54 Reaching the destination!

Will stared at the sky speechlessly.

West Blue, the same pink hair, the same name, the same catchphrase. This little girl was undoubtedly Hina, the future marine beauty. 

After recognizing that she is Hina, add to the fact that she looked quite pitiful at that time and the other party swore confidently that she can sail, that's why he agreed to let a child like her handle navigation in the first place. 

After all, there was already a precedent of Nami, a young navigation genius. So Will thought that as a plot character herself , may be Hina also has some talent in navigation. 

Unfortunately, although her nautical skills are pretty good for her age, but in reality she only has some superficial knowledge or the kind that she must have figured out on her own. 

But after seeing that the little girl's eyes were already full of tears and she was about to cry, Will couldn't bear to push her any further.

"Okay, I'm not in a hurry, you can study the chart slowly. It doesn't matter if it takes a little longer, just ensure that we don't go in the wrong direction!"

"Are you not in a hurry?"

Hina raised her small face hopefully. 

And before Will could say anything, she added quickly. 

"Good, but remember this, Hina will not refund any money!"

And as she spoke, she intentionally covered her bulging satchel, afraid that Will will take the commission back for delaying the journey. 

Will rolled his eyes in amusement and waved at her generously:

"It's all yours, don't worry about it"


The little girl held her fist up in the sky and made a gesture of victory.

Will: "..."

Sure enough, you should never trust a girl's tears, even if it's a little loli. 

Subsequently Hina once again resumed her work and started searching on the map like a little mouse. 

Will sighed and shook his head. But just at this moment, the phone bug in his pocket started ringing. 

"Porp porp..."

Will calmly took the little guy out of his pockets. After connecting, the phone bug began to imitate the appearance of the person on the other side.

"My dear boss, where are you having fun now?"

The only person who can contact Will and talk to him like this is Stussy.


"What's the matter, my big beauty, are you missing me?"

Will replied in a similar frivolous tone, giving her tit for tat. 

"Of course boss. You are now the famous Mad Dragon Rocks D Will. Even the Pirate King Roger himself died in your hands. You are a big celebrity right now. I can't wait to fly to your side right now. I want to serve you well."

Stussy said in a soft and seductive tone. 

Will, who was a straight man and full of youth barely managed to control himself as he swallowed his saliva.

"Stussy, you're playing with fire here."


On the other side, Stussy smiled coquettishly, lying lazily on the big bed, her graceful figure looming.

It's a pity that the phone bug in their hands can't make video calls, otherwise Will could have feasted his eyes.

"Okay, I won't tease you anymore boss. So let's get down to business!"

Stussy said after some time as she also turned serious. 

"Go on. "

Will nodded calmly. 

"About what happened back then, there is a little clue."

"Oh?Tell me what you found. "

Will became interested.

"After the Valley of the Gods incident that year, Marine's personnel transfer has not changed much."

"Instead, it was our cp organization that had some secretive personnel transfer."

"In CP0, there was a senior agent who used to perform important missions all year round until one day he disappeared out of thin air. His information is also kept strictly confidential. Even I am not qualified to check his detailed information."

"But the strange thing is that after the Valley of the Gods incident, that agent became active in CP0 again."

Will frowned slightly:

"If there are no other valuable clues, then this alone doesn't mean anything."

"Indeed, there are many agents in CP0 who go out on long term espionage missions and return back after the mission is completed. It's not uncommon at all. "

Stussy continued after a little pause. 

"But what if that person's size, strength, ability, etc. are all quite similar to someone else?"


Will's tone finally changed.

He naturally understood what Stussy was trying to imply. This guy is very likely the one who betrayed Rocks and leaked the information about him and his mother. 

As a man with good manners, Will has a strong "thank you" heart. And if he has the opportunity, he would naturally like to "thank" the other party!

That's why he asked Stussy to find out the identity of this guy as her first mission. 


Stussy finally revealed the identity of the possible person.

"What? It's John ?"

Will's eyebrows almost knit together in confusion.

This is because he remembers very clearly that some time ago Golden Lion said that John died in the Valley of God incident.

On the contrary, in Will's view, Ochoku and Silver Axe , two other high level members of the Rocks pirates whose current whereabouts are unknown are more likely to be the culprits. 

But unexpectedly, it was John who was rumored to be dead instead?

"Tap tap tap.."

Will tapped on the helm of the boat, miltiple thoughts wandering in his mind.

Finally he couldn't come to a decision and let go of the speculation in his heart.

"Let's keep paying attention to that person for the time being. As long as the other party takes action, he will definitely expose his flaw one day."

"Okay, and by the way, there's another news related to you!"

Stussy said mysteriously. 

"It seems that I have received a lot of attention?"

Will said with a smile. 

Stussy rolled her eyes charmingly, and the phone bug followed suit by imitating her. 

"Oh come on, after what you have done, you should have expected something like this. "

"Now the Whitebeard Pirates are trying their best to find your whereabouts and want to avenge Oden. 

"Well, I'm not surprised by that. But I don't have the time to pay attention to them now. "

Will nodded calmly. 

"Apart from them, the World government is also preparing to attack you. They may send a powerful CP0 agent to snipe you. You have to be careful."

After hearing Stussy's words, Will's expression also became serious.

Compared to the Whitebeard Pirates about which he knows almost everything inside out, he didn't dare to underestimate the World government at all.

This is a behemoth that has ruled the sea for hundreds of years.

No one knows how many hole cards are hidden in their hands. 

Even if his current strength is very strong, if he encounters some strange fruit abilities, it could still turn out pretty dangerous for him. 

And those who can be sent to assassinate him will definitely not be weak. So he need to guard against this point. 

After hanging up the phone, Will began to think about the next plan of action. 

First of all, it is necessary for him to develop his own faction and currently only Bullet can be used as a combat power on his side.

So while digesting the fat of Wano country, he also needs to subdue some powerful subordinates or he can also cultivate some promising talents. 

Speaking of which, he inadvertently looked at Hina who was studying the chart but ultimately shook his head.

Time waits for no one.

After finding out the threat he could pose in the future, the enemy will definitely not give him time and peace of mind to develop his power. 

Will couldn't help but suddenly feel a little pity.

When he was in Wano country, he should have tried to subdue Kaido's Beasts Pirates.


A sudden exclamation brought him back from his thoughts.

Will looked at Hina with a questioning look. 

At this moment, Hina was pointing forward and her little face was full of surprise.

Before long, the little loli began to jump up and down on the deck happily.

"Hina just said that there is no problem, Hina can do it! After all, Hina is a genius..."

Will looked in the direction she was pointing at and at some point, an island has appeared in their field of vision. 

And on the island, a large towering tree can be vaguely seen.

"Wow, looks like you have pretty good luck Hina. Even if we didn't follow the route and got lost, we still managed to reach our destination."

Will said mockingly. 

"What does you mean that we got lost and only reached here by luck? We reached our destination because Hina helped you based on her knowledge of navigation!"

Hina said angrily, very dissatisfied with Will doubting her ability. 

Will was speechless: "Oh yeah, But if I remember correctly, it only takes one day to arrive here if one follows the correct route according to the map and now it's already been two days!"

"Also, we changed directions three times on the way. And who was so anxious that she was about to cry just now?"


Hina screamed in embarrassment, covering her already red ears.

"Hina won't listen, Hina won't listen!"

"Anyway, it's Hina's credit that you managed to reach your destination."

"Hey, this pink-haired loli!"

Will smiled in his heart and finally decided to just let her be. 

"Yes, yes, ee reached our destination thanks to you. Now hurry up and take the helm!"

Hina's big eyes flickered in joy a few times.

Seeing that Will had already turned around to look at the island in front of him, she stuck out her little tongue to tease him. 

After putting the compass and chart in her small satchel, she took the helm like a little adult.

Meanwhile, looking at the island in front of him, Will couldn't help but murmur to himself. 

"Lucy, I'm back. I wonder if you are okay?"

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