One Piece: Guardian Angel

NO HAREM The Mc reincarnates as Sanji's brother and goes through life in One Piece. He meets his favourite characters and helps them out (Kind of like a guardian angel) But he also has his own goals and motivations! _______________ I don't own the picture in the title nor do I own One Piece. So if anyone has a problem with it just contact me and I can take it down!

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79 Chs

Chapter 78: Sleeping Inside!

"Hey -" Kai started to speak but was cut off when the building below them started shaking.

He frowned slightly and looked down past his feet only to see that Garp had walked through the building they were sitting on, and that it had already started to wane. The two love birds sighed in sync.

"Need a hand?" Kai asked Robin as he outstretched his arm.

"Nishishi! I thank you, my knight." Robin replied gleefully.

Suddenly Kai pulled back his hand, saying. "Of course m'lady, but only if I don't have to sleep on the couch."

Robin put a hand to her chin like she was seriously pondering something. "If you insist. Then I guess I have no choice but to allow it."

Kai wiped a fake tear. "Does that mean that m'lady doesn't want me anymore?"

"Nishishi! Who knows?" Robin said as she exaggeratingly shrugged her shoulders.

Kai clicked his tongue and picked Robin up in a princess carry. He jumped off of the building and landed softly with Robin in his arms.

He gently set her down in front of him and mumbled. "You win this round."

Before Robin could reply in time Garp had already found the two. "Bwahahahaha! There you are! Did you guys see who destroyed all the buildings around here? Apparently a pirate was destroying the city."

Kai and Robin both pinched the bridge of their noses and exhaled deeply. They glanced at each other and lightly shook their heads in dismay.

Kai spoke up. "Nevermind that, gramps. I don't think you'll catch them."

Garp was greatly confused. "What? Why?"

This time Robin replied. "Nishishishi! I hear the two are long gone, perhaps never to be found again."

Garp pondered for a moment. "Bwahaha! Who cares anyway? It was just a few buildings. I've destroyed more than I could count in my prime."

Kai waved him off. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. You punched Rocks in the face, blah blah blah. I've heard it a million times. Anyway, I think we are going to head back soon."

Garp's demeanor slightly shifted. He became a lot more serious. He walked up to Kai and put a hand on his shoulder before growing a massive smile on his face.

"I'm glad you actually took off that mask. I really thought that you'd never show your face again until you had saved your sister. Good for you, Kai." Garp pat his shoulder a few times while speaking.

Kai's face lit up as he beamed, his smile filled to the brim with happiness and pride. "Thanks, gramps. I'm glad to see you still doing well."

Kai reached out and pulled Garp into a hug. Both men squeezed tight and pat each other's back heavily. When they released one another they locked eyes and smiled at each other once more.

Garp then turned to Robin. "You seem like a really great girl, Nico Robin. I'm glad the brat finally found someone he could care about, the way he cares for you. I can tell he loves you with all his heart, but even though this brat always laughs and makes a lot of jokes, he too has his own scars from his past. I hope you can help him out and that you'll continue to support him. Thanks for being there for my grandson."

Robin's heart pounded in a happy tune and she muttered. "Loves me?" Her voice was too quiet for Kai and Garp to hear.

Robin quickly fixed her attitude and put on a large smile. "Thank you, Mr. Garp. I will do my best to help him out. He saved me many times in the past so I at least owe him that much."

Garp laughed. "Bwahaha! Great! But there's no need to be so stiff, just call me gramps, like the brat does, you're already practically a part of the family."

Kai nodded along, accidentally speaking out loud. "Exactly, you're practically family."

The moment Kai finished speaking he realized what he said and pursed his lips tightly. Deciding to just pretend that he never said anything.

Luckily, both Robin and Garp didn't mention what Kai had just said. But they both heard it causing Garp's smile to widen and Robin's heart to skip a beat as it danced a tune of jubilance.

"Nishishishi! Well then, thank you for everything, gramps. It's been wonderful to meet you after hearing so much about you, well everything other than your name." Robin spoke in a giddy voice that she tried to hide.

Garp just laughed. "Bwahahaha! I'll leave you two love birds alone then! I have to catch these people vandalizing the city! See you later!"

Garp walked away, in pursuit of the two evil doers, who were actually himself and Kai. Kai and Robin watched him walk away with a smile and a slight awkward air between them.

Kai cleared his throat. "*ahem* How long do you think it'll take him to realize that he caused most of the damage?"

Robin pursed her lips and hummed. "Hmmm, I don't think he ever will. Plus what do you mean he caused most of it. I seem to recall you doing an awful lot yourself."

Kai looked up and to the left and whistled.

Robin giggled again. "That's what I thought."

Kai chuckled and looked Robin in the eyes. He saw the look she held within hers and steeled himself.

"So uh Robin." He started.

Robin nodded gingerly, in order to show her desire for Kai to continue speaking.

"Aha, well. I kinda wanted to say this some other time because I thought that it would be better. But, the cat's kinda out of the bag now, cause of gramps."

Robin raised an eyebrow in curiosity.

"What I really wanted to say is that, I love you Robin. I can't even put it into words how much I care about you, I never felt anything like this before, all these new emotions and thoughts, I can't describe it as anything but love. I truly love you from the bottom of my heart and I hope we can keep being together the same way we are now."

Robin had small pools of tears well up in her eyes. "I love you too, Kai." She said as she kissed him.

When they pulled away Robin chuckled a bit. "Looks like you're no longer sleeping on the couch tonight."

Kai laughed. "Wahaha! And what makes you say that?"

"I think you earned yourself some special privileges tonight." Robin replied with a wink.

Kai smiled and gave Robin a peck on the lips. As he pulled away he locked eyes with Robin, causing her to smile as well.

"Wahahaha/ Nishishishi!" The two laughed together as they linked arms and walked away back towards the hotel they stayed at last night.