One Piece: GTA San Andreas System

Randomly whisked away to the world of One Piece, he unexpectedly gains the system from GTA San Andreas. In this unforgiving new reality, how will he harness his newfound abilities to grow in strength and power?

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32 Chs

Los Santos

In Amor City, a well-known ship escort company named Los Santos has recently emerged. Los Santos was founded by Carl in this world to gather money.

He thought that rather than becoming a pirate, marine, or bounty hunter, it would be better to become a law-abiding entrepreneur.

He decided that Amor City would be the headquarters of his company.

Currently, he has at least three ships. Carl was able to buy these ships because he defeated pirates and exchanged their bounties. Carl and his subordinates have defeated at least five pirates so far.

Additionally, Carl's subordinates have increased, whether from the system or the native inhabitants of this world.


'GTA SA System'

- Name: Carl

- Alliance: 100

- Weapons: M4, Knife, Desert Eagle, Katana

- Money: $250,000,000


Los Santos Company Building

The Los Santos building is relatively new. Carl wanted his headquarters to be just as he desired.

With a U-shaped structure and 10 floors, Carl's office is at the very top, and in the middle, there is a garden used for employees to rest.

The design of this building has naturally attracted a lot of attention from the residents who see it.


Inside Carl's Office

Carl was sitting at his desk, and in front of him was a man dressed in royal attire.

The man in front of him was a prince from the country of Ytali, accompanied by two of his guards.

"So, Prince Felix, how can I help you?" Carl said to the prince in front of him.

"I heard that your company is strong, and you have defeated pirates."

"And I've also heard that the weapons your subordinates use are different, and they are very powerful, which makes your company win against them," said Prince Felix.

"So, what does the prince want?" Carl asked, though he had already guessed

what he wanted to say.

"I want to buy your weapons; of course, I will pay you a fair price," said Prince Felix.

Carl looked at the prince for a moment and then said, "Do you believe in us only from some rumors circulating? Of course, I am honored if the prince trusts us."

"Of course not. I want to prove it first. Are your weapons as strong as people say?" said Prince Felix. He then continued, "I want to go to the country of Achin, which is our neighboring country, and I want your company to escort my ship. There, I will see the capabilities of your weapons."

After discussing some conditions and negotiations, Prince Felix and Carl reached an agreement.

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