implies, is the creation of a position that eliminates all sound!

It is very useful for assassination or infiltration, but it is not really helpful in frontal combat, and the limitations of this fruit can be seen from the end of Corazon and the failure of the man with the glasses to sneak in.

This is one of the reasons why Will did not want to give the fruit to Nami or Koby.

After all, both Nami and Kony are not as special as him, only being able to eat one Devil Fruit, so their devil fruit must be chosen very carefully to fit in with their future style.

From this, Will also came up with some abilities that would be suitable for Nami and Koby, plus his Infinity Gauntlet could collect the Devil fruit energy that was spilled after the death of the ability holder, and then merge it again on ordinary fruit.

This also opened up Will's brain for a while!

He is finally not limited to collecting uneaten devil fruit, as long as he can kill the person with the ability he likes, and then use the Infinity Gauntlet to condense it before the energy overflows and escapes then it's his!

And according to Will's calculations, the speed of this spillover is about 3 minutes after the death of the ability user!

So he underestimated the power of the Infinity Gauntlet!

He just doesn't know if this ability comes with it or is a new ability derived from absorbing the sea stone.

Anyway, since verifying this fact, Will has been in extreme excitement!

There are so many capable pirates on the Grand Line, among which there are quite a few weaklings with strong devil fruit, Will is going to specially pick some capable pirates to hunt down.

In this way, he would be able to collect a large amount of devil fruit!

There's a lot of room for maneuvering about matching abilities!

He can also find a reliable Devil Fruit for Nami and Koby as well.

Even if the three of them didn't like the devil fruit, he can still use it to strengthen himself!

 It's not definitely considered a waste!

Originally, Will was worried that his body was not strong enough to accommodate the energy impact of the third Devil Fruit.

But now, he is not afraid anymore, he'll use a few 'useless' devil fruits to strengthen his body first, and then pick a few powerful fruits that are awesome and embed them in the Infinity Gauntlet!

This is the rhythm of invincibility!

Will was in the middle of bliss!

There was another reason why Will chose to leave this Silent Fruit behind instead of just absorbing it and strengthening his body.

It was because of the character of the Fruit of Silence!

What is the principle of sound propagation?

It's a vibration!

The medium produces sound only when it vibrates!

And rather than the fruit of silence 'muting' sound, the force field it creates eliminates all medium vibrations!

No more vibrations, no more sound, naturally!

Does this explanation remind you of anything?

Yes, it is possible that the fruit of the earthquake, which is said to have the ability to destroy the world, will be overcome by the fruit of the silence, which looks like a chicken!

Once the holder triggers the vibrations, the other can cancel them!

A relationship of natural restraint!

Will kept it not because he has any idea about Whitebeard, in fact, even if Whitebeard is now long sick and old, and his combat power has been reduced by an unknown amount!

But it is not something that Will can challenge at this time, even with the restraint of the Silent Fruit!

It is not so much the fruit of the quake that has made Whitebeard what he is today, but rather the fact that the fruit has grown into astonishing brilliance in the hands of the already powerful Whitebeard!

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