One Piece: I'm Mihawk's Son

Attention!! this is a gender-bent Dracule Mihawk!!! #Action, #Romance, #Harem, #Overpowered, #Adventure, #OnePiece, #Incest, #R18. ** Alexander Graham was a genius of his time, with just thirty years of age he managed to invent a water combustion engine, a powerful device capable of creating energy with the use of water... sadly, the elite of the world was not ready for his creation to become mainstream. Despite possessing an overwhelming will for creation and science, Alexander Graham was fated to never be big in his world. But nobody said anything about another world. When his eyes opened all he saw was the reflection of his own self in her odd golden eyes as she sat there, calmly reading her newspapers without the slightest care in the world. "..." "..." Two silent and overbearing geniuses met that day, their very first hurdle? to exchange a few words. Follow the story of Dracule Veyron, the adopted son of Dracule Mihawk across the world of One Piece. For up to 40 extra chapters visit my pa-tre-on: pa-tre-on.com/photosphere. Visit Discord for Polls, chatting, character images and more content: https://discord.gg/68Entk7Zs7

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Amazon Lily's Registries (Spoilers)

*NOTE: Nothing of what's written here has been confirmed as canon*

-First Empress Nefertari D. Lili / Boa Lili.

  * Partner: Joyboy. 

  * Children: Boa Descendence.

[800 years later after the void century...]

- Empress Gloriosa - 1st Gen.

  * Partner: ??? - 1st Gen.

  * Daughter: Vice Chief Shawty's Mother - 2nd Gen. 

- Empress Boa Paletulip - 2nd Gen. 

  * Partner: Monkey D. Garp - 2nd Gen. 

  * Son: Monkey D. Dragon - 3rd Gen.

  * Daughter: Boa Primrose - 3rd Gen. 

- Empress Shakuyaku - 3rd Gen.

  * Partner: Silvers Rayleigh - 2nd Gen.

- Empress Boa Primrose -3rd Gen.

  * Partner: ??? - 3rd Gen, Dracule Veyron - 5th Gen.

  * Daughters: Boa Hancock, Boa Sandersonia, Boa Marigold - 4th Gen.

- Empress Boa Hancock. - 4th Gen.

  * Partner: Dracule Veyron - 5th Gen. 


Other Descendants: 

Monkey D. Luffy (Dragon's son with an unknown mother). 

Nico Robin (Dragon's daughter with Nico Olivia).