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"Boss, you're back!?"

At night, when Dewey returned to the hotel, Karina and Nami rushed towards him.

Two women and one person pulled Dewey's arm to check his body for injuries.

After seeing that he didn't seem to be fighting with others, Karina just breathed a sigh of relief, and said with a grimace in her eyes: "Boss, should you give us an explanation?"


Nami also puffed up her face slightly, annoyed: "I wanted to go shopping, but I was almost scared to death by your last words! Boss, you will do some dangerous things in the future, can you not hide us , What difficulties can we face together!"

"Sorry, I worried you."

Dewey touched the heads of Karina and Nami, then took their fragrant shoulders, and sat down on a couch.

Then, Dewey took out the domineering handwriting and handed it to Kalina, saying: "Karina, this is for you."

"what is this?"

Karina opened her eyes, her eyes widened: "Domineering!?"


Nami hurriedly came to Karina's side, looked at the contents of the diary with her, and said: "Armed and domineering, is this the boss you said domineering?"

"Not only the armed color, but also the seeing and hearing color and the overlord color behind it."

Dewey held the back of his head in both hands, looked up at the ceiling, and said with a sense of relief: "I just visited a big man and successfully got a domineering letter from him."

"Boss... Thank you for your hard work."

Hearing this, Karina put down the diary, suddenly hugged Dewey's arm, and said softly.

Nami seemed to have thought of something, she also walked to the back of the sofa, holding Dewey's neck, the nascent Opie pressed against his head, and said gently: "I misunderstood you, boss."

The two wise women, from Dewey's words, can understand why Dewey is hiding them.

There is no doubt that that big man must be Dewey who is even the natural ability person, and he is definitely not a terrifying existence of his opponent.

Judging from Dewey's backhands, the opponent did not know Dewey and might even become an enemy, so Dewey did not dare to take them there.

In fact, it is true.

When Dewey decided to look for Raleigh, he was prepared for the worst.

But the domineering cultivation method is not so easy to handle, and there are very few people who can provide him with domineering use and improvement methods.

In order to learn domineering as soon as possible and increase his strength to start the next plan, Dewey still risked being found to kill Xiao Ba and went to Island 13.

What he bet on was the character of Raleigh and Shaqi.

He didn't know the relationship between Xiao Ba and them, and he came with news of the son of One Piece.

He believes that Raleigh and Shaqi will not kill him, even if they are intent on killing him, he still has a back hand.

Fortunately, Xia Qi didn't really have eyes and hands, and her intelligence didn't spread all over the world.

And Raleigh did not worry that Dewey would disclose the information of the Son of One Piece to others, in order to protect Ace and kill him.

Dewey not only got the domineering manuscript, but also successfully comprehended the tricolor domineering.

The second learning function of the game system, in addition to the devil fruits that can be obtained by eating, such as swordsmanship, physical skills, domineering and other abilities that can be obtained through practice, as long as you have practice or use methods, you can instantly understand.

Others need to be awakened to master, and Dewey is to master to awaken.

This is the benefit of capability dataization!

"From tomorrow, you will begin to practice domineering."

Feeling the touch from his head and arms, Dewey opened his eyes and said to Karina and Nami.


Karina and Nami nodded again and again.

After Dewey's popularization and understanding of the horror of the nature department, the two women knew the importance of domineering.

Before they had not found the Devil Fruit that met them, the two women were more relaxed, but now they have the domineering handwriting, so they will not hinder Dewey in the future, they have to start practicing hard.

"Next, I can finally show my skills."

Dewey was particularly happy at this time.

He has fruit, swordsmanship, and domineering, and only physical skills are left. When they reach a certain level, Dewey can become a strong man with both mental skills and physical skills.

The three navy generals and the four pirate emperors in the new world, each of them is a super powerhouse with both mental and physical skills.

The unilateral strongest person is at best a first-class strong, and the emperor's deputy who can play against generals for a while is still not their opponent.

And now, Dewey has the potential to enter the first echelon.

With the domineering coveted, Dewey didn't have to go to the new world in such a hurry.

Anyway, the devil fruit in the new world is more than two years away from its release, and it is still not found in the past.

Dewey is ready to harvest some experience points in the Chambord Islands and upgrade himself.

As a result, the pirates of the Chambord Islands suffered.


Chambord Island No. 21 Island, Civilian Street.

From the 21st to the 24th are illegal areas where pirates gather, where fighting scenes often occur.

Everyone is a fanatic who has opened one of the seven routes and finally gathered here, because of the level of the bounty, no one is convinced.

It is very normal to provoke each other and fight against each other if they disagree.

Even the residents here are used to it.

In the chaotic tavern, the pirates laughed wildly.


At this time, an invisible mental storm suddenly swept the entire tavern from the outside to the inside.

The little girls who were dancing in a carnival, the gorgeous dancers, and the bartender and the boss who were bartending drinks all seemed to have been hit by a stick behind their backs, their entire complexion dull, their eyes rolled and fell to the ground.

In less than ten seconds, the tavern, which was extremely noisy just now, became extremely quiet.

"Fa...what happened!?"

The only one who stayed awake was a strong man who hugged left and right in the corner.

The three-meter-tall figure is very burly, and the naked upper body is covered with large and small, which symbolizes the scars of the warriors on the sea, and the appearance is also a fierce and evil type.

But now, this brawny man, who can shock the weak and even stun ordinary people based on his appearance, is now the same as the weak facing him before, shouting in horror: "Hey, hello... What are you doing? Wake up quickly, don't joke about Laozi!!!"

"No need to shout, your men have fainted."

A figure that looked very short compared to the strong man walked in, with one hand resting on the hilt of the knife around his waist, and the other hand holding a reward order. When he saw that the strong man looked the same as above, he pulled it out. The knife came out of its sheath and said: "It's really hard for you to travel a long distance to the Chambord Islands, but your journey can come to an end."

"Goodbye, Valentin Keith, the new Pirate star offering a bounty of 76 million Bailey-"Heavy Axe Fanatic". "

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