One Piece: I'm Yamamoto Genryusai

Bai Ye travelled to the world of pirates. His cheat? Non-existent. So he chose to join the Marine force to survive, fishing day by day. Fast forward to today, and Summit War is around the corner and Bai Ye, who has become a veteran, was already preparing to retire. He didn't want to get into any more trouble! But it turns out that he awakening condition was he has to be 60 years old. And unexpectedly, the town where Bai Ye lived for more than 30 years was destroyed because they could not pay the Tenryubito. Following the 'Yamamoto Genryūsai' template given by the system, he chose to break his peaceful life for the first time and decided to take revenge on this chaotic world. "Since this is a world where the weak cannot survive, let me break it with my own hands." "Everything will be reduced to ashes!"

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Chapter 22

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022: Onijima, Kaido Leaves The Station!


The other side.


Beasts Pirates station.

Ghost island.

"Is Mr. Kaido sober?"

A huge pteranodon figure fell from the dark sky.

The visitor was tall and strong, with a pair of black wings exposed behind his back; his whole body, including his face, was covered by pitch-black clothes. He wore a mask, goggles, and a helmet, not leaving an inch of skin exposed. A long knife hung at his waist, with flames surrounding the back of his head.

"Master Jhin!"

The face of the guarding pirate outside changed.

The person who demonstrated that he could fly unscrupulously over the ghost island was none other than "Jhin," the first of the three signboards of the Beasts Pirates!

"Captain Kaido is still drinking in there, but I think he's pretty much drunk by now."

The guarding pirate carefully glanced at the cave behind.

Jhin nodded upon hearing this.

"Okay, you continue to stay here."

Jhin then walked straight in.

Not long after, in the dimly lit cave, Jhin looked up at the drunken Kaido in front of him.

Leaning over, he reported:

"Captain Kaido, we're almost ready for that."

"...Huh? It's Jhin, you're here."

Kaido raised his eyelids and looked at Jhin.

Hearing that it was 'that thing,' a gleam flashed in Kaido's eyes.

"Since we're almost ready for that matter... it looks like it's going to be very interesting, oh lol!"

Ember nodded and said:

"That's right, now the Beasts Pirates need to station behind in Wanokuni's combat power..."

Jhin went on to say:

"Currently, Feiliubao and our numberers, gifters, laughers, and 2,000 support personnel have all assembled outside the ghost island. Now we only need to wait for the Whitebeard pirates to take action, and we can start as soon as possible. We'll take all the territories under the Whitebeard Pirates within the time limit."

"Well done, that Whitebeard guy is going to fight Naval Headquarters for a mere son. This stupid decision shows that the old guy is still old after all."

Kaido propped up his tall, drunken body and grabbed the mace beside him, exuding a sense of oppression from his body.

"In this way, instead of waiting for the site to be eaten away by those wastes after death, it's better to give it all to me! Oooohoo!!!"

Kaido's voice echoed in the cave.

Jhin stood aside silently and didn't say much.

Because of the upcoming Summit War, the outside world was paying attention to the Marines and the Whitebeard Pirates.

Little did they know.

The Beasts Pirates were ready to set their sights on Whitebeard's territory!

Just wait for the two to conflict.

The Beasts Pirates are plotting a new expansion!

To completely break the balance of the so-called Four Emperors forces at sea!

Suddenly, at this time.

"Captain Kaido! The matter you paid attention to earlier has come to fruition!"

A gifter pirate who was running hurriedly suddenly arrived.

"What happened?"

Ember frowned.

They were prepared to expel this gifter.

Kaido took a step forward, raised his hand to interrupt Jhin, and asked the gifter:

"Is there a result so soon?"

Kaido thought that the interval between the previous two reports was only an hour.

He suddenly picked up the wine jug, poured the wine down his throat, and wiped the corners of his mouth.

"Looking at it this way, it really doesn't make any sense. He's just another 'bluffing' guy. When will some interesting guy appear in this boring sea? After all..."

Kaido smashed the jug and roared:

"There are too many bastards who play pirate games!"

"Captain Kaido!"

Jhin's face changed slightly, fearing that Kaido would enter a state of 'drunken madness.'

After all, every time Kaido got drunk, he would wreak havoc on Onijima and even throughout Wanokuni.

It was a last resort to create a place where he could drink without restraint.

"Yes, yes, Captain Kaido..."

Jhin's reaction was adequate, but the gifter was so frightened that he fell to the ground.

Bite his scalp and quickly said:

"But Captain Kaido, it turns out the Marines failed..."

"What's the value of such news... eh? The Marines failed?"

Kaido paused in grabbing the wine jar again and looked at the informant.

The informant gave a frantic nod.

"No, that's right, and according to intelligence... the fleet sent by the Marines was loaded with some powerful weapons, but even so, they were all wiped out at sea by that madman who dared to kill Celestial Dragons."

After finishing speaking, the informant's forehead and back were wet with cold sweat.

Jhin heard the words and couldn't help but look sideways.

"Celestial Dragons died...?!"

These days he's been mobilizing almost all the strength of the Beasts Pirates.

Jhin has no idea what happened to North Blue.

But what Jhin didn't notice at the moment was that, after Kaido heard the news of the Marines' failure, especially the destruction of the Marine fleet in one blow, Kaido's eyes showed more interest.


Kaido suddenly put down the wine jar in his hand and looked at Jhin.


"Mr. Kaido! What are your orders?"

Jhin quickly lowered his head.

Kaido pointed to all the fine wines in the cave.

"Help Laozi take care of it; these wines must not be diminished."

"What does Mr. Kaido mean?"

Jhin's face showed doubt.


Kaido stepped towards the outside of the cave, his eyes twinkling with interest on his drunken face.

"Laozi intends to leave first."


Ember's face changed.

"But Mr. Kaido, our preparations are about to be complete..."

"Rest assured."

Kaido shook his head, exuding confidence.

At the same time.

The muscles of Kaido's entire body began to swell and change at that moment, under the gaze of countless Beasts Pirates members on Onigashima.


Accompanied by the faint tremor of the earth, a huge blue dragon with 'flame clouds' on its body appeared.

Kaido's ferocious drunken giant dragon head ran out of the cave, leaving the small black dot of Jhin behind.

He played a drinking interval.

"Laozi will be back soon! Funny things are happening outside, how can Laozi be missing, right?!"

As the words fell, Kaido's huge figure, transformed into a dragon body, suddenly soared into the sky!

Leaving behind a sentence.

"I hope this time there is someone in this world who won't let Laozi down! Oooohoo!"

"Mr. Kaido!"

Jhin raised his hand and opened his mouth.

Seeing Kaido's figure leaving Onigashima, Jhin couldn't help but reach out and touch his forehead.

This time.

It's going to be a lot of trouble.

Originally, the gathering of troops on Onigashima was a secret operation.

But how significant is the movement of the Four Emperors departing?

Coupled with Kaido's mischievous, death-seeking personality.

Now, Onigashima's originally gathered forces aimed to seize the territory of the Whitebeard Pirates.

I'm afraid it can't be kept a secret...

As for whether something will happen to Kaido messing around outside.

Jhin isn't worried at all.

The strongest creature in the sea, land, and air!

This name has revealed everything.

In this world.

Since Kaido became famous, he has been executed 40 times by the Marines without injury!

Even in the worst case, it's only an injury!

Not enough to threaten Kaido's life!

That's why, even when alone, Kaido is messing around outside.

The people of the Beasts Pirates are never worried that Kaido will face unexpected events with strong confidence!

Just, this time.

The 'opponent' that Kaido is going to find on the Grand Line.

It will be completely different from the situations Kaido has faced in the past!


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