41 Chapter 41: Huge harvest

On other side.

Back in time when Donquixote Doflamingo almost died.

The Don Quixote Pirates all set out to go to Punk Hazard to save Doflamingo!

But when the pirate ship was halfway through the voyage, Doflamingo's paper of life burned up!!

"No no no! Doflamingo .

Trebol , looked at the burned paper of life in his hand, and screamed in an instant, the sound was like a ghost crying .

"Young Master-

All the cadres of the Don Quixote family screamed in agony!

"We must avenge the young master!!

"we will Kill Whitebeard!! Avenge the young master!

This group of loyal Don Quixote family cadres swore one after another. Their eyes were full of hatred, and they were not timid at all, they now wants to kill a yonko .

Tick tick tick-!

Trebol who was sitting a corner of ship , with tears in his eyes but their is deep anger hidden in them .

"a bunch of idiots!!!"he murmured. 

Trebol breathed heavily, holding back his anger as he angrily scolded a group of cadres. 

"Turn the ship around immediately!!! Torebol said fiercely, breathing heavily .

A group of cadres looked at Trebol in confusion, " Let's go and avenge the young master!?!you fu*King idiots .

"Revenge?! How many us with die ?! Idiots!! Dofla teamed up with Drought Jack, but both of them died by the hands of Whitebeard! Do you think we even survive if we confronted Whitebeard?!"

Trebol yelled, 'why didn't I want to take revenge?! However, even a pig's head can imagine that Whitebeards current strength is definitely not something they can compete with head-on!'

"Aren't we going to avenge the young master? Are we going to be like those low classes who can't even avenge their master ?! If you don't go, I will "

A cadre stood up, blinded by anger, and angrily contradicted Trebol!

A stream of disgusting mucus instantly caught the cadre who had just mad statement against Torebol!

This cadre become like a mummy, covered in mucus from head to toe, creaking the mucus was constantly tightening, making the sound of bones breaking!


In the end, this guy was directly strangled by the slime!!

"I don't want someone to get carried away with anger and do something stupid " tremolo is extremely smart he used this guy to warn others .

Sure enough, a group of cadres fell silent when they saw this scene!

"Change direction now!! Let's split up!!"

it was obvious that he ruthlessly killed one of loyal cadre and made great determination. He is really sad about it but it was necessary to handle the whole situation. And then he issued orders.

"Diamante, you guys, go and notify the Beast Pirates! It's best to inform Kaido, the King of Beasts directly! Whitebeard is back from the dead, and Jack the drought died by the hands of Whitebeard!"

"Gradius, you guys, go and notify the new Yonko , Blackbeard Teach! You must explain that Whitebeard is not only resurrected, but his strength has not weakened at all! Remember, Blackbeard was the one that originally doomed Whitebeard Pirates. He also hunted the remaining whitebeard pirate, so he will definitely look for Blackbeard for revenge! If you mention it a little bit, I believe that Blackbeard will not allow his father, Whitebeard, to live and get more stronger !"

"Inform demon Bamboo Vergo to spread the news about Whitebeard's resurrection. At the same time, inform the new warlord ,Edward Weevil, that guy who calls himself Whitebeard 's son will definitely care about this news very much. 

Lao G, you guys go and inform the Emperor Charlotte Linlin ' that Big Mom Pirates have killed many of the Whitebeard Pirates' forces after Whitebeard's death so they will definitely move to kill him .

"Buffalo, take me with you to Punk Hazard island to look for doflamingo's body !! We, in our own way, will avenge Doflamingo ! We will make Whitebeard the enemy of the whole world!!"

The Don Quixote family, ordered by Trebol, began to use their underground power, that they build for many years to avenge Doflamingo, and began to spread the news of Whitebeard's resurrection!!

This era is destined to cause endless chaos and bloodshed!!

As the he's coming back .


Punk Hazard Island, at this time, the entire large island, whether it is a land of flames or a land of extreme cold, is in ruins and Snow mountains collapsed one after another .

Whitebeard stepped on the ruins and was about to leave with his naginata, when the system in his mind suddenly sounded prompts continuously!

A huge amount of emotional value, poured like crazy! And it's still increasing!!

In just a moment, he received more than 200,000 emotional points!

"Not bad! The Don Quixote family has finally played their role " Edward said with smile on his face.

Then he looked down at the old scars on his chest .now finally he can completely repair this old body: "System, currently how much total emotional points do I have ?"

A gentle voice sounded, { "The host currently has an emotional value of 320,000 } 

Adding in the emotional value generated by CPO and Kizaru, five elders Akainu and others, the total 320,000! He figured out the source of this gain instantly .

"If I use all my emotional points now, what state can my body return to??

This is what Whitebeard is most concerned about it. Including emotional points he used before and current and the value is almost half a million. I don't know what my body...

{ The host can now perform three large scale recoveries and two special recoveries, which can allow the host's body to completely recover from any critical illness .

The host must not think that just recovery is as simple as that! After recovering to its peak, the system can also upgrade the host's physical body to the strongest on land, sea, and air! In addition, as the host continues to fight and change his mentality. Your own abilities will also improve accordingly}

The system prompts and Edward Newgate suddenly understand. during the ongoing battle, Edward Newgate could clearly feel that he was becoming more and more proficient in controlling this body, and he had also mastered more fighting skills, moreover, his control over haki is still improving !

"System, use all the emotional points to perform the recoveries } 

{ "Consumption of 350,000 emotional points is successful ! Three large-scale recoveries! Five small scale recoveries! In progress.} 


Waves of extremely gentle power are constantly swimming in Whitebeard's body. In his entire huge body, countless tendons, acupuncture points, and bones are all receiving the gentle repair of the magical power !

 Whitebeard see that a old scars on his chest are fading little by little, and many critical scares also repaired .

Finally, the process was completed and the scars on the body completely disappeared!

The originally old face has become more resolute, and a domineering aura emerges spontaneously, but the unique white moon-shaped beard has not changed at all.


Whitebeard grabbed the naginata and waved it gently, and immediately there was a sound of the air being cut. Every move was filled with extremely terrifying power, "Very good, the strength had increased a lot . But this is just starting, I 'll become much more powerful than my old self.

It can be said that the swordsmanship, physical skills, and haki 's possessed by Whitebeard were already at extremely powerful stage. if they are improved again..

Then with his sword skills alone, he will match the world's number one swordsman dracule mihawk, with his unparalleled physical skills alone, he will defeat Garp, known as the Iron Fist king , with his haki, he can predict the future and his haki will overwhelm red-haired Shanks!

His body alone will crush kaidu .

If only i can update all of these abilities !

Just thinking about it makes my blood boil!!

"System, I remember you said that I can regain the power of the gura gura no mi Fruit again?" Edward Newgate has always been obsessed with this fruit . If had that ability in earlier fight then he wouldn't have to go to such trouble to create a sandstorm when killing Kizaru!

{As long as the host provide system a total of one million emotional points, his body will be restores to its peak state, and after than you can find the person with tremor fruit ability and system will regain it for you }

'Blackbeard, I just want to see your face now '


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