One Piece: Guardian Angel

NO HAREM The Mc reincarnates as Sanji's brother and goes through life in One Piece. He meets his favourite characters and helps them out (Kind of like a guardian angel) But he also has his own goals and motivations! _______________ I don't own the picture in the title nor do I own One Piece. So if anyone has a problem with it just contact me and I can take it down!

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Chapter 79: Sunny?

A few days passed by.

Kai woke up in his hotel room, he slightly shifted in bed only to be weighed down. He finally opened his eyes and confirmed it was Robin who was holding him down. He smiled to himself and kissed her forehead before slipping out of bed.

He was about to go get some breakfast for himself and Robin, but just when his hand was hovering over the door handle.

*knock* *knock*

A loud knock resounded from the other side of the door as if someone was pounding on it.

"Jesus fuck!" Kai screamed as he jumped back, visibly startled.

Kai took a deep breath and held it before exhaling. "That scared the shit outta me." He mumbled softly.

"Aww, did someone get scared? Nishishishi!" Robin mocked Kai as she had been awoken by the loud knocks.

Kai clicked his tongue and went to reach for the door handle again.

*knock* *knock*

Two even louder knocks echoed through the room just before Kai could open the door.

Kai's eyebrow twitched slightly as he finally opened the door. "Yes? What do you want?" He questioned in an irritated voice.

As the door swung open it revealed: Franky, Iceburg, and the rest of the crew who all looked extremely impatient.

"IT'S DONE! IT'S DONE!!" Luffy screamed out with a voice full of glee.

Kai rubbed his temples and sighed. "What is done?"

"My masterpiece!! I finished your SUPER ship!" Franky said as he did his pose where he aligned the two tattoos on his arm into a star.

Kai perked up. "The Sunny is done?!"

Everyone looked confused when they heard this. ""What's the Sunny?"" Everyone other than Iceburg asked.

Kai waved them off. "Nevermind, nevermind."

Everyone easily accepted this other than Iceburg.

"How did you know?" Iceburg asked Kai.

Kai had a mischievous smile on his face. "Your mom told me last night. Hehe."

Suddenly a hand appeared on Kai's shoulder and smacked him in the back of the head.

"OW." Kai exclaimed as he rubbed the back of his head and looked behind him towards Robin.

Robin was sending Kai a disapproving glare with her arms crossed over her chest as she lightly shook her head side to side. Kai raised his hands up and pursed his lips.

"It's a joke! A joke I tell ya!" He claimed.

"Hmmm, was it now?" Robin hummed in amusement.

Kai frantically nodded his head. "Yup, It was! I don't even know who Iceburg's Mom is, but…"

Kai paused his sentence not wanting to get himself into any more trouble.

Robin raised an eyebrow. "But, what?"

Kai stifled a laugh. "Nothing, nothing."

Robin raised her other eyebrow. "But, WHAT?"

"But I bet she's a titanic woman! Wahahaha!" Kai laughed at his own joke.

Everyone else went quiet, not sure what to think. There was only one sound in the room.

"Pfft. Nishishi." Robin snickered, as she failed at suppressing her laugh.

The rest of the people around were confused, none of them got the joke. Even Iceburg himself was just standing there shell shocked as he had no clue what to do in this situation. Being a mayor doesn't teach you anything about this.

When Kai finally finished laughing. He looked over at everyone who was silent and confused. "Get it? Titanic. Iceburg. Like the movie, or just the real event? C'mon, everybody knows the titanic! Jack and Rose? Jack could have easily fit on the door but Rose just let him die?"

Everyone was giving Kai a very confused look. They all tilted their heads indicating they didn't understand.

"Haaaa. Nobody appreciates a good pop culture reference anymore." He shook his head in disappointment.

"Nishishi! Of course they don't get it, you idiot." Robin laughed.

Kai raised his arms high in exasperation. "I'm not an idiot, they're the idiots for not getting it!"

"*Ahem* Sorry to interrupt, but what about the ship we just built for you guys?" Iceburg politely intervened as he had finally snapped out of his shock.

"Oh right! Let's check it out!" Kai said as he smacked his own palm.

The rest of the crew nodded in agreement and all went down to the dock together.

When everyone arrived at the new ship, Iceberg and Franky impatiently ripped the tarp off of their work of art.

Within a second the new ship was unveiled with all of its glory. It looked exactly like the Thousand Sunny but better as Franky had more money and materials to work with.

The only other noticeable difference was the warped and cracked wood that was scattered throughout the Sunny. This was obviously the remnants of the Merry. Along with that was the old figurehead of the Merry that was on top of the Sunny's figurehead, like a child resting on its parents shoulders.

"It's… perfect." Kai muttered with a smile under the mask.

He was immensely happy to see the Merry and Sunny come together as one, as a one piece fan himself, it was a dream come true.

"My spot's still there!" Luffy called out happily as he went to lay down on the Merry's figurehead.

"Are there booze?" Zoro asked.

"Of course, who do you think made this ship?" Franky responded as he pointed at himself with his thumb.

"Good, I like it." Zoro nodded sagely.

Sanji immediately ran into the kitchen.

"This is great!!" A faint voice was heard from deep inside the ship a moment later.

"This looks expensive!!" Nami called out enthusiastically as she admired the ship's beauty.

"It was." Kai acknowledged.

"Good, good, good…" Nami rubbed her hands together with belli signs in her eyes.

"... wait, who paid for it?" She quickly turned to Kai and asked.

"You." Kai said with a huge smile on his face.

The air suddenly turned cold.

"... What. Did. You. Just. Say?" Nami seethed, more and more malice dripping from her mouth with each word.

"You paid for it." Kai said with his shit eating grin.

"GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!" Nami yelled as she chased Kai, Franky, and Iceburg around for using her money.

"I'm kidding, I'm kidding! I paid for it!" Kai quickly called out in fear of the demon chasing him.

Nami immediately stopped.


"... well most of it." Kai mumbled.

"Oh, is that so… did you just say most of it?" Nami nearly glossed over it but caught her mistake.

"What? No! Who said that?!" Kai 'innocently' said.

"I'm gonna fucking kill you!" Nami roared as her teeth turned sharp.

"Wahahaha! Not if you can't catch me!" Kai ran around the scrapyard with an angry tangerine hot on his tail.

As this was going on, Robin had already entered the ship and was looking around, she found a great office for her to use when researching and translating poneglyphs. She also made her way to the bed chambers around the ship and noticed two were very out of the way. She entered them and searched around the rooms only to find a small hidden door connecting the two.

"Nishishi. I guess these are ours." She said.

She also noticed many books and a desk in one of the rooms, along with other things in it that she had only told Kai she liked.

In the connected room was a fairly plain room with not much in it.

"Hmm, looks like I need to decorate for him, I wonder if he would like skeletons… Yeah, he probably would." Robin nodded sagely as she talked about horrific things to have in your bedroom.

So it was basically like any other day.

After everyone had gotten settled into the boat and Kai and Robin had claimed their two rooms. They got ready to set out to sail.

Well, almost, they still needed to kidnap a robot. Err… I mean they still needed to bring a VERY willing Franky onto the crew. Yup, that's better.


Kai was still hanging out below deck with Robin when he heard the commotion upstairs.

Robin, who was sitting on Kai's lap and reading, looked up from her book.

"What's going on?" She asked.

Kai, who was completely intent on ignoring the 'scrap metal' as he would say, waved off Robin's slight concern.

"Tin can is joining the crew, unless you wanna go up and watch him run around naked, let's just stay down here."

Robin nodded and shifted a bit, causing Kai to suck in a cold breath.

"Then let's stay here." She said with a smile on her face.

Kai nearly fainted in joy as he nodded along like a child. He had a content smile on his face and he was bopping his shoulders giddily.

"Nishishi. Cute." Robin mumbled.

Kai and Robin were still relaxing below deck and enjoying themselves when someone finally came down. Zoro had showed up, he wasn't looking for them, he just accidentally got lost on his way to the training room.

"What are you guys doing here? We are about to leave." Zoro called out.

"Tch, way to ruin the fun mosshead." Robin grumbled.

"Pfft~ Wahahaha! Right? Hey, mosshead, did Usopp come back yet?" Kai agreed with Robin before calling out to Zoro.

"Yeah, he just cried and apologized… then he cried again because he saw the Merry's figurehead… then he cried again because Luffy allowed him back on the crew… then he saw his room and-" Zoro was cut off.

""Cried?"" Kai and Robin asked together.

"En." Zoro grunted as he nodded his head affirmatively.


"Should we go up?" Kai asked Robin who nodded and stood up.

Kai followed suit and linked arms with her before the two made their way up to the deck.

Guess what? I'm dropping this! Hahaha! Right before marineford! Isn't that great?! Just kidding... I'm acc sorry to all those who enjoy this, but I don't feel like writing it anymore. Maybe I'll pick it back up eventually. Probably not. I know how it feels to be really enjoying a story and the author drops it. So I would like to apologize, but I'm not even getting paid so why would I write something I don't enjoy. If you like my writing style then feel free to check out my other books. I hope you all have a good day! Peace!

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