One Piece: I Am Kaido And Luffy is Coming!

WARNING: THE SELF-INSERT HERE IS INCREDIBLY RUTHLESS. Upon awakening, I realized I was actually Kaido. Shockingly, nearly two years had passed since the Summit War. Luffy is near! I refused to simply await my fate; My plan? First annihilate Kozuki, then torment Luffy. By amassing power, the world's throne seemed within reach. Momanosuke: "Grandpa...Sister...Kinemon...No!!!" Blackbeard: "Am I just a tool in Kaido's eyes?" Akainu: "We have Kaido's spy in our army!! Find me someone!" Marine Special Science Unit SSG: "Kaido, the new Pacifistas are ready!" Rayleigh, Shanks, Garp, Revolutionary Army: "I will avenge Luffy!" Im silently put a cross on the map's Wanokuni.

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Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: The Name of the Strongest Singled Out! Back to Wanokuni

As people across the globe laid their hands on the latest newspaper, their eyes widened in disbelief at the news before them. They couldn't fathom how someone could punch through an island or single-handedly defeat five formidable opponents with ease. Kaido's legendary tales of surviving dozens of executions crept back into their memories, and the world's adage came to mind, "If singled out, Kaido is indeed the strongest, right?" Now, there was no doubt about it; no second person could achieve the feat of crushing BIGMOM in mere hours.

A fresh wave of nursery rhymes echoed across the seas, with Kaido's fearsome legend starting to overshadow that of the terrifying Whitebeard. Kaido was now seen as both a demon and a disaster. Kings from numerous lands prayed he would steer clear of their countries. Merchants hoped to never cross paths with the Beasts Pirates, and criminals lurking underground considered alliances with Kaido. The world's attention was fixed solely on him, his audacious act of penetrating a royal stronghold hailed by many pirates who shouted confidently, "In a head-to-head battle, Kaido of the Beasts is the strongest!"

Kaido returned to Wanokuni after a lengthy flight. Upon his landing, a sea of Beasts Pirates greeted him with cheers. "Kaido! Kaido! Kaido!" echoed around him. With a chuckle, Kaido, his large hands cradling the poorly played Pudding, was escorted into his castle by the crowd.

The Three Calamities and the Tobi Roppo eagerly awaited his arrival. "Big Brother Kaido! You've really stirred up a storm this time! Mhahahaha!!" Queen said, his belly shaking with laughter. "So, you were confident all along! We thought you were foolish and worried for you!" Ulti muttered under her breath. "Could you be a bit nicer, sister..." Page One chided before turning to Kaido with praise, "You're truly formidable, Boss Kaido. You took down BIGMOM just like that!"

"It looks like your reputation as the strongest in single combat is set in stone now, big brother. No one will dare question it," Sasaki remarked with admiration. "And boss, you even planted our pirate flag on Cake Island! The BIGMOM Pirates can't even look us in the eye anymore!" Jack added heartily. "Big Brother, your strength is beyond what I could have ever imagined! And our missions are progressing smoothly! We've mastered the use of the big board and our Tobiroppo techniques!" Who's Who boasted with a sharp grin.

"You are the most perfect man I've ever encountered, Kaido-sama~" Black Maria expressed her adoration. "Don't leave me out of such endeavors next time, Brother Kaido," complained King, feeling slighted by the solo venture.

As they shared their excitement and pride in being part of the Beasts Pirates, reaffirming their decision to follow Kaido, he gestured for silence, and their voices gradually quieted down. Kaido settled comfortably in his seat, legs spread wide with his mace at his side, tossing aside the unconscious Pudding carelessly onto the ground. The fight hadn't exhausted him, but the long flight had worn him out. Picking up on a remark he overheard, he turned to Who's Who and challenged, "You mentioned a united attack? Come and try to strike me down."

He desired to test his regular form's endurance against internal Emission damage to see if it could still breach his defenses. Naturally, there was no point in trying while armored with dragon scales since that state was invulnerable. "It's not very good... Big brother, you've just returned, and if you kick the bucket..." Who's-Who appeared to be diplomatic, but he exuded confidence in his strength.

Who's-Who, eager to attempt, caught Kaido's attention who thought that his subordinate's confidence stemmed from genuine capability. Yet Kaido was irked by his arrogance and decided not to indulge him, exposing a sly grin before declaring, "Oh? Maybe next time."

Who's-Who, taken aback, prepared for confrontation as a feeling of immense enthusiasm welled up within him. However, his enthusiasm waned as if his entire body had become lethargic and weakened.

Kaido, turning to an associate, inquired, "Sasaki, how is my foolish daughter?" "She's still among the living but has been unconscious these past few days, kept alive on a diet of glucose and medicine," replied Sasaki, recalling the details to provide an accurate response.

"Good, bring her here," commanded Kaido.

"Yes, sir," Sasaki promptly left the room.

King and the others were dismayed, thinking it might be time to replace Yamato. They regarded Kaido as flawless except for his daughter, whose eccentricities were magnified under his imposing shadow.

They gazed down at the unconscious woman, contemplating the lengths Kaido went to possess her, risking confrontation with BIGMOM. To them, she seemed ordinary besides her attractive appearance. That was until they noticed a third eye beneath her plush bangs. A member of the Three-Eyed Clan? They puzzled over its significance.

King realized the rarity of her race, nearly matching his own Lunaria's scarcity, and the potential to decipher all languages and patterns of the world upon awakening. Would this have any bearing on Yamato?

Before King could inquire, Kaido interposed with a command. "King, what's your task?" King remembered and replied with slight remorse, "Drake, right? I apologize, Lord Kaido."

"Indeed. Behead him and package it; I'll hand-deliver it to the Marines another time." Kaido deduced Drake likely died without any retaliation, but the downfall of a spy was inconsequential.

He then questioned, "What about Wanokuni?" King detailed the capture of the phantom fox, the moon-tattooed individuals rounded up, and the seizure of nearly 5,000 valuable swords, which could market for millions to the World Government. However, Kaido considered the sum insufficient considering the grand scale he intended for Queen's technology; more funds were required.

Soon the new factory should boost productivity by ten times, promising a corresponding increase in profits. Only then could he adequately expand his scientific division. Concerning the phantom beast fox, Kaido saw value in another rare creature, spoiled by affiliation with Kozuki's lineage. "Bring it here," he said, his gaze falling on the unconscious Pudding. Her ability could potentially alter the beast's memory, allowing for the addition of another phantom species.

The Memory-Memory Fruit she possessed could prove invaluable.