One Piece: I'm Yamamoto Genryusai

Bai Ye travelled to the world of pirates. His cheat? Non-existent. So he chose to join the Marine force to survive, fishing day by day. Fast forward to today, and Summit War is around the corner and Bai Ye, who has become a veteran, was already preparing to retire. He didn't want to get into any more trouble! But it turns out that he awakening condition was he has to be 60 years old. And unexpectedly, the town where Bai Ye lived for more than 30 years was destroyed because they could not pay the Tenryubito. Following the 'Yamamoto Genryūsai' template given by the system, he chose to break his peaceful life for the first time and decided to take revenge on this chaotic world. "Since this is a world where the weak cannot survive, let me break it with my own hands." "Everything will be reduced to ashes!"

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Chapter 26

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026: Two Marine Admirals Are Dispatched!


"Bastard... bastard! Damn old guy, how dare you fight me!"

The vicious pirate with a scar on his face witnessed the scene where the entire pirate ship shattered.

Roaring, he attempted to draw the sharp blade from his waist.

However, as he raised his head and looked at the strong and aged figure in front of him, saw those eyes full of indifference, the ferocious pirate froze in place, and the sharp blade fell to the ground, as if he hadn't reacted.

From the perspective of the vicious pirate, the moment he raised his head was like facing a wave rushing head-on – an overwhelming sense of terror and oppression!

Don't even talk about taking out weapons to kill each other. Just trying to move his trembling body was already extremely difficult!

The next second, before the pirate could react, one of Bai Ye's palms was already placed in front of the enemy's head, and Reiatsu gathered.

Immediately, a large amount of unfamiliar memories and information began to flow into Bai Ye.

It was different from using the Color of Observation to read people's hearts. This was a terrifying magical skill that could truly obtain the other party's memory at will.

From the origin of the other party, to committing the first murder when he was young, to after being discovered he killed the entire village becoming a pirate... and now all the evil scenes were recalled.

The life memory of the pirate in front of him was like a recorded video, completely unfolding before Bai Ye!

"...It worked!"

There was a hint of surprise in Bai Ye's eyes.

This ability was similar to one that he knew Yamamoto Genryūsai used to block the telepathic communication between Shinigami. Bai Ye wanted to try whether he could master this power with his current strength.

He hadn't expected it to be successful the first time he used it!

With this magical skill of reading memory, no matter how prepared the World Government was, as long as he could catch an enemy who dared to come, he could know all the plans of the opponents.

Undeniably, this was a very terrifying ability. Nobody wants to face such an enemy.

However, in addition to reading people's hearts and memories, this ability had not yet been tested to wipe consciousness. But before that, Bai Ye wanted to make sure whether it was effective for everyone.

With a murmur, Bai Ye turned his attention to the seven or eight 'dead people' struggling in the sea after the nearby pirate ship was smashed.

Bai Ye was ready to find the next one. From the memory he had just read, each of these pirates was a criminal who had committed heinous crimes. No kindness was needed for this kind of person!

And then, suddenly:

"Bastard... bastard! Go to hell, old man!"

Taking advantage of Bai Ye's turned back, the pirate man felt that the oppressive sensation that made him tremble uncontrollably had greatly diminished.

The vicious pirate man suddenly roared, standing up abruptly, subconsciously looking for the nearest weapon.

When he saw Ryūjin Jakka on Bai Ye's waist, the vicious pirate man seemed to see hope and desperately grabbed at Ryūjin Jakka on Bai Ye's body.

Facing the pirate behind him, poised to rise violently, Bai Ye chose simply to stand where he was, observing the scene quietly.

Because just when the pirate thought Bai Ye hadn't reacted, with ecstasy in his eyes, the moment his hands were about to touch Ryūjin Jakka:


Hot, orange-red flames burst out from the dark purple hilt of Ryūjin Jakka!

This unexpected flame instantly ignited the pirate man.


With a scream, the vicious pirate man almost immediately turned into a burning man. After a while, the ferocious pirate whose flesh and blood had quickly melted turned into a pool of ashes under the horrified gaze of the other pirates struggling at sea.

Bai Ye looked thoughtfully at the pile of ashes on the ground and said, "It seems that 'He' doesn't like being touched by others."

Opposite the scene before him, Bai Ye was obviously not surprised at all.

Most famous swords in the One Piece world have their own personalities.

No one is allowed to touch them easily.

The same holds true for Zanpakutō, except for Zanpakutō in their 'sealed state'.

Each powerful Zanpakutō can only be used by its specific bearer.

What's more, compared to the so-called famous swords in the One Piece World, I don't know how much higher the level of Ryūjin Jakka is than the so-called Twelve Supreme Grade Swords!

It can be said that in the entire Pirate World, except for Bai Ye, anyone who wishes to touch Ryūjin Jakka will not fare much better than the pirates just now!

"Okay, now it's your turn," said Bai Ye as he looked at the sea again.

I saw that not long ago they were excitedly discussing how to destroy the town, but now only a few other pirates who are extremely terrified remain!


Meanwhile, in another place, Marineford.

Naval Headquarters.

In the corridor, a voice gritted with anger remarked, "That monster acts so recklessly! He doesn't pay any attention to the Marines at all!"

None of the passing Marines dared to step forward because the person standing outside the corridor was Admiral Akainu, Sakazuki, known as the highest combat power in the Marines, and a staunch Marine hawk.

Akainu thought the Marines' reaction today was tantamount to showing weakness to the world.

Even if Whitebeard dared to raid Naval Headquarters, Akainu was confident he could send him packing!

As for the guy who dared to declare war on the World Government, Akainu believed he could handle it on his own.

As a Logia lava fruit ability user with a superior Devil Fruit capable of restraining all 'fire abilities' in the world, Akainu did not take Bai Ye seriously.

This only made him more dissatisfied with Sengoku's attitude, since Akainu knew well that the past Fleet Admiral Sengoku earned the title "The Resourceful General" and changed the countenance of countless pirates as Marine Admiral.

Akainu's forehead veins were faintly raised, and thick black smoke was coming out of his fist when suddenly a Marine messenger came running down the corridor, quickly saying upon feeling Akainu's oppressive aura, "Admiral Akainu, I have been looking for you!"

"What happened?" Akainu asked, restraining the aura emanating from his body, which caused the Marine to sigh in relief.

"The people sent by the World Government have arrived. Also, Fleet Admiral Sengoku has asked you to go to the port to assemble with Admiral Kizaru," the Marine immediately reported.

At this, Akainu subconsciously looked towards the Naval Headquarters port, where he saw a warship with the World Government logo sailing into Marineford under the blue sky.

Akainu suddenly realized something and a coldness flashed in his eyes as he said slowly, "Those moaning guys are finally here. It seems the days of that 'arrogant' man outside are numbered!"

After the exchange, the Marine responsible for maintaining order watched Akainu head to the port, his heart shaking at the thought.

Admiral Akainu.

Admiral Kizaru.

Moreover, although it was unclear who the World Government had sent, this deployment in the first half of the Grand Line was unprecedented for Naval Headquarters, requiring two Marine Admirals, both representing the highest combat power of the World Government.