1 CHAPTER - 1 { Coloured Eyes }

Looking at the mirror, a handsome face was revealed. But his irises were multi-colored on his reflection.

It was like seeing a rainbow but as a whole in the eyes. His black hair that reached till his tip of the nose, his face that can make you bewildered.

His height being 300 centimetres, his body slim and with perfect muscle. He was naked in front of the mirror.

On his right was a naked black haired woman in her 20s, standing beside him while wiping his wet body with a towel.

Below, between his thighs. A naked blonde woman in her 30s but still as beautiful as the other one, kept moving her head back and forth.

"Hurry up. I don't have all day for you, slave," said the man in his deep voice. The blonde woman quickened her pace, and after a few more times was the man able to release his load inside her.

The blonde woman swallowed all the cum and licked clean his dick. The black hair woman dried him up and stood waiting for his next move.

The man then walked out from the bathroom, and sat on the bed as both the women followed him.

The black hair woman came forward and sat on his lap while she raised her big breast towards him.

The man moved his right hand on her left breast while his mouth had her right breast. His left hand touched her waist.

"Aaa…," moaned the woman as the mouth that had her breast started sucking it. The man also rubbed the other breast as he continued to suck.

Her right hand on his shoulder to support while her left hand on her own pussy. Inserting her fingers in it.

"Mmmm… Aaa!".

A few seconds later, milk started to flow from the black hair woman' nipples. The right hand pinched her breast nipple and stopped the milk from leaking.

As the man sucked harder and drank the milk, the woman was also in her own pleasure while being played with her nipples.

From time to time the man would bite her erect nipple and pull it.

"Aaa… M-Master, I am g-going to cum. Ohh...".

The blonde woman looked at the two while having her own pussy wet. Her chest ups and downs.

"Maasteer! Coomiiinng!!," said the woman as she cummed and the man's right hand that pinched her nipple was also released resulting in lots of milk spraying.

* * *

Walking down the stairs, the man had blue coloured irises. No, it seems to change into red a little but would turn back to blue.

As he reached the living room, a fat middle aged man ran up to him and stood straight while keeping a smile on his face.

"Master, the navy has arrived on the island and are coming towards the town," informed the middle aged man named as Maba to the young man.

"Go do your work, slave," said the man in his deep voice while not even glancing at him.


Maba bowed and stepped towards the door leading outside. The man moved towards the balcony as the villa was located on higher ground.

From the balcony, the full view of the town was visible. He placed his hands on the railing and looked at the navy ship that was docked in the shipyard.

"Let's learn haki…," said the man with a crazy smile on his face while his irises turned completely red.

* * *

"Captain Tukusis! There are a few pirates on the streets, should we capture them!," asked the navy vice captain Lionard. He glanced at the pirates that were fleeing.

"Just leave them, they are not our time," replied captain Tukusis, waving his hand. Lionard nodded and walked behind his captain.

The rest of the navy also followed, except only the ones to guard the ship and to refill supplies.

As Tukusis walked on the streets with various shops and people, the pirates evaded his field of vision.

Little did they know that Tukusis had all of them in his range. But he didn't do anything because they were just small fries with a few thousands of bounty on them.

Suddenly the people in front of the navy started to make way. A group of middle aged men walked to them and gave them greetings.

"I am the mayor of this Town, Maba Toka".

Tukusis also greeted them back.

"I am Captain Tukusis and this is Vice Captain Leonard," as he said, he also pointed towards Leonard who came forward to greet.

"Since sir captain has stepped on my Town. How can I let him go without seeing a magic show," Maba said as he gave a big smile while leading them towards a certain direction.

* * *

The group of navy with Maba came to a small park with a stage on it. There was a table in between and a chair behind.

At the back was a huge mirror that was enough for the navy to see their reflection. Maba walked and brought two chairs.

"Please sit".

Tukusis and Leonard nodded and both sat on the chairs facing the stage. Then Maba shouted.

"Start the show!".

A figure walked towards the stage from the back of the mirror. He was 300 centimetres tall with a black suit on.

"Welcome to the town of happiness!," said the man while extending both his arms in the air towards the navy.

"My name is Akuma, Wholeheart Akuma!".

Everyone in the navy was surprised by his name, never have they heard this kind of name.

Tukusis raised his eyebrows while looking forward towards what kind of magic the man would show.

There was not a thing on the table but out of nowhere, the man brought a deck of cards, a glass full of water and an empty vessel.

'Space type devil fruit?' thought Tukusis as he was using his observation haki to see if he was hiding it somewhere but couldn't see it.

"What would happen if I lift this glass full of water and flip it?," asked Akuma while showing it. As the glass of water was flipped, everyone thought that the water would not fall and it didn't.

"Ok… Please show something better," said Leonard. Akuma scratched his head and laughed.

"Ok guest!. let's start with the main course".

Came a black stick with a white coloured end on his right hand.

[Ability: Mirror Way]

"Please guest, look at the mirror behind me and try to see yourself!," said Akuma while swinging the stick in his hand. His irises started to change and stopped at being multi-colored.

The navy who was seeing themselves in the mirror felt their body losing energy and their eyes started to turn completely white.

Above their heads, a loading bar appeared. And It kept filling up.

[10%]... [50%]... [100%]

[Completely Hypnotized]

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