73 Ruthlessness Of Misfortune II

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Chapter 72: Ruthlessness Of Misfortune II


"Mahahahamahahahahmahmahmah!" Someone laughed, "Spandine will be so mad!! Mauhuahahahah!"

Yovan eyed the sky, seeing a tall figure jumping in the air, adorned in a white suit. He seems to be the one with the most authority around, his name is Maha, and in contrast to the others, he wasn't part of the CP9.

Yovan twisted into his crow form before appearing in the middle of the Island, standing on what little land there was left.

"MM? I see, so I can not sense you when in your beast form. That's troublesome." Maha also appeared before him, noting with a peculiar look.

The Buster Call stopped. Instead, a door opened not far from Yovan from which many individuals exited, all adorned in black suits.

They were all CP9 agents, five individuals in total, Rob Lucci, Jabra, Blueno, Nero, and Kumadori. They all encircled him with Maha standing in the back.

His enemies specialize in covert assassination of targets deemed a threat to the World Government.

The organization's Members are gathered at childhood and are trained both physically and mentally to become powerful killers, discarding emotions in order to become more efficient in missions.

And now, Yovan wasn't only facing one of them but six, including Maha. The latter, however, is a special case because he is part of an even more secretive agency, CP0, also known as the Masked Assassins.

Yovan took a deep breath, his confidence remains unshaken, but that doesn't change the fact that he will not come out of this unscathed. He knows it too, in fact, he expects the worst, and the worst isn't death.

"Go all out." Maha ordered, "Do not underestimate him, not for a second." His first words already made the situation many times worst.

"If he tries to provoke you, ignore him. If he got on your nerves, I will kill you myself." Maha further added in a cold tone.

[Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Leopard] Without any question, they did listen to his command as Rob Lucci used his Devil Fruit power to transform into his hybrid form.

[Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Wolf] Jabra did the same as he transformed into his hybrid wolf form.

Kumadori, on the other hand, brought out a staff which he moved around with striking speed to the point that he somehow was able to manifest a fireball on its tip.

Last but not least, Nero brought out two flintlock guns which he aimed at Yovan while standing before Kumadori, seemingly protecting him as the latter launched the fireball at Yovan.

As for Blueno who Yovan would consider to be the second most dangerous individual in here, he leaped back into a door, vanishing both from his sight and senses.

The Cipher Pol's specialty became apparent instantly as they leaped towards Yovan with a speed very difficult to track even for Yovan. They were using Soru.

And if Yovan didn't focus on his Observation Haki, his head would've certainly been taken off, either by Rob Lucci's claw, Jabra's slash that sent an air blade towards him, and Blueno's Shigan attack as his hand extended from a small door that appeared right next to Yovan's head.

Yovan wasn't fast enough to evade their attack at all, not even with his feather shroud controlling his every movement, so he could transform into his crow form in such a way that he can avoid their attack, barely so.

Yet like the monsters they are, they quickly switched their attack patterns as Rob's hybrid form somehow became very slim, increasing his speed massively.

Rob's tail sought to catch the crow as he started attacking with his finger, using Shigan, followed by a blade slash from Jabra, using the technique called Rankyaku.

And well, Yovan was forced to use his awakening despite the fight just starting and Maha not yet taking action.

[Awakening: Scatter!] He dispersed into numerous feathers that found themselves faced with just about a dozen fireballs from Kumadori, and precise shots from Nero.

One of those feathers is Yovan, and they either have to find him or force him to appear. They can't allow him to escape, but they were unaware that Yovan can not escape.

His misfortune will certainly worsen if he tries to flee just like what happened when he tried to flee from Boo.

He still kind of remembers the blade slash that fell on him from the sky then, so he knows that an attempt to flee will only make things worse.

Things especially didn't look good as Yovan appeared before Nero, his hand targeting the latter's head only to find an Air slash waiting for him, coming from Maha himself.

If that wasn't enough, even his sneaky attacks done by controlling several feather blades were stopped by Maha as the latter seem to specialize in range attacks.

He had to scatter into feathers again only to appear next to Nero again, hellbent on targeting the weakest link of the enemy line.

He can to a certain extent sense the danger of his enemies, and their strength, and Nero was by far the weakest.

However, he had to scatter again, again, and again. If Maha wasn't the one stopping him, then the others were.

Their use of Rokushiki was phenomenal. It was in fact such a perfect Martial art style that Yovan wanted it dearly and even accepted it as a price for the blueprints of Pluton.

Another show of the Cipher Pol agents' decisiveness and tactical intellect was them making sure to burn every feather around.

Yovan's Scatter leaves behind numerous feathers, all capable of functioning as a portal to appear from.

The Cipher Pol assassins realized that somehow, so Kumadori especially focused on swinging about fireballs at the mere hint of a feather.

Still, he wasn't able to destroy all the feathers, so merely an hour of Rat play later, Yovan had an ocean of feathers.

He vanished, appearing somewhere within the waves of feathers in his crow form, just so Maha doesn't sense him, and then the wave fell upon the Island.

"Now that's a bit unfair..." Maha murmured as he leaped backward along with all the other agents, jumping into doors that appeared behind them.

It was Blueno's ability as he ate the Doa Doa no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit which allows him to create and open doors on any surface, no matter how strong or thick said surface may be.

If he makes a door in the air itself, it allows access to a separate space where one can hide and move undetected, and they have just entered that separate space, basically negating his wave of feathers.

It's truly quite the troublesome Devil Fruit, especially since it allowed the Buster Call to start again.

There was no promise there to begin with, so the Cipher Pols didn't care to use all they have just to destroy all the feathers.

And since there was no such deal, Yovan saw it fit to appear in one of the Buster Ships and start killing everyone with any discrimination whatsoever.

Since the Buster Call was an obstacle, then it's only fair to completely eliminate everyone proving to be a headache, and that continued until Yovan suddenly sensed an Air blade almost taking his head off.

A door appeared very close to his head from which an Air blade appeared. No, three Air blades appeared at the same time surrounding him.

Blueno's ability was truly unfair, especially as Yovan started feeling dizzy because... Because his face literally turned into several revolving doors.

His face started spinning around very fast, making him confused and dizzy. Blueno was somehow able to affect him with his ability, and it coincided with the other attacks.

Yovan closed his eyes, relying solely on his Observation Haki to see. He had to use his awakening again, and instantly, he realized what they were trying to do.

They were trying to exhaust him. They can not harm him, but he can not harm them either, and using his awakening repeatedly is extremely consuming, especially in his state.

Their physique, on the other hand, was inhuman, something unimaginable to most humans in the world, so they persevere while he can't... Well, they assume he can't.

So Yovan appeared on the Island again, letting out a sigh, "Life is truly unfair, but I shall survive."

Yovan took off his shirt, and threw it to the side, staying shirtless as all the Cipher Poll agents appeared again, not willing to give him any chance to catch a breath.

"What's a bit more sacrifice in the face of survival?" Yovan wondered as he eyed himself, the state of his body... Numerous scars, blood from previously carving symbols on himself, and barely any flesh to be seen.

[Awakening: Scatter] Yovan vanished amidst the rain of feathers. He had a target in mind, and he appeared right above him with his hand squeezed tightly into a fist.

[Kiryu Hasshoken]

His fist was special. It was shaking, vibrating, quaking, causing even the air around it to shudder in feat. It took him but a mere split of a second to form something akin to a spherical force of pure destruction.

[Tekkai!!] What Kumadori just used was one of the six techniques of "Rokushiki" that allows superhuman defense. That was the only thing he could do to protect himself.

However, he didn't expect Yovan to actually commit because for every action, there are consequences, especially with his misfortune.

His punch fell upon Kumadori's head with such a destructive power that the latter's entire superhuman body cracked.

The destructive force even went on to create cracks in the air, traveling through the ground to create a second deeper crater!

"You maniac!! Is this the game you want to play??" Maha could help it because this scenario would either be for the best or the worst.

"It's indeed." Yovan nodded as he traced his fingers along with his bloody face, blood coursing from his missing left eye... Even his body was bloodstained.

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