3 Mission — P2


"You're a Devil Fruit user too?!" The twisted man yelled. "I have a fruit by the name of the 'Moso Moso no Mi'! I am an 'Illusion Human'!"

Vin had no worst fear, so the Devil Fruit power did not work on him.

He paid no attention to the man's monologue, instead, he used his spear as a javelin and threw it directly at the man armed with a firearm. The man used the butt of his musket to intercept the spear that flew towards him. As soon as he blocked the attack, the spear reconstructed itself back into the ground which it was created from.

The boy dashed to his fellow marine, the one who had been shot. Vin made a hasty attempt to remove the mini transponder snail from his pocket, but the marine screamed in agony and shouted out incomprehensibly. The marine, in an illusion, attacked the boy with a flimsy jab. He dodged the assault by swerving to the side, raising his knee and turning his body, kicking the marine in the face with his shin. The marine stumbled backwards, eventually falling to the ground. 'That felt natural..' Vin snatched the mini transponder snail.

Another round of bullets were fired from the opposite direction. Vin kept on his toes and sprinted for cover, ducking behind a tree. He tapped the transponder snail.

"Uh.. two pirates. Every marine but me is out of the battle," He said to the transponder snail. Unintelligible noises and grunts played from his transponder snail. 'Seems they have a battle of their own.'

Vin peered out from behind the tree he was hiding behind to assess where the pirates were. When the man with the musket saw him, he fired a shot in his direction, grazing his face and leaving a thin trail of blood. 'Footsteps.' The other man charged at Vin with a dagger, but his movements were flimsy. He appeared to rely only on his Devil Fruit in combat. Vin sprung a stone spear from the ground, a feint energy departing the area. He took advantage of the spear's reach and thrusted it at the man before he could close the distance. The pirate jumped back, evading the attack.

Vin stooped, touching the ground with his palms as his spear reconstructed into the ground. A faint energy left the area and a line of a few pillars formed in front of him, each one larger than the one behind it. The last pillar, albeit smaller than the pirate who had just stepped back, caught him off guard and struck the pirate with devastating force due to its angle and momentum. The pirate was sent flying into the distance.

The other man and shot another round of bullets. Vin ducked behind the tree again. 'Gun dropped.. reloading.' Vin charged out of his cover towards the man. When he was close, he made a spear by loudly stepping on the ground. The boy tugged his spear out of the earth and thrusted at the man, but the man used the firearm as a melee weapon to divert his attack. He kept his spear in front of him, clashing with the rifle, limiting the man's movements. He took a bold step and constructed a pillar a tad smaller than him, using the angle and velocity of the construction to launch the man into the air. Vin stabbed the man with his spear as he attempted to stand up, ensuring his survival as long as he isn't left here for a whole day to bleed out.

The other pirate charged at the boy with his dagger. "Aahhhhhhh!" He yelled, in obvious anger. Vin thrusted with his spear once more, stabbing the man lightly. Though this wouldn't be enough to stop the pirate. Before the pirate could do anything else, he used the blunt end of his spear to hit him in the temple twice, rendering him unconscious.

Vin took one final glance at the downed men. The Marines had been broken out of the illusion, but they lay unconcious. He rushed toward the beach, hurrying as to guarantee his side completes the mission. He reached the beach and eyed the massive galleon docked by the sandy shores. He spun around, noticing the dozens of men of opposing factions laying unconcious on the battlefield. In the centre of the bodies, Glove and a crocodile fought. The crocodile wasn't regular by any means—on the contrary, it possessed human features and boxed with Glove. 'This is the captain of the pirates, no doubt.' Vin recalled the information Gorilla spoke to him of.

Vin noticed that, due to the fact they were fighting on sand, he would not be able to make solid objects or tools to help in battle. He needed a solid material, such as stone, to construct anything of use. That being said, all he needed to do was to construct whatever neccessary beforehand and work with it. He constructed a stone whip out of the earth and sprinted toward the two men. He whipped the crocodile with it, sending him flying. 'Brutal. I need to use this more often.'

"New recruit!! Where are your comrades!!" Glove shouted at him.

Vin perked up. "Unconcious.. we were attacked by two pirates."

Glove looked at Vin in confusion and shock, but his thoughts were soon cut off by the beast emerging from where he was sent.

"I'll have to rid of you, nuisance.." The pirate captain said. Regardless of the brutal attack Vin had performed, the crocodile seemed hardly injured. 'Scales.. impact resistant..' He had another idea upon realising blunt attacks would not work. He focused all of his fruit's energy into the whip, straining himself to alter it. Eventually, one side of the whip turned sharp, but the energy did not disappear. 'I need a continous source of energy to alter so much..' The boy swung his whip once more at the pirate captain, catching him off guard and slashing him across the chest. 'That worked..' The whip returned to its regular, blunt self. He attempted to revert the sharp property, but to no use.

Then, he had another idea, perhaps the only optimal idea.

"Glove.. follow my lead." Vin spoke as he sprinted toward the crocodile, whip in hand. Glove was still dazed for a second, but followed him anyway. He and Glove got close to the beast, and the crocodile attempted to slash the boy with his claws. Vin swung him across the face with a whip, dazing him for a moment. Glove got closer, sending a barrage of fists into the pirate's chest. The crocodile roared in pain and spit blood. Somehow, regardless of Glove's attacks being blunt, he managed to damage the pirate far more than any blunt attack Vin could dish out. The crocodile attempted to slash Glove across the chest with his claws, but Glove ended his barrage beforehand, hitting the pirate with a deadly uppercut. The pirate was sent flying into the sandy beach; though he would get no time to rest. As their enemy recollected themselves, he would see Vin in front of him with a stone spear. He slashed the creature across its torso, leaving a trail of blood on its scales.

'Too shallow..' The boy thought as the crocodile spun around and used its tail to hit him. The attack struck, and Vin was left dazed with blood dripping from his mouth. Glove rushed the pirate and hit him in the face once before being slashed across the chest. It seemed all three of them had reached their breaking points. Vin's body wasn't used to enduring strong attacks, or any attack, so his grasp on his construction slowly faded. He collected himself, keeping the spear intact.

He rushed toward the creature with his spear. The pirate shrugged his attempt off with a flick of his claws, shattering the spear threefold. Vin turned the last bit of stone he was holding into a dagger and jumped toward the pirate with great agility. The crocodile was caught off-guard by the sudden change in weaponry and movement, and was not ready to block the attack heading for his eye. He pierced the pirate's eye, making the creature roar in pain as Glove followed up with a deadly barrage of punches.

Vin touched the remaining bits of his spear that lay on the ground and turned them into a stone rope, tying them quickly around the creature while it was still in a trance. Once it was restrained, Glove dished out an impossibly long punch combo that knocked the pirate out.

The commander looked at Vin. "Good work.." He spoke, breathing heavily from the fatigue. Soon, reincorcements came to the scene and escorated, as well as gave medical care to any downed marines. The pirates were captured and put in the prison of the ship, and they sailed back to G-2.

Vin entered Gorilla's office. "Ah, you've returned." Gorilla spoke. "Commander Glove informed me about your use during the mission. I've already put you up for promotion." Gorilla continued. "Ah, you will also be paid extra for the completion of the mission. Your performance has gotten you a solid extra 100,000 Beri."

The boy's face lit up, though his monotone expression remained. "Great."

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