One Piece: Lost in the Tutorial

In the treacherous waters of the North Blue, where pirates rule with an iron fist and mercy is a rare commodity, a young man named Blake finds himself thrust into a perilous situation. Through some unfathomable twist of fate, his consciousness is transmigrated into the frail and sickly body of a cabin boy aboard a ruthless pirate ship. The crew, far from the romanticized image of swashbuckling adventurers, embodies the darkest aspects of piracy, showing no remorse in their cruelty, and Blake is an easy target. However, just as hope begins to fade, an unexpected glimmer of salvation appears before Blake in the form of a mysterious text box: [Synchronization complete. The Tutorial System shall commence operations] Here's all you need to know before you start reading: The story begins with a more serious tone, highlighting the harsh realities of piracy and the struggles faced by Blake in his weakened state. But as the events progress, the narrative takes on the whimsical, lighthearted tone that One Piece is most known for. Similarly, the MC will start off as stern and serious due to his circumstances, but he'll grow more lighthearted and carefree as he begins to overcome the challenges presented to him one after the other. The chapters will be a blend of Blake's first-person POV and third-person POV, making it easier to tell the story from different perspectives. As for the most frequently asked question of whether this is a harem story or not, the answer is, I don't know. I go with the flow in my writing and develop the story in the way that makes the most sense to me, so if it made sense for the MC to have a harem, then he'll have a harem. If not, then he won't have a harem. The same goes for romance.

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The Sea King #17

Auhtor's note: power stones.. you have them, and you know what to do with them...


As the last of the rafts settled into the water, Blake braced himself for the impending battle. But before he could even take a breath, the tranquil waves began to churn violently. A colossal serpent-like head emerged from the depths, its cold yellow eyes fixated on Blake with an unnerving intensity.

Blake could only stare in awe as more of the sea king's massive form emerged, towering over him with a daunting presence. Resembling the notorious Lord of the Coast, a sea king known to terrorize the coasts of Foosah village, this creature was even larger and adorned with metallic-like scales that shimmered in the sunlight.

"Well, anything less and I would have been disappointed after all these years of training," Blake remarked with a grin, reaching for a bone javelin at his feet. "Let's see how tough those scales of yours really are."

With a steady hand, Blake hurled the javelin toward the sea king's neck, the impact producing a deafening metallic clang. Though it scraped against the beast's scales, it did little to deter the sea king, only fueling its rage.

Enraged by Blake's boldness, the sea beast unleashed a deafening roar, its massive tail emerging from the water and hurtling toward Blake's raft with deadly intent.

With a sharp intake of breath, Blake sprang into action, swiftly grabbing a bundle of bone javelins from the raft and launching himself into the air with Geppo. His reflexes saved him just in time, narrowly avoiding the fate of the raft as it splintered and sank beneath the roiling waves. 

Unfazed by the sea king's ferocity, Blake circled around it with fluid movements, maintaining a safe distance while hurling bone javelins at the colossal creature.

Despite his efforts, the javelins caused only superficial damage, frustrating Blake to no end. But before he could dwell on his disappointment, the sea king suddenly submerged its head into the water.

 "Is this guy trying to make a run for it...?" Blake muttered, his brow furrowing with suspicion. Opting for caution, he remained on high alert without acting rashly.

Confirming Blake's suspicions, the sea king resurfaced, its cheeks bulging unnaturally. Without warning, it unleashed a powerful jet of seawater directly at Blake. 

Caught off guard and with no time to dodge, Blake instinctively raised his arms to shield himself, bracing for the impact. The force of the water struck him with a painful blow, sending him hurtling backward into the air.

After a brief tumble through the air, Blake managed to regain his balance using Geppo. Glancing down at his arms, he winced at the sight of scrapes and bruises covering them, the pain throbbing with each movement. But there was little time to dwell on his injuries as he refocused his attention on the Sea King, which was gearing up for another assault.

Anticipating the incoming deluge, Blake swiftly dodged out of harm's way, leaping onto the second raft and grabbing another bundle of bone javelins as he evaded the attack. He took a moment to catch his breath, eyeing the sea king as it dipped beneath the waves to replenish its arsenal.

As the sea king resurfaced, jaws agape, ready to unleash another onslaught, Blake seized the opportunity. With a precise throw, he launched a javelin directly into the beast's open maw and lodged itself into the sea king's upper mouth, causing it to recoil in agony. 

Though the javelin didn't penetrate deeply enough into the skull to deal a fatal blow, it succeeded in halting the sea king's assault, leaving it writhing and roaring in pain.

Seizing the momentary distraction, Blake propelled himself toward the sea king, determined to press his advantage.

With a burst of energy fueled by Soru, Blake executed a swift Geppo maneuver, propelling himself towards the sea king's looming head. His finger aimed like a deadly arrow, he unleashed his Shigan technique, striking the beast's forehead with precision.

The impact was explosive, sending a spray of blood and scales into the air. Yet, despite the force of his attack that crushed one of its eyes due to the shockwave alone, the sea king's sturdy skull thwarted Blake's attempt to deliver a decisive blow. Though wounded and reeling in pain, the creature remained composed enough to retaliate.

With lightning speed, the sea king lashed out, its massive tail slamming into Blake before he could evade. Pain shot through him as he felt several of his ribs crack under the force of the blow. Gritting his teeth against the agony, Blake braced himself for the inevitable impact as he was hurled backward.

Surveying his trajectory, Blake's heart sank as he realized he was headed straight for the water. With a sinking feeling, he watched as the sea king, sensing victory within reach, surged forward with a deafening roar, poised to finish the battle once and for all.

Blake pondered frantically, searching for a solution to avoid plunging into the water where the sea king held the advantage. Despite his efforts, he found himself at a loss. Yet, he swiftly devised a makeshift plan, albeit flawed. His only option was to dive into the water and swim away, buying time until he could regain his strength and take to the air again.

Before he could put his plan into action, a blurred figure hurtled towards him through the air. Despite the figure's speed, Blake immediately recognized the pair of glowing blue orbs leaving a trail in their wake—the unmistakable mark of Sif. 

"How embarassing... I even told you to sit back and enjoy the show with a straight face... I feel really lame right now...." he quipped as Sif caught him mid-air, effortlessly hoisting him onto her back.

As Sif carried him to safety, Blake couldn't help but marvel at her newfound skill. "Geppo, huh? When did you learn that trick?" he inquired, patting her neck. Sif responded with a low, rumbling growl.

"Right, we'll discuss it later. For now, just keep your distance while I deal with this sea king," Blake declared, refocusing his attention on the looming threat ahead, getting another grumbling howl in response that seemed doubtful. "It'll be different this time! No more playing around!" He objected vehemently as he launched himself into the air. 

As Blake approached the sea king, the massive creature recognized his intent to end the fight swiftly and reciprocated, charging towards him with equal ferocity. Its jaws parted wide, aiming to swallow Blake whole, and to its astonishment, it succeeded as Blake was engulfed in darkness.

Sif, witnessing the unexpected turn of events, lost her usual stoic demeanor, her jaw dropping in disbelief as her tongue lolled to the side.

But before the sea king could revel in its victory, it froze, sweat running down its face as a sudden agony overtook its body. 

With a blood-curdling hiss, it thrashed violently, as if attempting to expel an unseen force. Minutes dragged on as it struggled, until finally, its movements grew feeble, and it succumbed to the relentless onslaught of pain, sinking lifelessly into the water.

Forcing the sea king's mouth open, Blake emerged, his figure bathed in blood, gripping a crimson-stained javelin. With a triumphant grin, he took to the air, heading straight for Sif. "See, I told you this time it would be different!" he exclaimed, closing the gap between them in a flash and leaping onto the raft where Sif awaited.

As Blake approached, ready to envelop her in a bear hug, Sif recoiled at the sight of his bloodied form. With a howl of disgust, she shoved her paw in his face, dousing his enthusiasm with a bucket of cold water. Blake sighed, his excitement deflated, but he respected Sif's boundaries nonetheless. 

"So stingy," he mumbled, shooting her a rueful look. "Anyway, mind helping me get this guy's body to the beach? Its meat should be good, and I need the bones for something too."

Reluctantly, Sif acquiesced with a resigned howl and a nod of her head. Together, the unlikely pair, a young man and a wolf, hauled the sea king's carcass onto the shore. After tending to his wounds, Blake and Sif celebrated, their bond strengthened by the shared victory. 

With nothing left to hold him on the island, Blake halted his training and whiled away his remaining days in relaxation with Sif, indulging in a rare time of leisure. 

The days turned to weeks and the weeks turned to months. Eventually, the moment arrived when a merchant galleon vessel appeared on the horizon, signaling Blake's imminent departure from the island. 


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