One Piece: I wield thunder and lightning

A youth from Earth found himself accidentally transported to the realm of pirates, where he faced battles and embraced risks amidst the tumultuous seas. In this world, there existed no legendary system, no peerless magic-only a thundering fruit, a power bestowed upon him. During this era, the Four Emperors still sailed the same ship, and the elusive One Piece had yet to assert its dominance over the seas. Within the Marine, two supremely powerful admirals commanded. Now, I, Albert Nicholas, vow to etch my name into the annals of history, spreading it far and wide across the vast expanse of this world! Author's note [Give me your power stones and i will give you chapters. Btw i will keep this LN free so no need to worry] I'm translating this great LN The original name of this series is : 海贼之掌控雷电 please support the original author

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397 Chs


"Captain, we've arrived at Hachinosu."

Nicholas, who was dozing off, was awakened by the loud voice of Westad.

"We've arrived, huh."


Nicholas, having received a definite reply, also stood up and stretched his body. Instantly, he became sharp and alert. Showing weakness in Hachinosu was always the worst option. Skirmishes among pirates frequently occurred here. If you showed cowardice, you'd either end up dead or fish food.

This place gathered the most lawless individuals on the entire sea. Even someone like Nicholas could end up in a fight here. After all, there were always some reckless individuals who wanted to step on the bodies of established figures to climb the ranks. Of course, this was also the quickest way to make a name for oneself on the seas.

"You all, hoist the flag for me and bring the ship closer!"

With Nicholas's command, a flag was raised, and the entire ship began to move towards the harbor of the island.

This was the stronghold of the sea hegemon, Rocks.

On the shore, hundreds of pirate ships of various shapes had gathered, and fierce and arrogant pirates constantly disembarked from their ships.

In almost every newly arrived pirate group, there were dozens of young people, excited or arrogant, constantly surveying their surroundings.

Their eyes revealed various emotions.

There was anticipation...

There was anxiety...

There was ambition...

There was madness...

But there was no fear.

And without exception, all these people were here to join Rocks, to become a member of the Sabre of Xebek.

Although Rocks had strong subordinates like Golden Lion, Whitebeard, Charlotte Linlin, Captain John, and others, the relationship between the two sides was more like that of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. While they were nominally subordinates, both sides had their own influence. They usually operated separately and only gathered for major actions or events like today.

However, these pirates full of ambition or dreams probably couldn't imagine that for the powerful pirates on the island, today was a performance full of blood and revelry.

And to please them with death and blood were these lovely fellows dreaming of making a name for themselves on the seas.

"That guy is so arrogant, where is he from?"

Some sharp-eyed pirates quickly noticed Nicholas and his group landing and curiously asked their companions.

"Damn it, keep your voice down, do you want to die!? If you want to die, don't bring us along."

The pirate beside him, following his gaze to Nicholas, hurriedly covered his mouth, his expression one of fear.

"Cough, are you trying to suffocate me? Is there a need to be so nervous? He's just a kid."

After the pirate with his hand over his mouth forcefully removed his companion's hand, he greedily breathed in the air.

"That guy is the captain of the seventh team of the Rocks Pirates. What do you think?"

Upon hearing this, the pirate who spoke earlier also looked frightened. After all, on this island, killing was commonplace. A figure like the team captain could easily kill them. Not to mention the team captain to whom their pirate group belonged; even their own captain probably wouldn't stand up for them.

On the other side of the island's shore, a man with a large halberd, a golden big wave on his head, and a white beard with crescent-shaped curves upward on his face, wearing a captain's hat, and a massive white windbreaker, led hundreds of crew members towards the castle in the center of the island.

Almost all the pirate groups they encountered along the way instinctively made way when they encountered this team. After all, this man was the famous Whitebeard, Edward Newgate, who shook the New World!

Although this man had a decent personality, once he was offended or hurt his crew members, there was only one path: death. That was why many pirates wanted to join Whitebeard's side. Once they entered Whitebeard's crew, they gained protection. Of course, the rules on Whitebeard's ship were like thick shackles for many ambitious people.

In short, it was a ship suitable for slackers to go to.

Before the central castle, which resembled a skull on the island, the two groups met.

"La la la la..."

"Nick, didn't expect to see you here."

The man who would later be known as the strongest man in the world, Whitebeard, was currently the captain of the Rocks Pirate Group's first team!

"When the captain speaks, how could I not come? I don't want to be chased around the world by a strong, terrifying lunatic, do I?"

Nicholas grinned provocatively at Whitebeard. "Aren't you worried about the captain's pursuit as well? Don't pretend, it's embarrassing."

The crew members behind Whitebeard glared angrily at Nicholas upon hearing his words. Many of them even took out weapons and shouted loudly.

"Do you know who you're talking to?"

"If you don't believe it, our captain will kill you with one slash!"

"If you're sensible, kneel down and apologize to our captain!"


It seemed that with more people speaking up, many seemed indignant, and it seemed like they could erupt into a fight at any moment.

Facing Nicholas's words, Whitebeard stretched out his palm to signal his crew members to quiet down. As his subordinates quieted down, Whitebeard's aura unconsciously spread out. Even bystanders nearby could feel the air becoming heavy.

"Kid, it's been a long time. Your attitude is getting bigger, huh!?"

Whitebeard looked at Nicholas with interest. Among the Rocks Pirate Group, Nicholas was someone he was quite interested in. This person had never indiscriminately killed civilians since joining the Rocks Pirate Group. Many of the battles he engaged in were in the mix, but pirates were synonymous with plunder and violence.

And the number of pirates killed by this guy wasn't small.

"It's not that I have a big attitude, it's just the truth. Old White, although your individual strength is indeed strong, strong enough to single-handedly pull a bunch of waste to sit in the position of the first team captain, you also know that people whose strength can't keep up in this sea will only become a burden."

Nicholas said calmly, seemingly unafraid of Whitebeard. Of course, he had the confidence. Although he couldn't confront Whitebeard head-on, Whitebeard couldn't stop him from leaving either.

"Gu Ra ra ra, they're not burdens, they're my lovely subordinates!"

After a moment of silence, Whitebeard suddenly laughed heartily.

"Hmm?" At this moment Something caught Nicholas's attention

"A troublesome guy is coming. I'll leave first. I hope you can protect your lovely subordinates."

After Nicholas finished speaking, he said to his subordinates behind him, "Everyone, enter the castle immediately!"

Almost as soon as Nicholas and his men entered the castle, a whistling sound suddenly came from the distant sky, and a pirate ship shaped like a roaring lion's head appeared in the sky above Hachinosu.

"Jie Ha ha ha ha, Whitebeard, long time no see."

With a hearty laugh, a flying slash hundreds of meters long flew directly towards Whitebeard and his men. 

The clash of titans loomed, as Whitebeard braced himself to confront the impending onslaught with characteristic resolve.

"Gu ra ra ra, what a warm way to greet, Golden Lion."

Facing the flying slash, Whitebeard placed his halberd directly on the ground, and then the white aura flowed rapidly on his fist, directly wrapping his fist and smashing it towards the slash.