One Piece: Lost in the Tutorial

In the treacherous waters of the North Blue, where pirates rule with an iron fist and mercy is a rare commodity, a young man named Blake finds himself thrust into a perilous situation. Through some unfathomable twist of fate, his consciousness is transmigrated into the frail and sickly body of a cabin boy aboard a ruthless pirate ship. The crew, far from the romanticized image of swashbuckling adventurers, embodies the darkest aspects of piracy, showing no remorse in their cruelty, and Blake is an easy target. However, just as hope begins to fade, an unexpected glimmer of salvation appears before Blake in the form of a mysterious text box: [Synchronization complete. The Tutorial System shall commence operations] Here's all you need to know before you start reading: The story begins with a more serious tone, highlighting the harsh realities of piracy and the struggles faced by Blake in his weakened state. But as the events progress, the narrative takes on the whimsical, lighthearted tone that One Piece is most known for. Similarly, the MC will start off as stern and serious due to his circumstances, but he'll grow more lighthearted and carefree as he begins to overcome the challenges presented to him one after the other. The chapters will be a blend of Blake's first-person POV and third-person POV, making it easier to tell the story from different perspectives. As for the most frequently asked question of whether this is a harem story or not, the answer is, I don't know. I go with the flow in my writing and develop the story in the way that makes the most sense to me, so if it made sense for the MC to have a harem, then he'll have a harem. If not, then he won't have a harem. The same goes for romance.

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Blake Thorne #2

As I gradually regained consciousness, a sharp pang shot through my body, causing me to groan in discomfort as I blinked my eyes open. The ache in my ribs felt as though they'd been thoroughly battered, and my insides seemed jumbled.

"What a dreadful nightmare," I muttered, massaging my throbbing temples. It had been ages since I'd endured such a thrashing. The memory of my early martial arts days resurfaced, a time when I let my temper get the better of me, resulting in a harsh beating from my teacher.

Reflecting on it now, I couldn't help but feel thankful for the tough lesson.

But the beating in that nightmare... it was something else entirely. What haunted me most wasn't the pain, but the sight of my arms—feeble, frail, betraying years of training.

I scoffed at the absurdity of it all. As if my arms, a result of years of training, stout, tanned, and calloused, could devolve into toothpicks overnight. Yet, as I examined my limbs in the dim light, a chilling realization washed over me.

"These are the same arms I saw back then, aren't they...?" I murmured, disbelief lacing my words as I flexed my fingers, the movement sluggish and weak. Panic surged within me, driving me to sit up, only to be met with a sharp twinge in my torso.

The dark room I found myself in swayed gently, only adding to my disorientation. Something was dreadfully wrong, and I needed answers.

As my consciousness slowly emerged from the fog of sleep, a sharp realization struck me—had I been kidnapped? But a simple abduction didn't explain the perplexing state I found myself in.

Could it be aliens? Or perhaps a clandestine government operation? My mind spiraled into a whirlwind of conspiracy theories, each more outlandish than the last.

Suddenly, a searing headache pierced through my thoughts,

accompanied by fragments of memories that felt foreign, invading my mind like unwelcome guests.

I groaned, tossing and turning in the bed as if trying to shake off the intrusive thoughts. Minutes stretched on, each second feeling like an eternity, until finally, the pain began to ebb away, leaving behind a sense of clarity.

Yes, I had indeed been kidnapped—not once, but twice. First from my peaceful existence in my original world, and now by these pirates who had abducted the original owner of this frail body.

Speaking of him, his name was Blake Thorne, or Thorne Blake according to the customs of this world. Apparently, he hailed from a noble lineage in an island country in North Blue—yes, that North Blue, one of the Four Blue Seas, within the world of One Piece.

In a bizarre turn of events, neither I nor the original Blake could fathom, tragedy struck as his parents met an untimely demise. Before the poor boy could even comprehend the loss, he was snatched away by strangers and thrust into the clutches of this despicable pirate crew—truly the dregs of society.

These marauders were infamous for their heinous deeds: pillaging, murder, theft, arson—their rap sheet was endless. But maybe their most profitable enterprise was the trade of slavery. They captured individuals from all walks of life, peddling them in the black market to be shipped off to Sabaody Archipelago, where they would fetch exorbitant prices from nobles and even the Celestial Dragons.

Fortunately for Blake and myself, he possessed a meek demeanor and a talent for playing the guitar—attributes that proved valuable to the pirates in need of a cabin boy for menial tasks and occasional entertainment. And so, they opted to keep the poor boy, or in this case, me.

Just what kind of hopeless situation is this?

While I could resign myself to the whims of fate and accept my circumstances, one impossible obstacle loomed large: Blake was born with a sickly and feeble body. The thought of transforming this frail vessel to accommodate my martial prowess or simply growing stronger seemed like an impossible task.

The weight of my powerlessness and helplessness pressed down on me like a suffocating blanket, threatening to engulf me in despair. Casting my gaze toward a mirror tucked away in the corner of the room, I sighed inwardly and rose from the bed, driven by the need to confront my new reality head-on. With hesitant steps, I approached the reflective surface, intent on studying the features of my altered visage.

Staring back at me was a pale, handsome face marred by a scattering of bruises, framed by unruly black hair and adorned with soft brown eyes—strikingly attractive, though a bit effeminate.

A bitter pang of frustration coursed through me as I realized that I could have easily reshaped this face into one befitting a man. In this world, I could have even reached such great heights that my former accomplishments would be nothing but jokes.

But trapped within this wretched, sickly body, such transformations were beyond my grasp.

The longer I scrutinized my reflection, the darker my thoughts became, a sinister notion beginning to take root in the depths of my mind. What if I were to shatter this mirror on the ground and use one of the shards to bring an abrupt end to my suffering?

I was by no means a stranger to hardship, having endured countless trials and tribulations in my pursuit of martial arts mastery under a teacher, who would transform into a cruel demon when it was time to train me.

My teacher had often gone on tirades about the virtues of perseverance and hard work, likening them to the forging of a sharp mind and a resilient body—qualities I had embraced wholeheartedly throughout my life.

But now, faced with this frail body and the seemingly hopeless odds stacked against me, I couldn't help but question the worth of my continued suffering and toil. What would my struggles amount to in the end even if I chose to press onward?

In the end, it seemed I was destined to be nothing more than a slave to these despicable pirates, condemned to a life of servitude or an untimely demise alongside them as retribution for their atrocities. Even if I were to miraculously escape their clutches, how could I hope to survive in such a merciless world without power?

If even the faintest glimmer of hope existed, I would cling to it with every fiber of my being and fight until my last breath. But as it stood, there was no light at the end of this bleak tunnel I found myself in. With a resigned sigh, I reached out to dislodge the small mirror from the wall, my hands trembling with the weight of despair. I intended to shatter it upon the ground, a symbolic act of defiance against my hopeless circumstances.

Yet, just as I was about to carry out this desperate act, a miracle unfolded before me, as if in response to my desperate plea for a ray of hope. A thunderous boom reverberated inside my head, seeming to emanate from all directions and none at all.

[Synchronization complete. The tutorial system shall commence operations.]

The words echoed in my mind, followed by the appearance of a text box reminiscent of a video game notification screen.

[After scanning the memories of the user, the first quest has been generated: Desperate Situation]

[Desperate Situation: You find yourself trapped, facing insurmountable odds, but there is still a glimmer of hope.

Objective: Eliminate all members of the Cutthroat Pirates.

Success: Elixir and a random body strengthening technique.

Failure: possible death, disfigurement, and continued servitude.

Difficulty: SSS]

I stared at the message with wide eyes, too stunned to react or utter a single word. A surge of disbelief and curiosity washed over me, mingling with a flicker of newfound hope.

As the new text box appeared before me, urging me to pose any questions I had, I felt a surge of urgency to clarify the swirling uncertainties in my mind.

"Why am I here? Who brought me to this world?" I blurted out, my voice tinged with frustration and confusion. Yet, the response I received was disappointingly cryptic.

[That information is confidential] The system replied curtly, leaving me grinding my teeth in irritation.

Undeterred by the evasive answer, I pressed on with my inquiries. "What exactly is the Tutorial System? And what role do you play in it?" I demanded, hoping for a more enlightening response. To my relief, the system promptly provided a succinct explanation.

[The Tutorial System is designed to introduce users to their new world and equip them with the necessary tools to survive, provided they put in the effort] It clarified.

Chewing on my nail in contemplation, I ventured another question. "Can the reward for this quest, the Elixir, cure this sickly body?" I asked, my hopes hanging on the system's response. Thankfully, the answer came swiftly and reassuringly.

[Correct] It affirmed, prompting a nod of determination from me.

"So, in order to obtain the Elixir, I'll have to kill all the pirates on the ship..." I muttered to myself, the weight of the task settling heavily on my shoulders. "But how am I supposed to do that with this frail body?" I continued, my voice trailing off in frustration.

[That's for you to decide. The system is here to assist you in your integration, nothing more, nothing less] Its matter-of-fact response came, leaving me sighing in resignation.

Nevertheless, even in the face of daunting odds, I refused to relinquish the glimmer of hope that had been bestowed upon me. No matter how faint or distant, I vowed to cling to it with every fiber of my being.

I would fight tooth and nail to survive and thrive in this unforgiving world, no matter the challenges that lay ahead.


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