187 I Against The World V


Chapter 186: I Against The World V


He knows how it works so he's certain he isn't under its effect because Shanks can still see the future... It's just that the future is distorted... Did Yovan create an even more ridiculous Haki technique that can distort the future they see?

The concept of Irrational Survivor is very strange for no matter how reckless, and irrational Yovan seemed to be, his priority would always be survival.

Uncaring about their deadly attacks could only mean that he didn't take them seriously, not even caring about Shanks' saber which barely missed his brain.

Well, it was more like he cared enough to ever so slightly move his head as to evade the fatal attack, so slightly that none noticed it, especially since their Observation Haki is distorted.

The only light remaining in the sky was none other than Yovan, shining golden as he looked down on his enemies, on the three remaining Emperors.

They felt a chill run through their spine as they glanced about, realizing that they were surrounded in the wreckage of the Red Line by thousands of the dead.

It wasn't just Blackbeard who came back to life... Well, he didn't come back to life but came back in the form of something akin to a zombie.

The rise of the death brought about a depressing dark atmosphere, leaving only Yovan as the source of light in the sky, his eyes tracing about until they landed on Kaido... He chose his next target.

The dead scattered toward the other Emperors to keep them occupied while Yovan's wings fluttered, allowing him to appear near Kaido, finding himself meeting with the latter's Kanabo.

So Yovan met it with his left hand, seeking to grasp it yet again while swinging his blade toward Kaido... Only to find himself hit by the Kanabo directly.

Someone interfered again, none other than Shanks as he ignored the dead and followed after Yovan, or more like, predicted his purpose without the use of future vision.

So the hand that sought to grasp the giant Kanabo was cleanly cut off. No, the entire arm was cut off as Shanks changed his tactics, seeking to dismember Yovan first before finishing him off.

"Haha," It was a fleeting hoarse laugh that shook not only Kaido but also Shanks for the result of the Kanabo hitting was completely different than their expectations.

Yovan wasn't thrown out, not at all as he remained stuck to the Kanabo, his blade changing his target to Kaido's hand which he can reach.

Kaido's eyes widened, never in his life had he seen something more insane than what was before him, Yovan's teeth clutched tightly on one of the spikes on Kaido's Kanabo so as to not be thrown away.

Yovan bit on it so tightly that his teeth were cracking, unable to hold on for so long, but what he was doing took less than a split second.

Piercing Kaido's hand was for no reason than to pull himself closer to the giant Kaido, and that he did, appearing face to face with Kaido just as he stretched his right hand.

The cut-off arm suddenly scattered into feathers, and suddenly appeared in Yovan's right hand an instant later, radiant with the melting light of the sun.

Yovan grasped the left arm, bringing it directly upon Kaido, the collision of which resulted in an overwhelming brilliant blast.

[Irrational Survivor: 69%]

Although someone else interfered, yet again. It was a hammer, a gigantic hammer that fell upon Yovan, a bit too late though.

Nothing seemed to matter though as he stood up against the weight of the giant hammer, all his bones broken to pieces and his flesh looking all bloody and inky, although only for seconds before the heat of the sun within him evaporates it all, giving him back his gorgeous brilliance appearance again.

[Irrational Survivor: 71%]

The Emperors and those who hide in the dark noticed something very interesting, Yovan was no longer teleporting about. In fact, he stopped teleporting since he did so when the battle first started.

Since he lost his reason perhaps? Shanks was at least certain of that. What he was most afraid of was not Yovan's scatter teleportation but how he teleported before without the need for feathers.

And he had a frightening guess as to how he did it... By seeing into the future. Would he be able to teleport to a place where there will be a feather in the future but the present?

Well, he was able to do so although that didn't allow him to travel to the future. It was still a frightening possibility that Shanks was glad it was no longer possible.

Shanks' thoughts didn't stop him from acting quickly as he appeared behind Yovan, taking the opportunity while the hammer was putting pressure upon the latter.

Kaido's mentality was similar, albeit quite unstable, seething with rage and hatred but most importantly, fear.

Anyone other than Kaido would've been dead by now. Hell, even Kaido's body was mostly broken, bleeding profusely, all his horns completely destroyed, and half his face burned, losing an eye in the process.

And now, he was bathing in lightning as he used his very misfortunate lightning-infused Kanabo to completely obliterate Yovan, or at least wished to.

Many were watching the grand war, more than even Shanks could expect, and they were all in anticipation of Yovan's death, bar none.

They see him as nothing but misfortune, a monster that truly fits the title of the Demon King, and that notion would only grow as the war progressed, and fear began to crawl over to them.

However, none of them realized, none of them realized, not even the World Serpent realized where true misfortune lies for in the entire World, none was as misfortunate as Yovan right now.

[Luck: -89064] His luck was dwindling, and it was declining quickly with no end in sight, and that's the only reason why his comprehension of Irrational Survivor was rising so quickly.

Yet against all odds, against all this misfortune, Yovan prevailed, and even met Kaido with an eerie smile, almost as if he had fallen into his trap.

Yovan lightly tapped the ground as he stopped resisting the hammer, lunging toward Kaido's Kanabo yet again, his entire body almost touching the ground, hoping to leave the premises of the giant hammer before it falls upon him again.

And that he did at the cost of meeting Kaido's Kanabo head-on in such a way that it sent him flying upwards, but Kaido wasn't happy... Yovan's action seemed intentional.

Much to his horror, Yovan's actions were intentional as the hit sent him flying toward the handle of the hammer which he instantly grasped, his relatively large hand barely able to clutch onto the giant handle.

He redirected all of that force into controlling the hammer as it spun with him, performing a full turn before falling upon Kaidok and the hammer was a whole lot bigger than the already monstrous Kaido.

[Irrational Survivor: 75%]

Whoever controls the hammer simply couldn't react in time, but they reacted eventually as the hammer tried to escape Yovan's hand, starting to fly upwards.

A chain of feathers manifested around the dizzy Kaido, pulling along, closer and closer to Yovan before the latter threw him in the way of the hammer, causing it to collide with the beast.

And the hammer trying to change directions certainly didn't stop Yovan as he laughed aloud, "Hahah YAhahahaha," He seemed to be having a good time.

From his left missing arm burst out a sun, a burst of golden flames so intense it extended miles in that direction, and most importantly, it negated the hammer's velocity, allowing Yovan to whirl and bring it down upon Kaido yet again, sending him to the ground.

The already broken Red Line broke again, somehow, and Yovan didn't stop there as a few even more destructive bursts into the sky sent him flying downward with the giant hammer.

[Irrational Survivor: 81%]

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