383 Chapter 381: Dragon Slayer Magic—

"Lightning and Fire Mode King!"

"Roar of the Lightning Fire Dragon King!"


Along with Shirahoshi's soft voice, a turbulent flow of magic composed of golden thunder and red burning flame rushed towards Rifan.

"Heh, that's interesting." Rifan's mouth curled up, "Then I'll have one too, Roar of Lighting Fire Dragon!"

Along with the dragon chants resounding across the horizon, the magical power of thunder and fire, which was more terrifying than Shirahoshi's dragon slaying magic, affected Shirahoshi's attack.

The two were only in contact for a while, Shirahoshi's magic was swallowed by Rifan's magic, and it swept upside down Shirahoshi's body that had already turned into a dragon.

However, to Shirahoshi's surprise, the thunder fire that swallowed her did not cause any harm to her, nor did it cause any pain to her.

After the magical power of Thunder and Fire surrounded her body, it turned into soft magical power and instilled into her body, filling in the magical power she lost because of the battle with Rifan.

"Teacher Rifan!" Shirahoshi completely absorbed the magic power, released her Dragon Mode, returned to the state of a mermaid, fell next to Rifan, and held Rifan up with her hand much larger than Rifan's body.

"Don't thank me, and it's just that your training time is about to end, so that I will make up for your missing magic power." Rifan smiled, "It just so happens that you already have the three attributes of water, fire, and thunder slaying magic, so I can smoothly turn my magic power into your own magic power."

"The power of Poseidon is really a good thing."

"Not only does it bring you and the water-attributable Dragon Lacrima extremely close, but it also directly brings you to the state of dragon transformation."

"Even after the fusion of other Dragon Slayer attributes, Lacrima, it becomes smoother because you have been able to transform into a dragon."

"If it weren't for me to let you master the super magic "Law of the Fairy", maybe you could still fuse a Dragon Slayer Lacrima."

Hearing Rifan's praise, Shirahoshi smiled slightly and said:

"This is all thanks to your help from Teacher Rifan. If it weren't for you, I would never improve so fast."

"It's just that, Teacher Rifan, for such a precious treasure as the Dragon Slayer Lacrima, you gave three of them, which is unnecessary..."

Shirahoshi does not have too many extravagances for power. As long as the power is enough to protect the Fish-Man island and protect her family, Shirahoshi feels that it is enough.

Therefore, she does not want Rifan to invest so many resources in her.

"Don't worry, Nami and the others have their own training direction."

"As for the future disciples, even if they don't practice the Dragon Slayer Magic, they can still become stronger through other methods."

"You don't have to worry about these. After you consolidate the strength you have now, I will take you to the Epiphany Room for further training."

"There, you will surely be able to fuse other Dragon Slayer Lacrimas soon."

"It doesn't need to be too much; I just want you to master wind, fire, thunder, water, earth, light, dark saint magic and other eight attributes of fusion."

"You have now merged the three attributes, and you can merge the power of the two attributes and enter the state of the Dragon King Mode."

"When you can merge the power of the three attributes simultaneously, you can start the next stage of practice."

Rifan said with a smile.

"T-that much?!" Shirahoshi's surprised eyes widened, "Teacher Rifan, do I need to learn so much dragon-slayers magic? I'm a little worried that I can't learn so many spells."

"It's not that much, don't forget, you are not alone; you still have me." Rifan flew over Shirahoshi and patted her head, "There was once a Dragon Slayer Master who had eight kinds of dragon slayer magic, and as my disciple, how can you be weaker than him."

"Not only that, in addition to the Dragon Slaying Magic and the three major magics of the fairies, I will also give you one by one."

"Although the two years of practice time are almost over."

"But it's not that I won't train you anymore, Shirahoshi."

"Of course, these are things for the future. Let's leave here now."

After speaking, Rifan left the time training chamber with Shirahoshi and went to the dojo hall.


[Red-haired Shanks: I don't know what the situation is on the Fish-Man island right now. At this time, perhaps the World Government's forces have already started. ]

[Dark King Rayleigh: Mariejois is relatively close to Fish-Man island. They may not need a few hours to get there. ]

[Big Mom Charlotte Linlin: the Fish-Man island is the site of Whitebeard, Whitebeard, don't you plan to do something?]

[Whitebeard Newgate: Gurararara~, the Fish-Man island is very safe; we don't need to act. ]

[Fire Fist Ace: Yes, compared to the safety of the Fish-Man island, I think those who plan to go to the Fish-Man island to make a fortune should pay more attention to their safety. ]

[Beast Kaido: Whitebeard, your reaction is a bit wrong. Do you know something?]

When Rifan took Shirahoshi out of the time training chamber, people were still discussing the identity of Shirahoshi the Poseidon.

It's just that, the next moment, the changes that appeared on the golden list made the messages in the message area stagnate for an instant.

—A change in the ability of the list is detected, and the [Ranking of Ability List] is temporarily updated.

To be continued—


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