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Attention!! this is a gender-bent Dracule Mihawk!!! #Action, #Romance, #Harem, #Overpowered, #Adventure, #OnePiece, #Incest, #R18. ** Alexander Graham was a genius of his time, with just thirty years of age he managed to invent a water combustion engine, a powerful device capable of creating energy with the use of water... sadly, the elite of the world was not ready for his creation to become mainstream. Despite possessing an overwhelming will for creation and science, Alexander Graham was fated to never be big in his world. But nobody said anything about another world. When his eyes opened all he saw was the reflection of his own self in her odd golden eyes as she sat there, calmly reading her newspapers without the slightest care in the world. "..." "..." Two silent and overbearing geniuses met that day, their very first hurdle? to exchange a few words. Follow the story of Dracule Veyron, the adopted son of Dracule Mihawk across the world of One Piece. For up to 40 extra chapters visit my pa-tre-on: pa-tre-on.com/photosphere. Visit Discord for Polls, chatting, character images and more content: https://discord.gg/68Entk7Zs7

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The Kuja Royal Fleet vs. The Donquixote Pirates II


It had been only one day since the conflict began, and the situation remained as dire as ever. Every member of the Kuja Pirates was embroiled in combat. Marigold and Sandersonia were locked in battle with the high-ranking executives of the Don Quixote Family, while Hancock confronted the captain, Doflamingo.

Suddenly, a colossal stone statue emerged from the city and marched toward the port. Sandersonia was taken aback by the sheer size of this titan, a person capable of manipulating stone!


The titan lunged toward her, but something about its voice struck her as odd—like a very small child trapped within that colossal form.


Suppressing the urge to laugh, Sandersonia braced herself and met the giant's punch with her own incredible strength, the kind only a python could muster.

<Python's Clutch!>


Despite its immense size, the titan known as Pika lacked the substance to withstand Sandersonia's advanced Haki. 

"Quick, Aphelandra!" Sandersonia urgently transmitted through her communicator. Aphelandra's team was already in position, trying to secure control of a crucial vessel, but they faced formidable opposition from the Don Quixote Family members at the port.

Their plan was to secure the treasure and then regroup, but challenges lay ahead.


Elsewhere on the island, near the main palace, Marigold witnessed a chaotic scene. Terrified citizens were fleeing for their lives, pursued by others who appeared to be under some sinister influence.

"Big sis, something's terribly wrong here... these people are attacking each other. I think they're being controlled," Marigold relayed through her communicator, though Hancock was preoccupied.

"Please, help me!"

Innocent lives were at stake as city guards, who were inexplicably weeping, began to attack and kill their own fellow citizens. The entire situation resembled a nightmarish dystopia.


Marigold struck down one of the guards, only to notice strange strings attached to their heads. Hancock finally responded to her via the communicator.

"Focus on the mission, Mari. We can't save them...!"

Doflamingo, whom she was fighting, proved to be a formidable adversary, even more powerful than she had anticipated. This Joker had the potential to rival an Admiral if he gave it his all.

"But..." Marigold clenched her teeth and reluctantly agreed, proceeding toward the port with the aim of diverting the attention of the Don Quixote Pirates away from their primary objective.

The Kuja Pirates found themselves battling the lower-ranked members of the family, who exhibited a bizarre range of powers: a woman capable of conjuring weapons from thin air, an elderly martial artist constantly shouting 'G,' and even a stylish, giant baby with an unusual talent for swimming.

"I don't have time for you oddballs!"

Marigold transformed into a colossal lamia with multiple heads, another form of her Awakened Zoan.

<King Cobra!>


She unleashed her flames indiscriminately, making sure to protect her crew at all costs.

"Memememe! What a rude snake!"

As flames engulfed everything in their path, one of the adversaries created a protective shield to deflect the attack.

"Trebol, surround her!"

A portly man with a liquid-like body materialized beside her, intent on launching an attack.

"Take this!"

Marigold smirked as the serpentine heads of her Awakened form exhaled torrents of fire at her foes, carefully avoiding her Kuja comrades. She seized the startled Trebol by the neck and slammed him forcefully into the ground.


A colossal crater formed upon impact, and the man bore the brunt of it, blood spraying everywhere.

"You're all too weak..."

Marigold looked up and saw that the greatest threat was the stone giant that Sandersonia was grappling with. Hancock's initial stone attack had inadvertently empowered him, as a significant portion of the city had been petrified.

"Please, you have to help us!"

Just as Marigold prepared to launch another attack, an injured woman rushed out of the palace. She had a voluptuous silhouette and was sobbing uncontrollably. Having witnessed the chaos from within the palace, she recognized the newcomers as a group of pirates or whatever they were, fighting against the insurgents who had taken over her kingdom.

She was terrified of the strikingly beautiful woman before her, who resembled a fiery snake with a horn, but she was their only hope.

"I can't help you... sorry, we came here with a purpose. If you want to survive, find a place to hide!" Marigold saw that her fellow Kuja tribeswomen were struggling against the rest of the family, and even the controlled guards had now turned against them instead of attacking the citizens as they had previously.

With each passing moment, more members of their crew would fall, a situation they desperately wished to avoid.

"But they're killing everyone! They're going to frame the royal family for it. Please, help us. We'll repay this favor in the future!"

"Tch! What's your name?"

"I'm Viola, the second princess of the Riku dynasty! I promise you'll be rewarded for your assistance!" Viola went so far as to kneel in her plea.

"Listen, Viola, I can't make any promises... just tell me what's happening."

Viola explained that these pirates had suddenly appeared, that the palace maid had betrayed them, and now the royal family was being forced to attack the very citizens they had once protected, all in a scheme to frame them and seize the throne.

"You heard, big sis."

"Understood. Let's secure the treasure first, then we'll consider what we can do for you, Viola." Hancock, still locked in a fierce battle on the other front, relayed her agreement.

"Thank you!" Viola rushed back to the palace, having done all she could. Now, all she could do was pray that the Kuja Pirates would be able to defeat the Don Quixote Family.

With a sudden change of plans, Marigold issued orders to those around her.

"Kuja Pirates, fight to the end. Leave no survivors!"






The battle in the field of flowers continued to escalate. Hancock, with a fierce smile, wiped away a trickle of blood from her lips. Her gaze shifted to a particular communicator on her wrist, the one that connected directly to her husband.

All she had to do was say a word, and he would arrive in an instant, like a lightning bolt.

"Not yet, I can handle this myself!"

She took a deep breath and observed Doflamingo, who, if anything, was faring worse than she was. She had managed to land several devastating kicks to his chest, but he seemed capable of regenerating himself through his Devil Fruit powers.

"You're a stubborn one... You certainly have an imaginative way of using that Devil Fruit. I'll give you that."

Hancock prepared herself, knowing it was a precarious situation. It wasn't that Doflamingo was stronger, but if she used her own Devil Fruit powers, it would give an advantage to Pika, another member of Doflamingo's crew, who was battling Sandersonia. Therefore, she had to rely solely on her Haki.

"Nevertheless, I still have some control," she thought, while Doflamingo struggled with his powers.

"You can't keep controlling these people and maintain the Birdcage while fighting me. Eventually, you'll reach your limit~," she taunted confidently.

"That damn Lightning God makes me jealous to have such a woman," he grumbled. The situation wasn't looking good for him, especially considering what was happening on the other fronts. He was beginning to contemplate retreating with the tribute ship and abandoning Dressrosa. But then, a message reached him.

"Doffy, they're taking the ship!"


His Conqueror's Haki flared wildly. He had been racking his brain, trying to figure out why the Kuja Pirates had attacked and what they wanted from him. The national tribute was a closely guarded secret, known only to a Yonko and perhaps the CP0.

"So, that's what you were after, huh!? HOW DID YOU EVEN KNOW!"


Hancock didn't bother answering. She slapped one of her heated strings, which sliced through all the flowers in the field.

"You took your sweet time!"

She extended her hand, and a pink whip shot forth, attempting to ensnare Doflamingo. Her awakened abilities allowed her to employ various techniques with her powers. Anything she touched with this pink energy would turn to stone, no questions asked.

The whip struck the ground and transformed it into stone. Doflamingo had managed to evade it, showcasing his sharp observation Haki.


<Ever White!>

Doflamingo retreated, manipulating his strings to create walls that seemed to envelop the entire world.

Hancock levitated into the air, chasing after him, kicking the strings aside.

"That gigantic man can only control stones when he's in contact with them. Being this far away shouldn't be an issue," she thought.

<Eternal Love!>

She conjured two pink energy balls resembling grenades and hurled them toward him.




Anything caught in the explosions was petrified into stone. She then fired a pistol made of hearts, sending pink bullets at Doflamingo. One of them grazed his leg.


His leg turned to stone, emitting a pink aura that Hancock promptly extracted. She could draw this pink energy from the things she petrified, a tactic that caught Doflamingo off guard, as she hadn't used it during their earlier combat.


<Perfume of Death!>

Her heel, infused with advanced armament and Conqueror's Haki, struck Doflamingo's face with tremendous force, shattering his glasses.


Doflamingo was sent hurtling like a ragdoll, crashing through several rock formations before finally coming to a stop in a nest of his own strings.


He staggered to his feet, coughing up a copious amount of blood, feeling as if his head had been demolished from the inside. He saw three Hancock's approaching him and realized the dire situation he was in.

"This woman is formidable!"

When he attempted to stand, he stumbled and fell, noticing that his heel had turned to stone.

"Even if you kneel, there will be no forgiveness, Doflamingo."

"I have the backing of a Yonko!" he boasted, only to receive a scornful laugh from Hancock.

"And I have the backing of a God."


In the docks, chaos reigned as a small group of Kuja Pirates had seized control of the tribute ship, steering it away from the port. Sandersonia had released her grip on the gigantic golem, which had shrunk considerably from her relentless attacks.

"Release me!"

"Your voice is quite comical, you know, but you won't be escaping this alive," Sandersonia taunted.


A colossal crack ran down the length of the golem, from top to bottom.


In a final, desperate surge, a gust of flames engulfed everything around the palace as another opponent confronted Marigold. This woman had green hair and possessed a Logia-type Devil Fruit, allowing her to control snow.

Amid the intensifying battle, Doflamingo's forces were diminishing rapidly, leaving the Don Quixote Pirates in disbelief at the cruel fates that had befallen their comrades.

"Hebihime! The ship is out!"

"TAKE IT AWAY AND USE THE ELECTRO CANNON, NOW!" Hancock's struggle with Doflamingo continued on the other end.

"Thank you!" Viola had returned to the palace, having done all she could. She could only hope that the Kuja Pirates would succeed in defeating Doflamingo's family.

With the sudden shift in plans, Marigold issued orders to those around her.

"Kuja Pirates, eliminate them all. Leave no survivors!"






One by one, Doflamingo's top executives fell, leaving the rest of the Don Quixote Pirates utterly flabbergasted. They watched in horror as the seemingly invincible leaders met gruesome ends, their once-mighty empire crumbling before the Kuja Pirates.

"You can't do this! If you kill us, Yonko Kaido won't forgive you!" Diamante pleaded, his bloodied mouth spewing desperate words as he found himself ensnared by Marigold's coiling snake-like appendage, her immense strength squeezing the life out of him.

"What are you? entitled Eastern young masters? Ridiculous... call your Yonko; I'll call my husband."

With a merciless twist, Marigold snapped Diamante's body, reducing him to tatters.

Sandersonia arrived in her colossal form, alongside one of the Kuja Pirate teams. Trebol, still reeling from the devastation, grabbed a massive chunk of a burnt building and swung it menacingly at Sandersonia. However, she easily demolished it with a single punch.

Her tail swept through the streets, levelling a substantial section and sending some of the Pirates flying—unfortunately, in the direction of the Birdcage.

The sight of their leaders falling one by one in a cruel fashion left the remaining members of the Don Quixote Family in stunned disbelief.

The last of them, Pika, who had sustained severe injuries, appeared and stared in disbelief at the corpses of his closest allies. Trebol and Diamante, along with a group of their comrades, lay unconscious.

"The Citizens of Dressrosa have regained their senses. The Birdcage is disappearing," Viola observed, tears welling up in her eyes. The battle had raged on for two gruelling days, but Dressrosa was finally free from the grasp of terror.

"Yonko Kaido, huh?~" Hancock muttered, her body battered and bruised. This man had proven to be a formidable opponent, and she couldn't help but wonder about his connection to Kaido. She hadn't made contact with any of the other Yonko during her journey, aside from Whitebeard. She hadn't ventured to Wano or Whole Cake Island, and she hadn't crossed paths with the Red Hair Pirates.

She had encountered Whitebeard during her time on Fishman Island, but this mention of Kaido intrigued her. Perhaps she could gain some leverage for her husband by interrogating Doflamingo.

"As if I'd tell you anything!" Doflamingo spat defiantly.

Hancock's lips curled into a wicked smile. She withdrew a pink knife and plunged it into Doflamingo's heart. His body rapidly turned to stone.

The Donquixote Pirates had fallen.

Or had they?

Inside the main palace of Riku Doldo, a green-haired young girl observed the chaos unfolding with keen interest. She picked up a fallen toy and grinned mischievously.

"How naughty, Viola. It seems it is going to be me who's saving this family".

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