10 Chapter 10: End of Meeting

"Well, the discussion about the salary issue that will be given to employees has been completed. We will go into the next discussion, namely the tax issue."

"Ars" Lowellmina suddenly called out and continued, "The discussion on the salary issue of the workers is over. However, the salary itself is only limited to workers who have just entered work here. Will they ever have an increase in their salary?"

"I agree with Iowa's suggestion, Ars" Kaguya said, "We can't keep the salary they receive is 750 thousand berry. At the very least, they should also have an increase in the salary they get every year. We can try to arrange an increase in the salary they get every year by 50 thousand berries. Although the amount is small, however, many people will be happy with the increase in the income they receive. This can also increase the morale of their performance."

"Good advice" Ars nodded and looked at everyone, "What do you think about this suggestion? I think this advice is very good and worth our use. Since everyone who will work for us later, there must be a majority who live as the breadwinner of their family. It is not only himself who must be fulfilled, but there are people whose needs must also be fulfilled by that person."

"No comment. I agree with this suggestion" Kojiro said calmly.

Everyone immediately agreed with the suggestion.

"Okay. If so, it has been determined that there will be an increase in the basic salary received by a person every year by 50 thousand berries," said Ars in a valid tone.

"Speaking of salary, Ars" Hashirama suddenly spoke, "What about us? Will we also get a salary later?"

"Of course" Ars nodded, "I already considered your own salary. Through this meeting we held and also discussed the issue of giving salaries to our employees. I have chosen for the post of Department Head, Royal Palace Chef, and equivalent positions to receive a salary of 5 million berries and the bonus will be adjusted according to the bonuses received by the employees. Then for the position of Deputy Department and equivalent to that position, you will receive a salary of 4 million berries and the bonus will also be adjusted to the bonus received by the employee."

"5 million berries? That's a huge amount." Kguya said calmly.

"There's no need to think about that. After all, you guys are my friends. You are also co-workers who helped me in building this empire. Your task is the most difficult. Of course, you should be rewarded commensurate with the work you did."

Ars paused for a moment and continued, "Ok. We started discussing the next issue related to tax issues."

"About the tax issue. We can divide our royal tax into 4 parts Ars" Kaguya said, "Salary Tax, Building Tax, Sales Tax, and Import Tax"

"Regarding the payroll tax issue. I think we can arrange it starting from someone's income that exceeds the 1 million berry mark" Gin added, "I think if you follow the conditions in my previous world, someone with an income of 1 million berry is already quite large. We have to oblige the workers who receive this 1 million berry pay to bring the tax expense. Then, we can also classify these taxpayers into several levels."

"Do you have any ideas regarding that?" Ars asked looking at Gin.

Gin nodded, "The first tiers are people who have a salary of 1 to 5 million berries. We can take 5% tax from their salary. The second tier are people who have a salary of 5 to 10 million berries. We can take 10% of their salary tax. The third tier are people who have a salary of 10 to 15 million berries. We can take 15% tax from their salary. The fourth tier are people who have a salary of 15 to 20 million berries. We can take 20% of their salary tax. While the fifth tier is people who have a salary of more than 20 million berries will get a tax of 25%"

"What about the problem of someone with a salary, for example, he gets a salary of 5 million? Should he get a pay cut in the first tier or the second tier?" Hashirama asked.

"We can categorize these people into first-rate taxes" Lowellmina replied, "Since 5 million is also the limit of their income, we can pull it down and don't pull it up. However, if their income has exceeded me slightly or counted 1 berry is higher than 5 million berry. We will tax them by 10%"

"Good advice given by Iowa" Kojiro said, "I agree with this. We can't deduct someone with a salary of 5 million berries with a 10% tax. Since at the first level of tax, the amount has also been mentioned."

"Alright" Ars nodded, "Does anyone here have any other income related to this? Otherwise, we will agree to the suggestion made by Gin and Iowa"

Everyone unanimously immediately expressed their agreement.

"We went into the building tax. We will follow the rules imposed by your residence at that time so that the calculations are not too complicated. We will arrange this residence tax payment issue once a year. Payment of this tax will be calculated if a person owns 1 building in his name, we will ask for payment of the building tax as much as 2% of the total annual income earned by him. Meanwhile if someone owns 2 buildings in this kingdom in his name, we will demand a payment of 4% of his total annual income"

"It means that every person owns 1 building in this kingdom. We will increase the tax on building payments by 2% of the total income they have each year?" Lowellmina asked.

"Yes. Like that" Ars nodded, "This is also to be able to maintain stability for the purchase of buildings in large numbers of people. We also need to limit the number of buildings a person owns in his name to just 5 buildings." Ars said back, "What do you think about this opinion? Does anyone disagree or does anyone have another opinion?"

"The building tax provisions that you have given, I think it is the best for us to use." Kaguya said.

Everyone else immediately gave their approval.

"Because you agreed. We will use the policy made by me" Ars said, "Next is the matter of sales tax and also the import tax of goods to this kingdom. What do you think?"

"We can set this item tax issue at 5% for every item sold in this kingdom as well as items that enter this kingdom" Lowellmina said, "5% itself is quite a small amount and not too big for the tax problem we collect. from there. We can't give this tax too high. Because every trader should also have some kind of profit. Also, if we increase the price of this tax to a high point. The price of items in our kingdom will also become very expensive. With the high price, it will be difficult for the newcomers to come to our kingdom to buy anything."

"I agree with this" Kaguya nodded, "We can't charge too much tax. The price of goods in this kingdom will rise high beyond the existing market treasures. Even though the citizens of our kingdom can afford it. However, it is different with immigrants. They probably won't be able to afford it because of the salary issues they receive. It is impossible for them to receive a very large salary. Because if we ignore my previous world. People in this world will receive a salary of 300 thousand berries to 400 thousand berries or maybe more or less because this world itself is still a world governed by discrimination and other things."

"If we set the issue of payment as much as 5% for goods and 5% for the problem of importing goods. Does that mean that if an item comes in from outside our kingdom and is then sold in this kingdom, the tax that must be borne by that item is 10%?" Hashirama asked.

"Of course" Kojiro nodded, "That's a risk for someone selling goods from outside the kingdom. The same is true where we lived before. There is an import tax like this which causes the price of goods obtained from outside where we live is more expensive than the price at the place of manufacture"

"Iowa's idea we can follow" Ars said, "Does anyone have any other opinion on this?"

Everyone immediately expressed their attitude to agree regarding this matter.

"Okay. Because you have agreed to this. The tax discussion issue has now been completed. We will go into the next discussion." Ars paused for a moment and continued to stare at Hashirama, "Hashirama, because of the assignment you got yesterday. Take tomorrow to rest."

"I understand." Hashirama nodded.

Ars' gaze then turned to Kaijin and the others, "I want the four of you to prepare yourselves. After the day Hashirama rested. I want you to build four large ships with each of them having 200 usable rooms. Since we currently have plans for recruiting, we must also have a vehicle for their transportation to our kingdom."

"How do we build it, Ars?" Kaijin asked, "Currently we don't have any subordinates to assist us in carrying out this task."

"You don't have to worry about that" Ars said, "There's Hashirama. You can ask his help to form a clone. Hashirama can make 1000 clones of himself and his clone abilities are also very good. You can ask him to give you some clones that will work with you. Regarding the matter of tools for you to use, I will have it ready when the day of the build arrives. You can also use all the wood in the Wood Department's warehouse."

Everyone's gaze immediately turned to Hashirama with shocked faces upon hearing this. Even though they had heard from Ars that Hashirama was strong, they did not expect Hashirama to be such a strong person.

"Regarding the problem of ship design. Later I will get the design from the system shop. You just need to prepare yourself. You guys must have learned all the things I asked for beforehand, right?"

"Of course!" Kaijin said proudly, "Electric grid, water grid, modern building construction, and all the things you asked for we've all learned. We just need to directly implement it."

"That's good" Ars nodded and his gaze returned to Hashirama, "Hashirama, besides later you will form clones to help Kaijin and others in building a ship. You will also later help me install the electricity network for street lights and start cutting trees in the rice area. We have been able to start the rice field development plan there"

"I see" Hashirama nodded

"Ars" Lowellmina suddenly called back, "Regarding the matter of recruitment that will be done later. Where are we going to do the recruitment?"

"We will try to do recruitment in this new world region. There is a kingdom called the Prodance Kingdom which is located not too far from our current kingdom. We can try to recruit there. I will try to talk to the King of that kingdom. Whether we can do it or not." Ars paused for a moment and continued, "If it's not possible to recruit the workers there, I'll try to have a conversation with Iceburg later. Can we recruit workers on Water Seven Island or maybe we can do recruitment in the Kingdom of Alabasta. For the Kingdom of Alabasta, we can try to recruit the palace maids there."

"If indeed we intend to conduct recruitment in the Kingdom of Prodance. How about we establish an allied relationship with them?" Lowellmina asked, "After all, their kingdom is very famous for its large number of livestock. We currently also have plans to build a farm. Wouldn't it be a good thing to do it?"

"Good idea" Ars nodded, "I will consider this. For now, we better focus on what we need now. Also, Lowa. Your knowledge has increased compared to before."

"Hehehe… Of course" Lowellmina said with a sweet smile.

"Of course Iowa increased her knowledge. Who doesn't want to be praised by someone she likes" Jouichirou said in a teasing tone which made Lowellimina blush instantly.

Ars didn't really care about this and just looked at Kaguya, "Arrange the funds that will be used during the trip to conduct recruitment. The funds you set are 1 month's travel funds along with the funds that will be used as payment for contract employees. We arrange the funds for 550 people which we will recruit later because we also don't know how many contract workers we will recruit. Besides that, also set the salary issue that you will receive this month."

"I see." Kaguya nodded.

"Okay. Today's meeting ends here." Ars' gaze looked at Kaijin and the others, "After this meet me in my room. I will submit the design of the ship that you will later build. You learn today and tomorrow so that when Hashirama returns to duty. You can understand the shipbuilding already."

"We understand"

The four of them nodded.

After the meeting was closed. Everyone immediately left the meeting room to do their own activities.

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