One Piece: I'm Yamamoto Genryusai

Bai Ye travelled to the world of pirates. His cheat? Non-existent. So he chose to join the Marine force to survive, fishing day by day. Fast forward to today, and Summit War is around the corner and Bai Ye, who has become a veteran, was already preparing to retire. He didn't want to get into any more trouble! But it turns out that he awakening condition was he has to be 60 years old. And unexpectedly, the town where Bai Ye lived for more than 30 years was destroyed because they could not pay the Tenryubito. Following the 'Yamamoto Genryūsai' template given by the system, he chose to break his peaceful life for the first time and decided to take revenge on this chaotic world. "Since this is a world where the weak cannot survive, let me break it with my own hands." "Everything will be reduced to ashes!"

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134 Chs

Chapter 3

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003: Directly Unlocking Template 60 Progress! Ryūjin Jakka

[Ding, the host has selected the 'Yamamoto Genryūsai' template...]

['Yamamoto Genryūsai' template is now loading...]

[The template is randomly unlocking progress...]

When Bai Ye made a choice about the cheat he awakened at the age of sixty, in an instant, a powerful force poured into Bai Ye's body, coursing through his limbs and bones.

His vision began to sharpen.

His hearing grew incredibly sensitive.

Underneath his spotless white shirt, muscles began to bulge.


From the inside out.

The aura exuded by Bai Ye's aged body also changed.

If the old colonel had been viewed by everyone as a veteran nearing retirement, then facing Bai Ye at that moment, what everyone saw seemed to be a male lion exuding immense oppression.

Despite his age, he commanded a chilling aura.

And the most formidable aspect was when the old lion opened his eyes.

[Ding, the host randomly unlocks 60% of the template 'Yamamoto Genryūsai' progress...!]

[Zanpakutō: Ryūjin Jakka, unlocked, summonable]

[Shinigami ability: Kidō, unlocked]

[Physical Technique: One Bone, Unlocked]

"60% progress...!"

At that moment, Bai Ye clenched his hands tightly, his bulging veins faintly visible.

Feeling an unprecedented power within his aged body, Bai Ye looked at the town he had lived in for more than thirty years, which had now been obliterated by the merciless artillery fire from the World Government fleet in mere moments.

"...Enough is enough!" Bai Ye's eyes grew even colder.

Just then, the voice of Marine Vice Admiral Flying Squirrel came through the den-den mushi beside Bai Ye once again. This time, his tone was menacingly cold.

"You...! Colonel Bai Ye, head of the G-64 branch! Consider your decision carefully! The Marines wouldn't hesitate to want a veteran, even one close to retirement."


Hearing this, a flash of disdain shot through Bai Ye's icy gaze.

Want a sixty-year-old veteran like me?

Considering the fate of the former Admiral Zephyr, I thought the World Government was bad enough. Now it seems the Marine's higher-ups are no different.

"Then try all you want," Bai Ye said, taking the den-den mushi without a shred of courtesy.

Those who have nothing to lose are truly fearsome.

Bai Ye, now with nothing to fear, had effectively retired.

The destruction of distant towns had ceased.

"No more scruples!"


The voice of Vice Admiral Flying Squirrel had just sounded when Bai Ye had already smashed him to the ground with force.


Meanwhile, at Marine Headquarters, 

"Dammit! As a Marine, how can you ignore orders from the headquarters?" Flying Squirrel stood up abruptly, looking at the Den Den Mushi in his hand that could no longer make contact, the veins on his forehead bulging.

As a dedicated hawk of the Marines.

Flying Squirrel might be unsightly, but the World Government resorts to destructive means to establish its prestige in the North Blue.

In Flying Squirrel's view.

Sometimes, to achieve certain goals.

A ruthless sacrifice is sometimes necessary.

Even if it means targeting innocent civilians.

For the greater cause, some sacrifices are inevitable.

But now...

The Marine branch was meant to follow the orders from headquarters without question.

Yet, someone had chosen to openly disobey.

This, Flying Squirrel could not tolerate, not as a Marine Vice Admiral.

Especially when the insubordinate is in charge of a Marine branch.

Joining Marines who have served for forty years.

As a sixty-year-old Marine veteran, not understanding this essential truth was alarming.

This insubordination by a veteran named Bai Ye marked him in Flying Squirrel's memory.


Flying Squirrel doesn't take this matter too seriously at this moment.

In his opinion...

Many Marines in the G-64 branch in the North Blue wouldn't dare to intervene in this situation.

After all, it involved the World Government.

Regarding the veteran Bai Ye...

A look of disdain and coldness flashed in Flying Squirrel's eyes.

A relic of an old era.

Can he truly believe that he alone can challenge the might of the Marine Government or even the World Government that has stood for 800 years?

Not just any veteran!

Even the Four Emperors, rulers of the New World's seas...

Whitebeard included. Impossible!

Flying Squirrel appeared extremely confident.

He had no intention of panicking, even with the outside world in chaos over Ace's predicament, and Whitebeard preparing to confront Marine Headquarters.