484 Chapter 482: Dragon's special reward—

"It's finally our turn, Chief, what kind of reward do you think we will get?"

"The increase of lifespan reward should be certain, I just don't know what kind of power you will gain as the leader."

Sabo looked at Dragon with a smile.

Even Kaido has received excellent rewards, which has increased his strength~a lot.

Sabo felt that, no matter what, the exclusive reward belonging to Dragon would not be bad.

"I hope it is a reward for the revolution."

The corner of Dragon's mouth cocked.

Among the rewards, it is almost certain that there will be rewards for increasing lifespan. For Dragon, it is also a happy thing that his comrades can live for decades.

––[ Authority List], 5th place, congratulations to the Revolution Army for getting rewards for increasing life expectancy by 50 years, and system attributes increase by 10.

–-Congratulations to Monkey·D·Dragon for obtaining the [Heroic Rank Card-Berserker Spartacus]. After spending a certain amount of physical energy to activate the Heroic Rank Card, you will get the inheritance of the corresponding hero.

-–Spartacus, the ancient Roman swordsman, once led slaves to rebel against the country. Although the rebellion was finally suppressed, he was ranked as a hero by virtue of his great achievements.

--The power of Spartacus stored in the rank card is the Berserker career!

With the introduction of the rows, a separate screen popped up on the golden list to explain the situation of Spartacus in detail.

Dragon and Sabo suppressed the joy of physical enhancement in their hearts, raised their heads and looked at the picture of Spartacus seriously.

Soon, they were attracted by Spartacus's behavior.

Facing the oppressive empire, he used to lead the oppressed to launch a rebellion.

The tenacious spirit that still carries an inspiring smile even in the face of difficulties.

Looking at Spartacus, Dragon and Sabo seemed to see the figure of their own revolutionary army.

"Is this man a hero in ancient times?"

"If he can live to the modern age, I will definitely invite him to join the revolutionary army."

Dragon said firmly.

Aside, Sabo nodded in agreement.

"Valentine's seat? Chief, what do you think is this heroic seat?"

"I don't know, it's probably related to the existence of the underworld."

"Why, haven't I mentioned the heroic spirit before?"

Rifan turned his head and looked at Sadi-chan who looked at him curiously.

"No, at least you didn't tell me." Sadi-chan hugged Rifan's arm and said pitifully, "Teacher Rifan, please explain to me."

"There is nothing to explain." Rifan drew his hands, but because Sadi-chan hugged it too tightly.

In the case of not using too much force, in addition to being able to feel something soft, he can not take out his hand.

Anyway, he didn't suffer, so he didn't take out his hand anymore.

"The existence of the heroic spirit is due to the great achievements they created when they were alive, and was finally elevated to the existence of protecting the world by the will of the world.

"If the world encounters disasters, they may appear."

"Of course, there will be people who will summon them for some purpose to help them fight or something."

"The heroic vocational card that Dragon obtained, although it cannot summon the heroic spirit into the real world, it can integrate the power of the heroic spirit into his body."

"Speaking of which, I have a lot of such rank cards.

With a big wave of Rifan's hand, a row of heroic cards flew out of the Babylonian Treasury.

"Of course, my card's rank is better than Dragon's card."

"My cards, it can help other people awaken the magic power."

"Speaking of which, Sadi-chan, here, take this card."

"It's my gift for you from winning and becoming my official disciple."

Hearing what Rifan said, Sadi-chan's eyes lit up, she slammed open her hands and hugged Rifan's neck, and printed her own lip print on Rifan's face.

"Thank you Teacher Rifan! I will treasure everything that Teacher Rifan gave me!"

For Sadi-chan, Power is only second, what she cares more is the gift Rifan gave her.

"I will give it to you after you start your training."

"Now let's take a look at the situation of the golden list first."

Rifan took out a tissue and wiped the lipstick on his face, then calmly looked at the golden list in the sky.

At this time, the golden list has finished broadcasting about the life of Spartacus.

Just when people thought that the screening was about to end, the screen suddenly changed, and the scene on the screen came to another place.

In the image, Spartacus turned into a berserker hero as he rushed into his enemy.

[Whitebeard Newgate: What is this? Why do I feel that this guy's expression has become weird? ]

[Revolutionary Army Dragon: Could it be said that this is the so called heroic spirit?]

[Rifan: It is indeed a heroic spirit. This is a scene that introduces Spartacus, who is a berserker career agent. Speaking of it, fortunately, you got the rank card instead of summoning him. Because Spartacus of the Berserker career is very crazy. Although it should be okay to get along with him based on your personality, but with him who will attack the oppressors whenever he see one, I am afraid that your revolutionary army cannot properly hide from the world. ]

As if to prove Rifan's words, Spartacus suddenly became extremely violent after he stepped into his enemies.

He would not avoid any attack, and any enemy, he would use his dagger to start a vicious fight!

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