One Piece: I Am Kaido And Luffy is Coming!

WARNING: THE SELF-INSERT HERE IS INCREDIBLY RUTHLESS. Upon awakening, I realized I was actually Kaido. Shockingly, nearly two years had passed since the Summit War. Luffy is near! I refused to simply await my fate; My plan? First annihilate Kozuki, then torment Luffy. By amassing power, the world's throne seemed within reach. Momanosuke: "Grandpa...Sister...Kinemon...No!!!" Blackbeard: "Am I just a tool in Kaido's eyes?" Akainu: "We have Kaido's spy in our army!! Find me someone!" Marine Special Science Unit SSG: "Kaido, the new Pacifistas are ready!" Rayleigh, Shanks, Garp, Revolutionary Army: "I will avenge Luffy!" Im silently put a cross on the map's Wanokuni.

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Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: Delete All of Yamato's Memories of Kozuki Oden!

"If you tell me to go east, I will never go west. If you tell me to climb a tree, I will never stop until I reach the top."

"I was born a Beasts Pirate, and I will die a Beasts Pirate."

"Let's see if you can take this thing away..."

When confronted with the sharp mace, Pudding was so intimidated that she didn't even dare to breathe. She completely resigned herself to Kaido's will.

At that moment, Sasaki returned, announcing, "Brother Kaido, I've brought someone." 

He carried a mummy wrapped in plaster. Only a delicate and tired face was visible; the eyes were closed, giving no hint of awakening soon.

The sight stirred a mix of emotions in everyone. Boss Kaido had been too ruthless last time; Yamato didn't seem to have a single unbroken bone.

"Where to put it?" Kaido asked, gesturing toward an open space. He then instructed the big signboard and the Flying Six, "You guys, step out for a bit."

They left, though their confusion was evident.

The room was left with only Kaido and Pudding.

Pudding was alone without anyone nearby.

Looking at Kaido's face, he began to worry again. Could Kaido be planning something now that he'd sent everyone away? How would Pudding resist?

The sea teaches that life is like a struggle against the tide... if resistance is impossible...

Pudding's mind raced with possibilities.

Then, Kaido slapped him on the head, eliciting an "ouch" from Pudding, who then looked up.

Kaido commanded, "Come and do what I told you."

Pudding glanced at the plaster-wrapped mummy, asleep. The sight of the pale face left an impression: "So beautiful!"

But then Kaido's stern look prompted anxiety, and Pudding quickly said, "I'm on it!" 

She rushed to Yamato, reached into the white light at the head, and began to extract a strip of memory.

Watching, Kaido noticed the first image was of himself striking Yamato with a stick.

Pudding was startled by the image and wondered if Yamato was Kaido's enemy.

Kaido seized the long knife, cutting away the section of memory, which slowly faded into the air.

He eyed the sluggish Pudding and murmured, "Keep going."

Pudding pulled out another memory: Yamato, alone, gazing out at the sea from the island's edge.

Kaido sliced that one away too. Pudding kept working, a grimace forming as he thought, "Why must it be done so meticulously! Can't it just be erased like a fox?"

But Kaido didn't want a Yamato who was a blank slate. He wanted a strong, admirable daughter who revered him and was unaware of Kozuki Oden.

The memory extraction continued...

Soon, Kaido encountered the memory of Yamato meeting Ace.

"Ho... Ho... Who are you? Introduce yourself!" demanded Ace who had just barged onto Onigashima.

"Phew... Your name first!" Yamato countered with confidence.

"My name's Ace! I've come to take down Kaido!"

"Father's away on an expedition. There's not a single officer on this island right now!"

Kaido watched this memory with a slight squint and a calm demeanor,

Pudding, beside him, was in shock, his mouth agape, and his trembling hands covered his lips,

"Is this really Kaido's daughter? Wanting to kill Kaido?"

"And she's made friends with the second division captain of the Whitebeard Pirates?!"

"This is an unimaginably contentious family dynamic. Not even Charlotte has a daughter like this!"

"No wonder Kaido wants to use me..."

Suddenly, Kaido spoke up, "Modify the memory here."

"Make their conversations mortal enemies. Delete fragments of hatred for me. Modify Yamato to face me everywhere in battle."

He then glanced at Pudding with a lingering look and asked, "Can you do it?"

But his expression seemed more like a threat than an inquiry.

Pudding, not daring to say otherwise, knew her refusal would lead to an early grave.

She swallowed her saliva timidly and replied, "No problem! Absolutely no problem!"

Her fingers flew deftly across the screen as she closed her eyes and furrowed her brow,

Inputting all thoughts and images into her brain.

The picture torn apart, changed, and reassembled,

Many memories within Yamato rapidly vanished and transformed,

Kaido watched, waiting for the clip to become what he desired.

"Go on."

As these words were spoken, Pudding already felt tired and wheezing,

Yet, she didn't dare to defy Kaido's commands and continued to work her hands.

The film zipped by at double speed.

The image of Yamato planning to assassinate him... Delete!

Yamato's hateful words... Change!

The rare moments Yamato appeared with him without conflict... Optimize!

Yamato poring over Kozuki Oden's diary... Delete!

The day Yamato witnessed Kozuki Oden's death... Delete!

Everything about Kozuki Oden! All connections with Wanokuni... Delete them all!

Purge any knowledge of Kozuki Oden!

Erase all about the samurai of Wanokuni!

What remained in her memory was admiration, looking up to one man she followed,

Her father, Kaido of the Beasts!

No memories of seastone shackles on her hands!

Since childhood, Kaido had taught her Haki, given her the phantom beast species Devil Fruit, and trained her in superior mace skills.

They practiced together and dined together from her youth.

Kaido even implanted fragments of his memory into Yamato's mind,

Scenes of them venturing out to sea, engaging in battle, laughing, and feasting together!

She was not the rebellious daughter confined in Wanokuni by Kaido.

She had been at Kaido's side since childhood, learning the ways of piracy,

Inspired to become Kaido's most formidable and loyal right-hand daughter.

The perfect Yamato in Kaido's mind was beginning to take shape...

After a significant alteration,

Pudding collapsed to the ground, exhausted, her whole body soaked, her princess dress drenched.

She lay on the cold floor, her breath visible as white mist,

Appearing to be on the verge of shock.

Then she heard Kaido's nightmarish voice.

"Delete your memories of today."

Pudding's eyes widened in horror at the sight of Kaido, resembling a demon god. Even her third eye trembled.

Was this man the devil?

"Don't make me repeat it a second time."

Pudding clenched her small hand into a fist, teeth gritted.

She reached into the white light of her memory,

Abruptly pulled out a swath of film that floated into the air,

And with a heavy impact, she collapsed prone to the ground,

Breathless, she passed out.