87 Chapter 87: Worlds Beyond - CP9's Investigation Commences

Mary Geoise, Pangaea Castle, Room of the Authority.


The Five Elders gathered together again and watched the projection screen broadcast from the Cipher Pol headquarters.


This time, Ju Peter was not present to direct personally, as the importance of the first contact with a new world had justified it before. Now, command responsibility would return to CP0.


CP0, known as the Celestial Dragons' strongest shield, handle top-secret missions, with the authority to eliminate anyone who hinders their duties, including Navy officers and Nobles. At a hierarchical level, they were the highest authority within the Cipher Pol organization, with the power to assign personnel from CP1 to CP9.


"Finally, we are going to begin the in-depth investigation. I am eager and hope that enough surprises await us." Warcury expressed.


"Yes, it would be boring if it were a primitive world without civilization." Saturn laughed.


V. Nusjuro said seriously: "Imu-sama said that there will be more Dimensional Gates in the future, some leading to civilized worlds."


"We must worry about facing an enemy with too much power; if they penetrate our defenses, it will be a real disaster."


"Then we can only ask Imu-sama to close the Dimensional Gate." Ju Peter said coldly, not caring at all about the personnel of various ministries who may also be imprisoned in another world. In his opinion, sacrifice is inevitable.


"Let's start!" At this moment, Mars, who had been silent the entire time, pointed to the projection. The other four Five Elders stopped talking and paid attention.


Area No. RL1556.


Laskey and the CP9 team, along with Crocodile, were standing in an isolation chamber in front of the first electric door. Both sides showed no intention of communicating.


"Everyone, please enter the disinfection chamber." A voice sounded through the speaker. The door in front of them opened slowly, and without saying a word, everyone obeyed and entered.


A second silver-colored airtight door appeared in front of them, as the previous door closed.


The next moment, the lamps hanging on the surrounding walls lit up with purple light, and at the same time, a somewhat pungent white spray poured in along the pipes.


Soon, everyone was completely disinfected.


"Disinfection completed, I wish you all a smooth mission and a safe return." The voice came through the speaker again. Then, the electric gate in front of them slowly opened and what came into view was an energy gate that was close to the ground and glowing with blue light at the edge. Through this door, one could glimpse a silver room on the other side.


The CP9 and Crocodile continued to advance without saying a word and entered the Dimensional Gate one by one.


As expected, the room here was identical to the other side, as if it were a perfect reflection: a disinfection chamber, an isolation chamber. When the last door opened, they found wooden barracks and patrolling soldiers, occasionally figures dressed in white and dark suits passed by.


"The sky here is blue too. It doesn't seem like a different world at all." A CP9 agent commented as he observed the sky.


"I will give you ten minutes to familiarize yourself with this base. In ten minutes, gather outside the base gate and prepare to leave!" Lasky ordered coldly.


"Yes, Captain!"


The CP9 agents quickly dispersed, leaving only Crocodile looking around. He hadn't been given a specific task, he was just told to explore as he pleased. However, if he did not return to the base within a month, the World Government would deny him entry to the Starfish world.


In short, he would be forced to spend the rest of his life in this unknown world. But if he decided to return, it meant that he would be willing to unite under the banner of the World Government.


"Jah, no matter how you look at it, it's better to take a look. A new world sounds pretty interesting."


In the next instant, with a cold smile, he turned into a gust of wind and sand, before rushing out of the base, attracting the attention of many along his path.


Crocodile's actions were seen by the Five Elders.


"Use the new world as bait to attract these unruly types. Once they personally experience a completely new world, it will be difficult to resist more in the future."


V. Nusjuro nodded in agreement: "According to Imu-sama, the entire universe is a vast, limitless ocean, each world is like an island."


"People like Crocodile will never be content to stay on a single island. Betting on him is the right decision."


"Yes, it seems that your army will soon have one more recruit."


"However, I believe that this method is not only useful for Crocodile but can also be used to recruit other people. The worlds mentioned by Imu-sama are really full of temptations and full of possibilities." Mars sighed.


At the same time, in the world of Dimensional Gate No.0001, in front of the base, ten black-robed men and women gathered again.


Laskey glanced at the team members in front of him coolly and ordered: "According to the assignments and directions discussed above, go ahead!"




Several swish-swish sounds suddenly sounded in the air, and the eight members turned into black afterimages and shot out. Only his partner remained in place.


"Let's go, the mission begins." Looking at his partner, Laskey's voice seemed a little softer than usual. The sharp gleam in his eyes softened as he met her face.




Marta, Kalifa's mother and Laskey's wife, was an elegant woman, with white skin and soft blonde hair, and also Laskey's companion on this mission.


The two of them moved quickly towards the northwest. The Kenbunshoku Haki allowed them to detect presences without fear of being surprised, even hundreds of meters away. However, after traveling almost two kilometers, they had not found any strange creatures or notable situations.


"Is this really an uninhabited world?" Marta stopped her pace, adjusting her labored breathing as she asked.


"Instead, I wonder if this is just an island or an entire continent. As for intelligent civilization, isn't it a good thing? It saves a lot of trouble." Laskey, without showing fatigue, observed the surroundings: a typical mountainous region with hills of two to five hundred meters and a dense forest cover.


[Poruporu, Poruporu]


Suddenly, the little Den-Den Mushi in his pocket started ringing. Pulling it out and holding up the receiver, Laskey responded: "What's wrong?"


"This is the Dimensional Gate Base No. 0001. Team three just found two strange human corpses with black and purple skin in the north, 2.5 kilometers from the base."


"We confirm the existence of a human civilization in this world. Please proceed with caution."


After hearing this, Lasky and Marta looked at each other in surprise, there really are people in this world!


"Understood." Putting away the device, Laskey pondered for a moment before saying: "We'll slow down. It shouldn't take long to meet the people here."


"Ok." Marta nodded.


Meanwhile, at the New World Base, the news caused a stir.


"Send a mobile unit immediately to bring the bodies back!"


"Inform Professor Fritz to be ready in the operating room. We will begin the autopsy as soon as the bodies arrive."




Soon, a group of twenty soldiers on motorcycles came noisily out of the base gate, raising a large cloud of dust behind them.


The Dimensional Gate is wide enough to bring in these motorcycles.


On the other hand, the Five Elders who received the news were also very surprised. In fact, there is civilization in this world, and judging from the images transmitted, they are basically normal human beings.


"But what did they die from, and why are they in this state?" Warcury looked at the projection screen in confusion.


On the screen you could see two corpses lying on the ground full of weeds. The strange thing was that his skin looked black and purple, and the eyes were completely black and basically it's hard to see the pupils.


"It could be poisoning." Ju Peter expressed his first feelings.




The other four people looked at each other and frowned in thought. Ju Peter continued to observe the projection: "Although his clothes are almost completely destroyed, the remains that remain resemble the clothing of Wano Country."


Mars stroked his prominent beard and said: "If it is poisoning, both of them must have been affected by the same poison."


"We must consider whether this poison is still present in the bodies, in addition to discovering how it spreads and its characteristics. Professor Fritz must examine them before knowing more."


Warcury nodded, and said with relief: "Fortunately, we have prepared a complete biosafety station. Otherwise, it would be risky to allow people to easily come and go from the other world."


"Let's hope. I trust that the other CP9 teams will make new discoveries soon." Ju Peter smiled, he had a lot of confidence in the ten people he selected.


About two hours later, the dispatched mobile unit returned to the Base in the New World with two body bags and handed them over to the waiting researchers from the Biochemical Research Institute.


As for CP9 team three, they continued to explore further.


In the relatively simple operating room, Professor Fritz, who had already changed into chemical protective clothing for surgery, raised his hands in front of him, and looked at the body on the operating table and let out a long sigh.


Not far away, outside the glass window, stood three government officials in black suits. Everyone had the same indifference on their faces, just watching the situation in the operating room quietly.


At this moment, Professor Fritz skillfully handled the sharp scalpel to open the body of the deceased.


"Um?" At that precise moment, he felt a heat transmit through his gloves. Surprised, he commented: "Pretty high internal temperature."


He could clearly see the steam emanating from the corpse's organs, as if they were being steamed. He fixed his gaze on the left side of his chest. The heart position!


That area had a noticeably darker color, as if it had been burned at high temperatures. However, just as the scalpel approached to examine the heart, something unexpected happened.


He did not scratch hard, and the thin black skin on the surface was easily cut open, but just when the blade was about to penetrate further.


Suddenly, a crisp sound sounded in the operating room.


The sound was like a sharp blade touching glass, but the glass was obviously very hard. Even if Professor Fritz subconsciously increased his strength, he still couldn't cut through the somewhat transparent thin skin!


"How is it possible?"


The surprise in Professor Fritz's eyes turned to amazement. It was unthinkable that there was a part of the human body that could be so hard. At this moment, his earpiece inside the protective suit issued a voice.


"Professor, we found some kind of infectious virus on the other corpse, and it has basically been determined to be an RNA virus."


"Through experiments on Impel Down prisoners, we have determined that it is transmitted through blood, saliva and wounds."


"Once inside the body, the virus accumulates in the aorta and then spreads from the heart to the brain, turning the victim into a mindless but mobile being, an undead!"


Meanwhile, in a holding cell inside the base, accompanied by two black-clad individuals from CP7, a bare-chested prisoner wearing the striped uniform of Impel Down. He had purple and black skin, his veins seemed to glow a molten yellow and his eyes turned black to the point where only his pupils took on a menacing red glow. Additionally, on his chest you can see a burning red light at the location of his heart.


Several researchers from the Institute of Biochemistry, dressed in biochemical safety suits, observed the prisoner's situation and reported to Professor Fritz through the headset.


They just applied the virus collected from the second corpse to the wound on the prisoner's arm, and then witnessed with their own eyes his transformation from a normal person to what he is now. The whole process took less than a minute.


"We request to carry out attack tests on it."


Professor Fritz was surprised, undead? But he quickly restrained his emotions and looked at the open body in front of him, saying: "Okay, but keep a safe distance. This task is left to CP7 and the army."






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